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  1. i spoke to a chinese buyer of a large new condo development in ratchada ,most of the buyers are chinese and its really close to the chinese embassy, he told me that his workplace had to provide details for his loan which was organised by the thai property company and the chinese bank which has branches in thailand and china, i get the feeling his chinese family living in china would be on the contract as an insurance policy in case of default. my hunch is what the chinese state tried in malaysia where 500,000 chinese were to live in forest city and secretly over a 20 year period were to be given various rights until 20 years then made into malaysian citizens. This is what was the previous malaysian gov. were doing with the chinese state i reckon it could well happen here instead of one city being created for this scheme, chinese with property granted citizenship over a 20 year period, which will be for china only
  2. there was a recent article from the junta media in the sales pitch 'business' section saying chinese buyers had less budgets in purchasing condo's in thailand compared to the western/japan customers, now another fake sales pitch article property market's booming buy buy buy
  3. maybe he used the pension letter etc, you are just picking holes where there are no holes. 800 k invested in a property fund after tax which makes 5% compunded over 10 years is nearly 550k earnings, thats the sort of money people will lose now with new rules and who knows what other rules will come, and maybe the insurance rule, which is interesting because the building that houses immigration et al at chaeng wattana is owned by a thai insurance company.
  4. the ping an insurance deal with the chinese state has also helped, this taken from 6 years ago cnbc; "CP Group, whose products include feed for chickens and pigs, has a long history in China. Chearavanont - worth $9 billion according to Forbes magazine - also appears to have strong political connections in Beijing. State-run China Development Bank is helping to finance CP Group's Ping An stake acquisition, according to HSBC" https://www.cnbc.com/id/100277689 looks like another chinese state rail contract like the 20 billion dollar malaysia contract. China loves to control over inflated debts through rail and infrastructure
  5. i understand people's choices for various visas thats still available to all of us, but to claim 800k over a year period makes 100k, come on, property funds here pay 5% after tax yearly(quarterly payment), compounded over 5 years thats around 250k earnings from 800k, people are really being asked to lose their right to earn with keeping money tied up in low interest accounts
  6. thats right coups are cancer, have coup, restrict foreign capital= stock market loses 5 billion dollars, next coup makers think hey change the foreign business act= stockmarket loses 3 billion dollars. Hey have another coup= foreign capital leaves over 5 years 8 billion dollars yeah coup stinks right on bloody cancer
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