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  1. ok first from UK every month to KK via TW but many Emails Queries and not much help from either, but before my next Transfer I will of tagged KK with TW, and will pay a visit to KK Pattaya Klang 2nd floor just to see what all that is about and let you know if it worked. cheers.
  2. I am thinking I am behind with all this, 11 days ago I got a reply to my queries to TW, over the 'Dummy Branch' code every time I transferred money from TW to my bank KK , the message informed me if I contacted the international KK trade center and supplied them my KK Bank details my passport and my visa details they could help with the code FTT. the nearest international trade center for KK did not even answer the phone. so I went to my branch and they advised me to go to KK on Pattaya Klang 2nd floor and all would be fixed ? it is getting like the magic roundabout, I have been using TW TO KK for about a year now and I have never had the FTT code I have contacted KK and TW a few times but never had any real help. if any one using TW to KK and is getting the code that immigration want? could explain the formula. cheers.
  3. I have looked and not found any 'for immigration' and where is this tagged as I am having issues with the FTT as I get 'dummy branch' a certain 'winner' in Jomtien.
  4. i recently asked TW if they could change ''dummy branch'' as i thought my immigration officer might not see the funny side of it re International funds transfer for ''retirement visa''. within a week i got a nice reply instructing me to contact Kasikorn International trade center and that if i supplied the actual bank transfer details, my passport details, my visa. then they will produce an FET form? dealing with that transaction. the nearest Kasikorn international trade center did not even answer the phone? so after three attempts.... i went to my KK branch and they directed me to another branch and implied they would fix it. to me it felt like another pass the customer on and that a form for one transaction was not enough and that what i really want is the code on every transaction i was going to change my bank but i have just read that by just changing to the ''funds for long term stay in Thailand '' in the drop down list for reasons for the transfer, will solve my FTT problem? does this work for Kasikorn and immigration Jomtien?
  5. if this chap has had a bad diagnosis there will be results of tests somewhere, he may have wanted to shield his family and friends back home from his situation, if so it is the drink that has convinced him to end it now, but unfortunately it is not the best solution . it is a bit of a rock and a hard place. R.I.P Young man .
  6. As I have flown Air Asia from this Airport in the last four months and had a poor trip through this Airport I planned our trip and factored in 3.5 hours to get checked in and catch my flight. I honestly was not prepared for what we encountered, it took about twenty mins to work out what was going on and then took another ten to find the end of the queue we needed to get in. it was a bit of a raffle as you chose your Queue and had to hope that your machine was issuing both baggage and passengers boarding passes, we were unlucky we got Baggage only machine. You do not check in to Don Mueang like you do in other Airports the checkin desks cannot be approached until you have used the self checkin machines and printed out your boarding pass and Baggage pass. you then get in another long Queue to actually ''checkin'' like you used to. It was bedlam with most people struggling to use the machines, when we finally got in the checkin Queue I asked the brit in the queue how he done with the machines, he said no I asked an A.A staff and she told him he had to check in first ? I asked if he had printed anything out? he was blank and I tried to tell him he had been told to get in the machine checkin queue. so I pointed to every one in the queue all holding baggage paperwork he looked sick as he realised he was going to miss his flight. I got my wife to hold our place in the queue and we managed to get his checkin to checkin paperwork. (another addon was AA staff instructed the passengers that you had check the cctv in baggage to check your baggage had gone through.) after about 2 hr.50 mins we where ready to go to the immigration queue, which to be honest was quite quick and we were last on the plane but we made it. I decided I will avoid useing Dom Mequeue again or A.A as life is too short and every one is stressed out, talk about jumping through hoops. Insert other media.url
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