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  1. i have sympathy , the road to ruin can come in different ways, as 'kneedeeper' has posted maybe Karma plays a hand, or maybe as i saw yesterday, inside 7-11, a non-fair skin foreigner expat being rudely searched by a plain clothes cop, can start a spiral into ruin, can be many ways on this land, especially under current circumstances
  2. the link to the panama papers told quite a story, the last company was 2015, so he went down hill fast, Mossack's list of entities looks more like a list of scam share companies aka boiler rooms
  3. the question is if n-section at cw enforce tm30 and up until now they dont, maybe in other immigration offices around the country they enforce tm30, but after many threads from a 'similar poster' on tm30 and elite, until n-section enforces, its just another trivial law to keep people under more control, no thanks, lets see what happens in the future, will n-section enforce tm30 and have people with sleeping bags, with the queues, or will it stay the same
  4. N-Section can be terrible some days, its a combination of agents, working the ticket system, and collecting various numbered queue tickets for their clients, mostly students and teachers, and everyone else who use N-Section, has it has a variety of different visas and extensions from embassy staff to monkhood. Sometines you can see maybe 40-50 students from the same school all waiting with the agents, then agents queue jump or have a good talk over something, and bingo you have 300 people waiting, They should take N-Section back to No automated tickets and go manuel, and N-2 Section should be taken back from more agents and be for other visas, just like it was when cw first opened, much smoother and without the long queues, but that would mean less cashish
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