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  1. Grow up you are much larger than the vast majority of Thai woman that is a fact - Robinson as metioned ealier does stock large sizes but at vastley infalted prices - the reverse also happens my wife in the UK has to shop in teen stores to find her sizes she thinks its great - and still remains the sexiest 32 year old on the block. Realise the situation you are in and adapt if there was no problem then this post would not exsist.

    I must also point out that obesity in the USA is endemic- maybe we should all look inwardly at the true cause of the issue before looking outwards. Would it be better to shed 3 dress sizes then all would be cushty - all it takes is will power and effort - and you are in one of the easiest enviorments in the world to make it happen. Take charge of your personal situation and transform your life.

  2. It may only be a matter of time before the Army thinks it needs to help out again. At least when Mr Mai Pen Rai and his mate Suchinda were swapping blows the bars stayed open till 4 am and you coulds get a beer in a 7 Eleven at any time, and the young thugs were under control. Well thats democracy for you.

  3. Look around you and form an opinion how many Thai women do you see who are your size -- not many. Therefore there is no demand for such sizes generally in Thailand. Most western women are tourists therefore the Thai market is geared up for them - they come on holiday and many take the oppoutrunity to have clothes made bespoke or buy some designer imports- something they could not afford at home. But is relatively cheap for a one off holiday treat -but is not cheap for an expat. Generally speaking the laws of supply and demand are at work, unfortunatley there is no great demand for what you want therefore they are hard to fiind.


    We strongly recommend that you obtain comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling.

    There are excellent international hospitals in Bangkok but they can be expensive. Ordinary hospitals and clinics in Thailand are not always up to UK standards. This applies particularly to the coastal islands and many mainland districts outside of Bangkok, where hospitals and clinics are not equipped to deal with major trauma. Many hospitals require the authorisation of next of kin to perform operations on patients and guarantee of payment for the hospital bills from immediate next of kin. The Embassy cannot authorise doctors to carry out operations, nor can they guarantee payment of hospital bills. Travellers are advised to complete next of kin details in the back of their passports.

    Avian Influenza

    Since January 2004, there have been over 50 human deaths in Asia confirmed as resulting from Avian Influenza (also known as Avian Flu and Bird Flu). The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported on the possibility of a human flu pandemic following this outbreak. Further information and advice is provided in the Avian influenza factsheet on the FCO website.

    Dengue Fever

    Since January 2005 the number of reported cases in Thailand and in particular Southern Thailand has increased sharply. There have been a total of more than 8,900 cases reported in the period from January – May, with 17 deaths. The Thai Ministry of Public Health issued a nationwide dengue epidemic alert on 9 May. The rainy season - the peak season for Dengue Fever - has now started in Thailand. You should be aware of the risk, and take preventative measures to avoid being bitten by the Aedes mosquito which transmits the dengue virus. Symptoms include sudden high fever, a rash, aching muscles and joints, and severe headaches and backaches. There is no specific treatment for Dengue Fever beyond bedrest and plenty of fluids. In a very small number of cases this can develop into the more severe dengue haemorrhagic fever, the symptoms for which include bleeding and sometimes shock. This form of Dengue Fever can be fatal if left untreated. If you suffer from a fever whilst (or shortly after) visiting Thailand, you should consult a doctor. Detailed information about dengue fever is available on the WHO website: http://www.who.int/topics/dengue/en/.

    HIV / AIDS

    Thailand has an epidemic of HIV infection and AIDS. Heterosexual transmission accounts for most HIV infections and HIV is common among prostitutes of both sexes.

    For further information on health, check the Department of Health’s website at: www.dh.gov.uk.

    This is from the FCO goverment web site

  5. Why is it every time someone disagress with american governmental actions certain members want the posts closed - You guys get with the program you have really be brainwashed by your governments propoganda - I was watching Live 8 last night and a very astute American John McEnroe the tennis player who now spends most of his time in UK commented when asked if he thinks the event would have an impact in the USA. he said and I quote " Not as much as in other places many Americans do not have a real awareness of what is happening anywhere esle in the world - after all only 33% have passports and of that many don't ever even leave the cuntry.

  6. Chilli is in fact a powerful irrantant used in CS gas/Pepper sprays long term it can cause ulcers and IBS but everyone is different in te North East the diet of hot chillis is normally tempered with lots of veg salads and fresh fruit.

