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  1. Should be offering EU US Oz citizens 90 days visa exempt, just limit back to back to 2 and after that need setv and funds proof. Lot of the westerners who floated around for 6 months or couple years spent fair bit of money and also encouraged friends and others to visit via social media appeal . Really has taken a massive down turn, malaysia and vietnam taking lot of those numbers, changes to thailand is massive from expat areas of silom to esplanade railway market to pataya and beyond .... indians and chinese will be considerable more hassle and less profits .... Junta has killed the golden goose and that fat leech general rolex got the last of the golden eggs stashed in his safe next to a borrowed patek philippe .
  2. Worth a try but the current trend is if you got recent stay of 90+ it no go and they offer you 30 day transit visa. They pretty unfriendly at the counter, especially the guy, not much chance of mitigating your case but never try never know . seems you in savan it worth a try as maybe more lenient on a quiet non visa van run day as it because of van volume and increased troublesome van service users that caused the changes .
  3. you will have a METV visa so won't be required to have an onward flight .
  4. you could do cambodia visa online and they email you visa acceptance document you print out then you simply got a evisa stamp at any evisa entry point, was simple and smart and been in use around 10 years, why thailand didn't do similar is beyond logic As for flights I wondering if airlines requesting onward booking these days for those with setv as it was never required before by airlines if you had a valid visa as thailand only requested onward flights for visa exempt entry ...
  5. what a messy system, I use to do setv quite a bit for trips to thailand but simply won't bother any more as not worth the hassle or offers good value for the ever growing charges . Why they could not use a proper simple evisa like cambodia been doing for about a decade where you get a visa simply at designated entry points is beyond logic . It basically a huge step backwards in efficiency and made setv more hassle than it worth in many cases. I rarely pre book accommodation and generally never book onward flight as like keep it fully flexible and make my mind up closer to the time .... On a side note do airline checkin want see onward flight for setv or they still happy allow boarding if you got a setv .
  6. down turn is in varying sectors and lot of it not directly related to trade war . incompetence for last 5yrs paying a big part as is pretending tourism doing better than really is . Trouble is they done nothing on issues of corruption, flooding, exports, baht rate, tourism over last few years and it all coming together under harder current times in a big wammy hit . 2020 trade war will hit even harder and strong baht, water management and government competence and stability mean they loose out to likes of vietnam and cambodia which far better option in export and manufacture plus they taking lot of the tourism and expats as it becoming popular and easy on regulations for most needs from longer tourism to business . They will be too busy fighting with themselves and grabbing last chances of graft wealth to realise the country be much like the mekong lol .
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