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  1. actually he doesn't need to change the 14th... it states the baby is not a citizen if parents are diplomats OR illegals... so the long custom of citizenship for all babies is unconstitutional.
  2. It seems to be improving, when word reached Central America that a strong Patron was taking U.S. law seriously they decided to rush the gates and flood the system before the reforms were enforced. Since Mexico has decided to cooperate and word has reached the source countries the numbers have decreased dramatically... good job Donald, stay on course.
  3. BKK bank has changed it's debit card company from visa to MasterCard the new card uses a 6 digit pin, the old Visa card was 4. This presents a problem as pretty much ALL Mexican aims use 4 digits. The I asked about this at my local BKK branch I got that familiar blank smile and .."it is good worldwide" end of discussion. anyone have experience' advice on this matter?
  4. It may help as a deterrent to migrants using the old strategy of being released into the general population and never showing for their hearing... real refugees will probably welcome the safety and security of the facility while awaiting their verdict.
  5. THC based? I thought the med. oil had the THC removed... so this is the stoney stuff...?
  6. Youtube pays the artist per views...they run ads,.. that many views will earn you a fortune.
  7. I suspect we may be getting our news from different sources. JT's summary sounds like Don Lemon or TYT, I check CNN as well as alternative news sources. Have seen many, many video examples of antifa committing violence, attacking libertarian gatherings. ..... you won't see it on MSM.
  8. Get real dude, if antifa shuts down speaker event cuz they no like the message (protected free speech) the are anti-first amendment. .... anyone that fights for the right of free expression is a first amendment defender... ACLU used to do good work... now similar to the SPLC in their left wing bias.
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