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  1. I have just returned from deepest issarn people coming from all over. three days of celebrations and get togethers and a party, everyone from kids to granny's already determined to vote for their future. it would of been a waste of time sending anyone anywhere near there ,from what every one was saying, even the odd farang had no good words for the military.
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    As soon as I went back to Thailand my Netflix account went from UK to Thailand Neflix . but you might have to search your Netflix but the movie is there.
  3. well they now contact you via Facebook and advertise 22000 baht to 24000 baht ,but you must have an non-imm-o visa and two photo's For a retirement + extension of stay ''we deal with every Immigration Office everywhere in Thailand'' done in three days....ten messages in a month asking punters to enroll so a big crackdown... I am not advertising this service, just keeping people Aware of what is really going on. (Thai Visa Centre, Lite message.Facebook)
  4. As I have flown Air Asia from this Airport in the last four months and had a poor trip through this Airport I planned our trip and factored in 3.5 hours to get checked in and catch my flight. I honestly was not prepared for what we encountered, it took about twenty mins to work out what was going on and then took another ten to find the end of the queue we needed to get in. it was a bit of a raffle as you chose your Queue and had to hope that your machine was issuing both baggage and passengers boarding passes, we were unlucky we got Baggage only machine. You do not check in to Don Mueang like you do in other Airports the checkin desks cannot be approached until you have used the self checkin machines and printed out your boarding pass and Baggage pass. you then get in another long Queue to actually ''checkin'' like you used to. It was bedlam with most people struggling to use the machines, when we finally got in the checkin Queue I asked the brit in the queue how he done with the machines, he said no I asked an A.A staff and she told him he had to check in first ? I asked if he had printed anything out? he was blank and I tried to tell him he had been told to get in the machine checkin queue. so I pointed to every one in the queue all holding baggage paperwork he looked sick as he realised he was going to miss his flight. I got my wife to hold our place in the queue and we managed to get his checkin to checkin paperwork. (another addon was AA staff instructed the passengers that you had check the cctv in baggage to check your baggage had gone through.) after about 2 hr.50 mins we where ready to go to the immigration queue, which to be honest was quite quick and we were last on the plane but we made it. I decided I will avoid useing Dom Mequeue again or A.A as life is too short and every one is stressed out, talk about jumping through hoops. Insert other media.url
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