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  1. has got lot more expensive and is a gamble on quality/expertise you will get . Even dental work getting quite spendy . Has a lot of potential plus points as can have holiday at same time but rising costs and no dedicated easy medical visa keeps it from gaining ground .
  2. I would do a taxi to chong chom, has a great market on the boarder and good old style immigration practice . Wouldn't cost too much and be entertaining ... I wouldn't fly in as has potential for further immigration hassle due to your circumstances ...
  3. His intentions of use of the tourist visa seems more than acceptable and he got funds support it. trouble is DM and Swampy both got bad technique at weeding out the bad from good guys and just do it the easy way much like big joke and latest retirement visa changes . I been on leisure holidays for 6 months to a year plus quite a few times . Most of the illegally working guys won't be flying as they do it quick and cheap as most close to broke and pretty easy spot visually and by passport routine. Amazes me how much hassle people getting at these 2 airports but go to changwattana and they happy swap some money for extensions 2 or 3 times no questions or much proof asked (would be good time check funds and bookings but they don't) ... OP's use seems fair enough, he be better getting another tourist via land if needs it and using medical extension perhaps .
  4. Mmm cash for kids, sure the young educated parents use the money wisely on drugs and mobile phones This will produce more unwanted kids poorly educated and living with other family members as mum/dad not mature enough be parents . Would be a bigger shambles than rice subsidy lol .
  5. make sure dollars perfect, they not that fussy on photo, I used any junky ones I had .
  6. Doubt it all wrong conclusion/info, somebody been adjusting military powers over last 2 yrs plus always been military factions and can't see them all singing from same hymn sheet . Uncle Buck and the plump watch junkie really are a mess and not great politicians or polling material . Only way I can see votes favouring them is by rigging the count and for sure they be paying voters on the day like usual party practise . No one really suitable as they all bad eggs but uncle buck getting in for 4yrs likely be worst outcome and see more repression and probably serious protest or further military division in time ...
  7. in reality quite involved in politics and has preferences and personal agenda ...
  8. Somebody not very happy, who wouldn't sign the current constitution before amendments, who validates the senates and has veto power . While somebody happy with military dictatorship disguised as democracy they may not be fully happy with all who running it . Bit of a power ranking struggle going on right at the top of the main players .
  9. Seems a mess to me and that before all the offices interpreting the rules differently etc, wouldn't it been wiser/easier to of maintained the law and arrested/prosecuted agents and officers breaking policy for profit !! supose Big Joker thought be easier make farang fix issue and just scribble out new retirement policy ! Guy certainly deserves his name but not salary or credibility So a first time retirement guy going need bum around on other visas for a year to build up 12months of monthly payment proof ! If deposit 800K in one go, how long that need sit before applying ? 2 months I assume and full 800K got still remain 3 months after application Monthly income seems a complete hassle and can many having issues due to weak foreign currencies and bahts growth ... For those with 800K to spare it still pretty easy and best way really . Think a lot who married and used retirement will be swapping to marriage and many immigration offices won't like that as more paperwork lol . Big Joke indeed !
  10. No way immigration rules like this should be implemented so quickly, should have at least 1yr notice so people can prepare properly or plan a move . Seems we pay for corruption in every way, even in trying reduce it !
  11. She's as close to a fresh start as going get, wouldn't be surprised if gets pulled from the running though or results by magic amazingly favoured to uncle buck . One would hope her background would keep things cleaner than past and present and hopefully blend both factions into something slightly palatable . Uncle Buck still in the race as they been planning this for years and he wants the PM status by election badly (it wasn't a last minute decision or for good of the people lol)
  12. Shins and Uncle Buck both got faults . One would hope the new party and PM candidate be a bit more on the righteous path, certainly nothing to loose besides uncle buck army and his timely sidekick who done nothing besides waste billions on military hardware ... They couldn't even enforce lottery ticket pricing lol ...
  13. One can only hope uncle buck not holding a royal flush ! He new for months he be running, much the same as with the coup, it had been planned for months ... This elections rules and party fiasco going make previous elections look squeaky clean ... If we got see uncle buck and the chubby watch junkie after the 24th then thailand will have lost much more than just democracy ...
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