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  1. onlycw

    Who lives in a Muslim area?

    I do. No, I don't. But it's Songkhla, not Yala, Pattani or Narathiwat.
  2. onlycw

    Help Me Im starving

    Eat some boiled eggs with soy sauce for taste. 7-11 sells them, too. Big C has 500 grans of raw peanuts. They will fill you up nicely... Rather than cardio, do resistance training as your muscles may be burning fat for the next day or two!
  3. So sorry - since he seems to be a (...). Sounds like ha has already gotten those 100 k Baht the years. Now he should enjoy the big event and not spoil it for you. OTOH, if this is happening during the pre-honeymoon phase, how may things turn sour when the baby will born and you having to take care of it? All the best!
  4. That is 100 times worse. Let the girls be. Wearing longer hair and filmig acts of abuse.
  5. The "registration" of my mobile phone number fails. othing happens. So I asked a Thai to do it with the Thai version... Then we tried to call 1584. Guys, am I paranoidor is this the new normal over here? No English spoken... The RD, Revenue Departmet has a functioning message system. But the staff claims messages are "not clear". I get it. Anything to avoid dealing with foreigners, huh? ... Q: can you use this taxi app? Last night, a song taew refused to give me the proper change. I memorized its license plate.