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  1. How is the effectiveness of the vaccine measured? By comparing the number of people (vaccinated vs. placebo) who get sick in a period of time. If they have the gender, age, weight, general condition of the volunteers, and location . . . it seems they have no control on other factors (mask carrying, social contacts and behavior, . . .) at least, it is not reported in the data released. On the other hand, finding antigens in the blood is not a sign that you cannot get sick. So, 90% effectiveness???
  2. This vaccine race . . . frightening. This AstraZeneca vaccine is an adenovirus-based vaccine and until now, no adenovirus-based vaccine (e.g. HIV vaccine) has been successful, no one has been commercialized . . . the mRNA vaccine is even newer, never has been made before (e.g. Moderna, Pfizer . . . ) . . . and they want us to trust manufacturers (who got immunity not from the virus but from . . . .liability) that are rushing towards the money pots . . .
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