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  1. I wish I had seen Michael's posting 4 months ago - before I let Toyota Sisaket (Kantharalak branch) charge me 24,000 baht to renew all my air con components, including front & back compressors, on my Fortuna Sportivo. I don't think I was ripped off as such - the labour charge was cheap and there was a car-full of replaced parts when I collected the vehicle - I suspect they were charged at list price, but I would probably have accepted a non-OE solution on a 10 yr old vehicle with 270k km on the clock. Other than this my Toyota has been a bargain to run, even using the main dealer for services every 10k km. Virtually nothing had gone wrong to that point, but I don't think that will apply in its old age!
  2. The rationale behind the requirement for you to pay tax in the UK on your pension income is that HMRC assume that whatever your residence status now or in the past, if you are receiving pension income from a UK entity it implies that it is in respect of your service either in the UK or to a UK company or similar entity.
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