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  1. Friend of mine always stays at the city lodge (think that’s the name) corner of soi 9. He rates it highly , nice clean rooms, good location and well managed. I think he pays around or under your budget.
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    https://inv4.asiaplus.co.th/asps/upload_editor/images/Global/Offshore Investment Eng (rv 23Aug18).pdf this is the link to Asia Plus with a description of this type of account. Paragraph 4.3 confirms what i said above about the Thai tax situation.
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    I think that SCB would not be considered a top Thai broker, though obviously its a large bank, worth talking to some others on this, i would say. Also if you did want to ever invest internationally then you need a broker with the network (or 3d party links) capable of doing this. Personally I have never heard SCB mentioned in any discussion , including with Thais, about brokers that they use for international investing. I am not Thai but I live, work and pay tax in Thailand. For a number of years (but not now) i had an account with Asia Plus for Thai and international investing. I am very careful about such things and i went into the tax situation in some detail both with them and my own Thai tax adviser. All i can say is that, for me then, the tax treatment for my international investments was as i described above. I also know a couple of Thai nationals who invest internationally. From them i learned that the tax treatment was the same for them as for me. However for Thai nationals there are some Bank of Thailand imposed restrictions, in using such an account, the main one being that cash realized from the fund (if not held for re-investment) must be brought back into Thailand and not transferred overseas. I dont really know anything about SCB stockbroking , but from my experience competence and knowledge varies greatly across the spectrum of Thai brokers. On your point about making an in specie transfer to an account outside Thailand (for a Thai ) my guess is that SCB are probably correct about this. I have heard, in the past , about issues Thai nationals have transferring assets out of Thailand.