  7. The bottom line is the US aircraft industry will flame and try to destroy anything that they perceive to be a threat to their previous monopoly on world aviation be that civil or military. Examples in history are Concorde and the TSR2 both of which were so far ahead of their time that they caused non commercial moves by the US that eventually finished off the programmers real long term development.

    In essence the US wants everyone else to wait for their lead that will ensure that remain the worlds major arms exporters. In the military the Harrier proved that innovative thought can sometimes actually defeat pure resource one of the few aircraft - oh sorry - and the Hawk to be built under license in the US.

    Now the monopoly is over ---- The A380 and airbus will now take over as the major commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world. I predict once it comes into service their will be a major accident in US Airspace or by a US operated aircraft and the whole world of US aviation will pronounce the aircraft unsafe.

    It won't work guys when the AA pilots went on camera 10 years ago announcing they would never fly another airbus after the accident was caused by poor separation in terms of US air traffic control separation and jet wash limits

    not being understood nobody believed you - they did not then and they will not now... your glory days are over in many respects.

    By the way before someone dismisses this as just another Yank bashing thread think of the truth and not the propaganda.

  8. Siam Country Club Road, near the reservoir

    Had a slight trickle of mains water today until the mid afternoon, and then the water supply was cut of completely. Still no water at 2.45am.

    Rained very hard this morning for a couple of hours and managed to get a natural shower, wipe the truck down, and to fill up a few large bins of rain water. 

    At least we can have a wash before going to bed,  :o

    KerryD you would do better trying to protect the choppers rather than flaming genuine concerns

  9. Spent 10 days in prison in Saudi Arabia in 1990 I was driving a Hiace Mini Bus I was waiting at a red light when a Saudi ran into the back of me - he was not wearing a seat belt he went straight through the windscreen of his Lincoln town car a burst his head open on the back of the Hiace. In prsion the guards kept telling me I was in for the chop for murder. Got out after 10 days companies insurance paid the money to the family.

  10. Why so quick to jump on the Africans? :o  After all the article said 3 Chineese and a Iraninan where picked up. Lets not forget a french passport would be just the thing for a Cambodian with a lil dough looking to get out, OR better yet for someone looking to smuggle in cheap Cambodian labor or sex slaves into France. France did their colonisation thing over there too ya know.

    Over 83% of all oversatyers/ dissapearers in the UK are from Africa is this a trend

  11. Those from The African continent would buys them....In Thailand The Nigerians,South Africans, Guinee, Senegalese most all african nationality in Thailand would buys them....

    This is all the sindicate....Some african nationals would come to Thailand set up here for acouple of months buys a fake French or Portugese PAssport and fly away....

    This is what they do....

    After all Most africans can Speak French...So thats where it all begins for French passport

    After efects of colonialism. :D

    Gee, what a surprise :o There are still 2000 people who want to visit France


    French passport = no problem to get into UK - Tony Blair keep it up

  12. God Save the Queen

    God save the queen

    The fascist regime

    They made you a moron

    Potential H-bomb

    God save the queen

    She aint no human being

    There is no future

    In England's dreaming

    Don't be told what you want

    Don't be told what you need

    There's no future no future

    No future for you

    God save the queen

    We mean it man

    We love our queen

    God saves

    God save the queen

    'Cos tourists are money

    Our figures head

    Is not what she seems

    Oh god save history

    God save your mad parade

    Oh lord god have mercy

    All crimes are paid

    When there's no future

    How can there be sin

    We're the flowers in the dustbin

    We're the poison in your human machine

    We're the future you're future

    God save the queen

    We mean it man

    We love our queen

    God saves

    God save the queen

    We mean it man

    And there is no future

    In England's dreaming

    No future no future

    No future for you

    No future no future

    No future for me

    No future no future

    No future for you

    No future no future

    No future for you

    No future no future for you

  13. I don't drink much beer but many of my friends do and they have asked this question so I'm turning it over to you..............

    Local beer is not expensive, foreign beer made "under license" is not expensive (Heineken, Guinness, Beck's are all made in Asean -- Malaysia mainly but also Thailand).

    Am I missing out somehow.. I pay 150 baht a can and it doesnt matter if I buy 20 or more cans.. Thats from Macro cash and carry.. on tap its 250 a pint locally.. All the cxans have the import alchohol sticker / seal on them...

    So can I get locally brewed Guinness ??

    Only in Dublin

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