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  1. Well, working with no B-VISA during the probationary period? No, thank you. Am now in Bangladesh. A country which may not even be on your radar. Friendly people, I like the food and no stomach problems yet despite eating street food. Some of you could live elsewhere most of the time. I love TH and want to visit frequently. But hell no to ever working there again.
  2. Ever since a new battery has been installed in Vietnam, my while Ip 5 has had "ghost images". It's still useable, but they are annoying. After letting my black Ip 5 lie unused for days, it now shows even more intense coloured virtical stripes. No one even touched that phone since it was powered down. Q: Any idea w h a t is causing these issues? ... Following a low cost screen replacement (the new glass is like 3 x thicker and much less sensitive), my Ipad Mini keeps acting up. Icons shying away like leaves being blown away by a strong wind in Fall. Sometimes, apps are switched in a manic speed. I've had to try for whole minutes to start my bank's app which needs to read QR Codes and generate TANs for online banking purposes. Q: Is this a known issue? Can it be fixed? (The glass - I'll gladly pay for a proper Apple service center to replace it next time. But can the other issue be repaired? What might cause this??? Wish I'd left the fully functional Ipad alomne, cracked screen and all.
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