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  1. Not going to shift through all these posts. However, a niece works in one of the hospitals (London) that checks patients against a GP registration, beyond A&E they certainly do come down and talk to patients about entitlement. No doubt it will go nationwide. Not saying you would be booted out. However, do think too many expats have been away too long and lost touch with reality about the day to day functioning of the system.
  2. Why not give Germany special treatment? "Germany is a reluctant, but insensitive and incapable dominator, that both uses and ignores the disturbed European balance of power, This provokes resentments, especially in other Eurozone countries." Jürgen Habermas. Renowned German philosopher and EU enthusiast. Germany pays more for peace than for weapons. True-ish. Your contributions to NATO in the latest period were 1.23 of GDP, Latvia beat that. And most military analysts believe the real figure is far less, most of your planes don't fly for example. Not sure the balance actually goes to peace as as such, but hey ho. Up to you; you are closer to Putin than us and those incredible (empty) motorways the EU built in Poland will make the journey far quicker.. Why the UK cut them self out from the EU Project? So many reasons. But your first 2 sentences are a good starting point
  3. "Mr. Yutthasak clarified that not every night entertainment establishments would be allowed to operate up to 4 am, saying that only the night spots which are popular among tourists would be considered." Better brush up on my Bengali then,
  4. Absolutely. And the fact that there are so few channels to express that anger and frustration without fear of retribution....go figure. I think it comes back to a quote often attributed to Abraham Lincoln: "You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." If that was true in Abe's time I would wager it holds up even more in a time when even those who do not travel access social media for their news, often via VPN's.
  5. I would probably agree with you that it's a strange article, if I could read it, which I can't as it's behind a paywall. At least for me it is and incognito browsing doesn't work either. Also true that the rich are far more likely to escape justice, I just happen to believe that is also true of most countries in most circumstances, just more obvious in Thailand.
  6. Owner = เจ้าของ Possessor= เจ้าของ Note the similarity ? Thai language has no simple way of distinguishing between the two. It follows that an English translation will also not make any distinction.
  7. Ages since kids stopped using such complex language structures, innit tho ?
  8. This topic has been running for 12 years. The amount of changes during that time must have been many. For anyone new coming to the topic it must be immensely confusing and time consuming where to start. I would have thought that there must have been more than one or two posters willing to post their updated journey, possibly with the assistance of mods so that newbies didn't have to start from the beginning or another random page reading information that was no longer relevant. Or not?
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