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  1. Not silly estate agent rules. UK Government rules. I am already offering to pay 6 months in advance as I have no credit rating due to 21 years away from UK.
  2. Still need to list "permitted occupants". Seems there is a sticking point there too. Don;t want to do anything that could cause problems for a settlement visa application in the future. I have found a couple of things of interest on the internet. I will pop and see the agent this afternoon.
  3. I would think it more likely that there is more to your mates story than you are telling or than he told you. Illegal immigrants get nothing. The clue is in the word "illegal".
  4. Update....I'm having all sorts of trouble renting a property with my wife. There is a "right to rent" requirement and someone in UK on a visitor visa does not qualify. Investigating online to find a way around this. Anyone else had this issue? Thanks
  5. There is no requirement for insurance on a Non O. You are getting confused with a Non O-A.
  6. That shows that it should not be used to stay long term? No. That just shows the enter before date.
  7. No. You missed my point. Many people like to be based in Thailand but travel around. As an example, last year I used a Non O ME visa to be based in Thailand. During the year my wife and I traveled out of Thailand 4 times. Once each to Siem Reap, India, Laos and UK. The Non O ME is very convenient for this.
  8. That is correct. Permanent residents have a PR permit. They don't need to deal with immigration. Those without PR use visas or extensions of stay.
  9. There are many different types of visa with different lengths of stay. The O-A, for example, does give a 1 year stay. Some people like to go on trips. Travel around the region or further afield. The Non O ME works perfectly with this. No need to get a re entry permit just to leave and come back.
  10. Thank you once again. This time for proving you are talking out of your a#@e.
  11. Thanks for your opinion. It is just an opinion, right? If not, maybe you could point out where it says such a thing on the application. Thanks.
  12. Corn kernels, usually used for making popcorn, are widely available. Go and buy some. Put them in a grinder. Job done. Cornmeal.
  13. The actual official time for extension based on having a child is zero. Only need to show 400k on the day of application.
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