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  1. fabulous link, really paints a picture............ brief extract.......'making coffee using a great long filter that looked like an old gym sock'......................this hotel reminds me of the Miami hotel in BKK, stayed there in '91, all echoey, high ceilings, terrazzo floors cheap with quintessential rude Thai/Chinese receptionist, great times
  2. Last time I was in Chiang mai (18 months ago) I spotted a pretty decent 110 LWB Defender for sale kerbside for under a million........I am in the motor trade and have upgraded a few of these recently, they are all the rage ATM. Currently I'm back in the UK and there is a plethora of after market and original parts available and half the stuff comes from manufacturers in China anyways, so would be available in Thailand.......You may remember the pick up Spectre version as an example. I'm not suggesting that you should go this far necessarily, but the are many permutations and combinations etc..
  3. What does the Mrs need the car for? Local runs, longer journeys, what sort of annual mileage? I ask because would you/she consider something second hand, maybe a tad quirky perhaps or a project, something fun with character for example??
  4. Dopey and sneezy............is there a Snow White in this tale??!!
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