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  1. i have been to the stables (with my kids) where a number of the horses are kept. we were taken there by one of the guys who owns , or has bred (and subsequently sold on) , a number of the current batch of the beach stallions. all the working stallions (only male horses work on the beach) looked to be well cared for and in good condition. i believe that particular owner is a genuine horse lover and cares for his horses; however i learned from him, and have seen with my own eyes, that not all of the beach horses are so well looked after; eg i am concerned to have seen (maybe, post covid19), a
  2. Noooo! My kids have grown up in Thailand, and they love our trips to Hua Hin. The horses are a big part of what makes HH special for families. There is no serious mafia here , and I have been using some of these guys for years. My kids know many of the horses by name and can spot them from distance . The pricing is consistent ( albeit high) and the service is usually good, sometimes excellent. It’s not just the ride, my kids have learned a great deal , in terms of horsemanship, over the last several years. in recent years more attention has been paid to cleaning up the hor
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