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  1. A final thought; both the Asia Plus account and the Saxo account are "execution only " accounts; ie you get no investment advice. You need to choose the investments yourself, is this what you want? I dont know the OZ financial scene very well but maybe, as another option, you could find a Financial Adviser there who has the competence to deal with someone in your situation. For sure do not go anywhere near Financial Advisers based in Thailand, they have a justifiably poor reputation.
  2. A transfer to a brokers offshore account ,eg the Asia Plus account mentioned, would not attract any tax, The cash or assets held never actually come into Thailand they remain offshore. I was really thinking of a situation, say in the future, where you needed some cash in Thailand and wanted to transfer some money from your offshore account into your Thai bank account. strictly speaking transfers into Thailand could, in certain circumstances , be taxable in Thailand. This is a complex area, however as you are not an existing Thai tax payer I think it highly unlikely that this would be an
  3. your assets through Asia Plus would be held in an offshore account, so no need to report or pay tax in Thailand as long as the money stays outside Thailand. However if you transfer funds from the account into Thailand then you need to ensure that the funds were earned in the prior tax year eg the easiest way to do this is only bring funds into Thailand during the first few days of January each year.
  4. 1) Asia plus is a Thai broker, there is information about their offshore account on their website. I believe other Thai brokers also offer similar accounts. 2)if you use their offshore brokerage account assets are held outside Thailand via a Global Custodian. It was JP Morgan when i last used them. Normally a Global Custodian will hold your assets in the country where they are registered/listed ie in Australia for OZ shares UK for UK shares etc 3) Saxo Singapore offer a pretty good service as far as i am aware, they would be lower cost than Asia Plus. I have heard positive comments
  5. it is not the case that you need to have your assets in the country where you live, nearly always, as an expat its better to hold your assets in a third country, ie not in your country of origin and not in the country where you currently live. For most people (US excepted) there can be considerable advantages in structuring your assets this way. I certainly wouldn't bring all your assets into Thailand other than via an offshore account. eg a number of Thai brokers operate offshore investment accounts for expats and wealthy Thais. Asia Plus operate such an account , i have used them m
  6. 1) easy to transfer assets internationally between brokers (in most cases). i have certainly done it from UK to Singapore. Just open the account instruct the new broker to do it and they will handle everything. 2)i would agree Singapore is an excellent home for financial assets. If you are not resident in Singapore there is no need to file a tax return or pay an accountant there. 3)the Singapore bank or broker you use will handle your dividend receipts, no need to convert to Sing dollars. You could have a linked multi currency account and hold cash in OZ dollars if you wish. 4)
  7. A friend of mine is on his second yellow book , having moved condos recently, the address was changed but the id number remained the same.
  8. yes, it was the same for me. i had a yellow book for many years but only got the pink card a couple of years ago. As i remember the whole process took just a few minutes. Just check first what documents you need to bring.
  9. the id number on the card is also your unique Thai Tax Identification (TIN number). at least mine is. Exactly as is the case for Thai citizens with their ID cards. I only noticed this myself fairly recently. Once you have this 13 digit number it does not change. I have had a Thai tax number for many years and certainly from before i got my current condo and yellow book; I recently noticed that the number in my yellow book and on my card are the same as my originally issued tax id. I dont remember having had to show any tax documentation when i did my yellow book (but it was several ye
  10. there are quite a few of these kind of surveys doing the rounds. I got that one (TE) plus the Bumrungrad one plus another from a Thai corporate with which my company has a JV (joint venture). My wife also got the Bumrungrad one, plus another , via an NGO she is associated with. not certain if it means any of us expats will be getting any early dibs on a vaccine but, i would agree, fill them all in and lets see what happens.
  11. FWIW, i have generally used Dulux in Thailand and been pretty happy. TOA i believe is also good but i prefer the Dulux colour options. If you are not going to DIY the main issue is finding someone to prepare the surfaces and apply it properly for you (whichever brand you go for).
  12. exactly! ignore all the other guff replies. These are the people to use, i have done so myself a couple of times. If its still there they have a branch in Central World B floor (underneath Starbucks). Also a good place to get a watch serviced.
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