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  1. It's a cheap cheap cheap farang loan to the Thai banks. No. Like many here had suggested, leave Thailand. Would the economy collapse? Edit Yes, I am very naive about the pattern of thinking of some aliens.
  2. Plenty of free time, boredom, drinking; a recipe for a problem?
  3. Yes, never heard of cockroaches biting - but just found this.
  4. You are claiming Malaysia's success to colonialism? ROFLMAO Some attitude, this is.
  5. Where are all the Thai ladies waiting to marry a Westerner?
  6. The Thai economy is not doing to well, so what do they do here, extort money out of farang, en masse. You mean to say Thailand is running entirely on extorted money out of farang, en masse? You are sadly mistaken as are the followers you have. Really, are majority of farangs have your mentality? It is disgusting, to say the least!
  7. Every time I front up to provincial immigration, they ask my wife why I stay here. Not with malice, but with disbelief. Really? They has such a high opinion of you? Is it ONLY you? Non of the other foreigners around?
  8. Today it is very difficult to find gold standards
  9. I feel an educated person who cares about quality and correctness... Along with education, throw in a lot of intelligence and common sense - if you have the latter 2, education can be taken out.
  10. Experts need to come out with headlines...that's their bread and butter. (and this is in the UK and not in a 3rd world country?)
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