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  1. According to CNN today, in the US CDC has announced that antibody tests have been found to be only 50% reliable! Oops.
  2. P'raps the Government should look into transferring all the transgressors in government posts to airport duty greeting the repatriating Thais. More effective message than sending them to inactive posts.
  3. Yes capitan - I noticed you got nabbed for self-quarantine. Better option than state quarantine had you been looking after the boat in Dubai. I guess a couple of months work made it all worthwhile, but you probably didn't expect Phuket to turn out to be pariah province No1! An acquaintance near Kantharalak came back from work in Vietnam in the early days of Covid and the village doctor heard of it and paid a visit. Put him in self-quarantine for 14 days but balanced that off by sending round a couple of young pretty nurses to do check-ups. No such luck for you I guess!
  4. You need to move to an Isaan village in the sticks DrT. Still loads of herbs, weeds hedge clippings etc in the food coming out of my mother-in-law's kitchen. Most have been self-collected (by her, not me) and the rest from the village markets collected by similar mother-in-laws. Yes - most villages above hamlet size in my part of Isaan still have a weekly market so that there is a market available most days within motorcycle distance. Tesco doesn't sell half of the kind of stuff that Isaan villagers put in their curries! I suspect the same is true in much of the rest of rural Thailand (where most of the Thai population live).
  5. Half the members believe that whatever you die of will be marked as 'whatever'. Half believe that everything you die of is marked as Covid. Nobody has offered any convincing evidence in support of either contention. Just what the owners of social meejah forums like this love!
  6. Grammar police here. Sorry to mark your card, nobody likes a nark. "Intra" means within. "Inter" means between. Intra-provincial travel has never been restricted (albeit the 'stay-at-home' mantra has curtailed it massively)
  7. So you can use the bus if you have an essential reason for travel. I am not aware that the encouragement not to travel inter-provincially has been relaxed. There are still reports of some checkpoints actually being manned; perhaps anyone who has been through one in the last nine days can tell us whether they were asked about reasons for travel. What is essential travel or not is however probably a moving feast. Going to visit family may be viewed as essential travel by checkpoints now! If you have the text of government pronouncements that withdrew the essential travel-only guidance I'll be a happy bunny to see it!
  8. Agreed. Obviously Thailand doesn't have the "look left, look right, look left again mantra. She should never have started to cross the road while there was oncoming traffic. If she had looked and thought she could get to the middle and wait then that was a wrong decision Likely the bike saw she was not looking and decided to head round her, so that when she abruptly stopped collision was inevitable.
  9. Nobody dies 'of Covid'. Covid typically apparently causes a reaction in the body that triggers death through the mechanism of another disease like heart failure, pulmonary embolism. pneumonia or, as in this case, septicaemia. People can carry chronic disease for many years and eventually they either die of the progression of that disease or some other stimulus comes along that prompts the disease to 'go fatal'. If there is such a stimulus that prompts death from an existing chronic disease it seems appropriate to me that the prompting factor can be regarded as the cause of death. Just as you seem to want to avoid counting deaths as attributable to Covid in such circumstances there are plenty of others out there who would call foul if Thailand was minimising the impact of Covid by attributing deaths to end mechanisms such as scepticaemia.
  10. Only just seen your post Speedo. Yes - I would have obtained/ will obtain an appointment slip.
  11. Assuming you are already living here and it is inter-provincial travel that you are planning (if you are asking about flying into Thailand Mops59 has already answered that) :- Inter-provincial travel is still discouraged by the Thai Government unless there is an essential reason for such. If you have an essential reason then it's likely you would have a province in mind which would enable locally-based ThaiV members to give a response based on practice, not rules. Have not seen a source where you can look up all provincial rules. It's unlikely you would be put into quarantine anywhere if arriving by surface transport unless you had a temperature. Exceptions - Phuket (ordinary people still can't get in?) and possibly some of the deep south provinces? It is highly unlikely any province would stop you transiting through (if they stopped you - many provinces have draconian rules and little or no enforcement), provided you had an essential reason for travel and provided you did not demonstrate a fever. Three or four weeks ago there was an article posted that set out the airports that might put you in quarantine. I remember Chiang Mai being one that would require you to quarantine, but there were 2 or 3 others, sorry can't remember - I think Nakhon Phanom might have been one of the others. Incomplete reply but may simulate others to add info. It's quite likely that the next round of loosening will dilute the national Government restrictions on inter-provincial travel although possible that some governers might choose not to adopt. My observation is that the nation has managed to successfully stifle travel without actually spending any money on preventing it!
  12. Also: Singapore has 23 deaths in a population of 5.6 million. OK not quite as spectacularly low as Thailand but still way much lower than Europe/US/Brazil. The number of confirmed cases at 29,800 is way higher than Thailand, but who knows what the real number in Thailand is. Official policy here, particularly in the earlier months, was to save money and not test unless the patient looked like he/she was expiring. I don't agree White Christmas13's apparent contention that Singapore is an example that disproves climate input to the rate of Covid infection and morbidity.
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