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  1. Hear, hear! I just bought a 129 GB SSD for kess than 1,000 THB in Europe.
  2. OT: Try Chrome OS. Hangouts is great and cheap, the extension handles Office files. It boots up in under 7 seconds and powers down in 1.5 seconds. Paid $ 50 for a Thinkpad X131E on Ebay and love the neat machine.
  3. There was a time when I bought a Hayes modem in the USA. > $ 200... And two times 4 MB RAM for my 386 cost $ 60 each. After school, I walked past an IBM shop. Those ATs and XTs cost more than a family sedan with a star on the hood. Now, I enjoy a cheapo solution: AIS Marathon SIM @ 600 THB for half a year...
  4. Do you know folks working with fake degrees? People with B-Visa and WPs. What was I thinking, hearing, Thailand has cleaned up its act?
  5. Huh? You mean cancelling a B-VISA? Good luck with that! (No good deed goes unpunished)
  6. Mmm, many drivers lack a basic understanding of gearboxes. Especially those driving in mountains. Torturing engines as a hobby? Udon Thani to Chiang Mai. A full bus, on an overnight journey. A winding mountain road. Speeding - and the driver counting money. (Had no camera at hand back then). When I first arrived, I saw people sitting on the roofs. Break hard and they will get thrown onto the road. Catapulted, gaining the linetic weight of elephants in some cases. Hey, driving around with red-hot coals on meals side-car motorcycles is a brilliant idea! Have a pick-up truck getting rear-ended and the mob in the bed pelted with those red-hot coals... I counted over 20 small kids in MHS province. The pickup driver was speeding, of course. Who needs school bbuses with seat belts?!? I rode a big bike on the 1095 near Pai. Some moron decided to drive in my lane! Go home, farang. This is my country. I'm Thai and I do as I please. Rant over.
  7. Can someone recommend such a shop in town and give an address or describe the location? Today I stumbled upon such a shop in a much smaller town 105 km away from Chiang Mai. Most of the stuff was horrible. But there were good shirts & jackets, too. Apparently, brand names have no meaning to the proprietor. Picked up some luxury brands ?
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