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  1. i have had a look at the new medical insurance and contacted one of the companies. i am 69 years old i have had lung cancer (had surgery) i have four crushed vertebra in my Back/neck i have various breaks/tears/dislocations mainly through sport, and a few other things that i would have to declare. but they wanted 80k for the first year and 140k when i am 70 in less than a year, the previous conditions would make any insurance a complete waste of money as they would never be accepted and when i spoke to someone who had been in that business, the term burning money was used.
  2. last January i went to Jomtien with all my paperwork/bank details/pictures in two big stacks, the first thing that was said was ''why is he asking for a married to Thai extension'' they picked through the two stacks of paper and gave them back as they were not in the correct order? after two days of''nit picking'' my wife called a friend who is an x Thai school teacher, she turned up five mins later and began to question the lady IO, and it seemed to affect the''dragon lady'' on the third day we were told the pictures were not acceptable (they were ones from a batch from the year before) we went and got all new pictures, and i looked at them and they had given us three days of scowls and ridiculous query's i kept a smile on my face as we were only asking for a legitimate visa. i have been using this immigration office for 16 years also, and next time i will bring a few Thais with us as i got the impression they just might feel a bit of shame when they are observed by their own people, every other service in this office i have never had a problem with.
  3. i found immigration had issues with the photos after three days in the Jomtien office (they had tried to find fault with everything else) we had to go back to our condo and get a thai friend to redo the photos and then a short trip to the Kodak shop for some glossy new pictures that shut another door in our Quest to get a legit ''married to Thai Visa''. yesterday i went to immigration for my TM30 Report after five mins the young lady asked why was i doing a TM30 report as it was not required, as i had not left Thailand. i told her that last January i was fined while applying for a ''married to Thai visa'' because i had not reported the same trip, and i was not going to give them any more reason to try and intimidate me and my wife, so if you are on the same extension be aware.
  4. be aware that one Airline '' Thai Lion Air '' has a few tricks when you have booked with them, i went online and directly to their site i picked a date and time to fly from Udon Thani for me and the wife. next thing we have Convid-19 and our flight is ''suspended'' i never gave it much thought as i had other things to sort out, a few weeks later i got a message from TLA asking me if i could fly at a different time i said no thanks as i had already had a change of my outgoing dates and i could not make the time they suggested, and a full refund would be best. First they told me i had to contact ''the travel agent'' i informed them that i had booked at their site on the internet, and that both Nok Air and the hotel had been very helpful and i had received a full refund for the hotel, and Nok Air had changed my original flight at no extra cost. Thai Lion Air had insisted that i had to go through the travel agent, i have gone on their site online and there is no mention of travel agent until you have booked your flight and filled in all your details bar your credit Card ? your card details are on a page with another company name on it.... but NO mention of travel agents...I have been put on hold and left for hours on the phone by TLA. i have informed the credit card company, as i feel charge back is an option. yes i always book with a UK card.
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