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  1. Straight out of a horror movie. So much for developed nations citizens. What comments from the Thai bashers for this type of act? The silence is deafning indeed. Imagine if this happened in Thailand!
  2. Today, humans are worst than animals. If you just care to look around, these inhuman activities maybe happening in your own backyard. When you have nothing to do, just explore the world news and learn a little bit more. Don't accuse me of condoning this act because of my above comment - no I don't. But your show of shock to me is very superficial and biased. For a good example, have a look here >>> https://edition.cnn.com/2019/02/22/us/turpin-parents-plead-guilty/index.html
  3. doesn't seem to have a clue what to do... In-born habits and attitudes never die.
  4. Some cockeyed Buddhist belief, apparently. Please check your facts before posting such cockeyed assumptions. It would be better for your intelligence.
  5. In fact, before posting I was wondering under which thread to post this. Hence my choice here. But, I never intended it to be a joke. Extremely sorry for my mistake.
  6. Actually you must tell all the people not to come to Thailand. Will solve many a problem.
  7. Absolutely correct! Some so called fanatical animal welfare people and so called humanitarians are the same - one protects the rabid animals the other protects the rabid humans (terrorists, freedom fighters, whatever you name them...)
  8. Well.. those characters wear whats normal for them. They sure would feel uncomfortable wearing anything that's foreign to them! The Thai's are intelligent enough to recognize these foreigners who would be of no use to TH on the long run, hence the tightening of the rules. I know some countries who ask a tourist visa applicant for their grandparents pedigree too! Would dressing up a scarecrow in a tuxedo make it a gentleman? Who is trying to fool whom?
  9. Xenophobic. This is a very common word that is used in this forum by Westerners to accuse the Thai immigration laws. can any one Western expert give an example where a Thai (or any other undeveloped 3rd country national ) could just walk in to their country? Do they know the meaning of that word? Or are they drunk or under some influence of a drug? There Ard millions of foreigners in Thailand. Does your home country have that much? Have a look at forums like TVF created by foreigners for foreigners in Thailand. What about your home country? Aren't these a bunch of shameless losers who are living in Thailand and bashing everything and anything Thai? who is xenophobic? who is racist? Have a good look in the mirror! Disgusting, isn't it?
  10. Wow! What a statement! I guess when you say foreign input - you mean the experts from the West? It seems the entire world will collapse if not for the West? Thank God for the westerners, the entire world is breathing because of their generosity.
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