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  1. I had a similar situation at Korat Immigration.

    My paperwork didn't come back from BKK until 4 days after my "extension of stay" had expired.

    Immigration said not to come for another extension until the paperwork came and they stressed I would not be on overstay.

    When the paperwork came and I went to get the extension stamped in my passport there were several others who had been waiting past their "under consideration" date.

  2. What you could do is get a Multiple Entry Non-O Visa in Savannakhet Laos (based on that your Married to a Thai National).

    No need to show funds to get this, but you need to do a Border Run every 90 days instead of going to your local immigration, this will give you an extra 15 months wink.png

    Near the end of your 90 day entry you can go to your local Immigration office and get a 60 day extension based on visiting family. So you only need to do a border run every 150 day. The cost of the extension is 1900 Baht.

  3. <script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script>

    You do not need Tabian Ban to get a Thai Passport. Does your child have a Thai ID card? You need a House registrationto get that. It does not take 5 days to get a passport; 24 hours to have it delivered. There is no reason you cannot leave on your UK passports. If you leave on the Thai passports, without UK passports then there would be a need for visas for the uk, which is obviously nonsense, if you have UK passports. Children cannot overstay, and I have never heard of a problem with 'expired Thai passports' . As far as I know there is no regulation that requires you to enter and leave on the same passport. Much of this does not add up!

    You are wrong on more than one point.

    A house book is required if applying for the passport here in Thailand. See: http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/services/1415/21479-Requirements-for-the-Ordinary-e-Passports-Applicat.html

    Without a house book registry the child would not be able to get an ID card.

    It is a requirement to leave on the same passport you entered on. There would be no entry/permit to stay stamp in a foreign passport if you tried to leave on a different passport.

    Since the child entered on a Thai passport they must leave on a valid Thai passport. Their UK passport does not have an entry stamp in it.

    Don't wish to quibble UbonJoe..but...You do NOT need a Tabian Baan to get a passport. All you need is an ID card. Sure you need a Tabian Baan to get an ID card . My children have offered up their UK passports at Swampy with a departure card and never been asked either why they do not have an entry stamp nor asked if they entered Thailand on a Thai or other passport. TBefore there used to be a stamp in their Thai passports 'Seen at BKK' last time came in a month ago does not even have that. The airline is only interested in whether they have the right to enter the UK or a visa/passport to enter Thailand.

    Anyway on a different tack..who in their right mind would bring a child to Thailand. or anywhere, with a passport that was due to expire? It is a normal part of life that to travel anywhere that the passport must have at least 6 months duration remaining

    And..this child has a Thai passport already, so it is just a renewal....

    As a matter of interest, how does a Thai child get an ID card under the age of 15?

    It is mandatory for all Thai children aged 7 to have an ID card. My son got his through his school.

    I believe my wife had to supply the school with our Tabien Bahn her ID card and a copy of my passport photo page and current extension of stay.

  4. I have a friend who needs to activate part 2 of his Double Entry Tourist Visa at Chong Chom later this week.


    His current passport has his visa exempt entry from Swampy, 2 out/in from Chong Chom and his Tourist Visa from Vientienne which he used to enter at Nong Khai a couple of months back.


    Has anyone, in a similar sitution, experienced any problems at Chong Chom recently?


    Usufruct has been mentioned as a possibility by some posters, however I believe to remember said in some of the usufruct treads at TV-forum that an usufruct agreement cannot be done between a marriage couple, need to be made before. Perhaps only some Land Offices are not accepting it, but do check the post in the usufruct treads – or perhaps some other forum members can verify or correct me.
    I think you shall check the usufruct posts before consulting a lawyer, as it has also been mentioned that some lawyers knows only little about usufruct. The paperwork should be fairly simple and costs next-to-nothing to register at the Land Office.
    Another thing about usufruct in my opinion is – but that is looked at through a very dark mind as “worst case”, however we do hear some horror stories – that one shall always be worth more alive in Thailand than dead.
    The suggestion about having a child with Thai nationality to be owner is certainly a possibility, a minor can own both land, property and stocks, and nothing can be sold or disposed against the child’s advantage, which also means that a usufruct may not be possible; as mentioned in the post above that may give some rights until the child is 21 years old, however a question about who is guardian for child…



    I have been told by a Thai and a Farang lawyer that any contract between husband and wife can be cancelled by a court.


    I have a Usufruct on our house and my name is on the Chanote. I also have Usufructs on a couple of plots of land again my name is on the Chanotes.


    My wife finds it very hard to say no to one of her brothers and her elder sister so I insisted on Usufructs to stop these Wastrels pressuring her into putting the Chanotes up as security for their benefit.

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  6. You can get a Usufruct which gives you "ownership" of the house for your lifetime. Your name will be on the Chanote.


    It means that you have the lawful right to use the house and land.. Your wife still owns it and can still sell the house but only with you in it.


    It is a pretty simple process and can be done at the local Amphur offices.


    Search the forum there have been mahy threads about this in the past

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  7. They will not deny the extension. They may have you come back with additional documents.

    Once the the application is accepted the final approval is done a the regional headquarters during the under consideration period.

    The only report I can recall of one being denied was because all the money was taken out of the bank before the approval was done.

    But you could go out for a non-o if it was denied or apply for a 60 day extension.

    Thanks again Joe, do you know if Chiang Sean does non 0?

    You can only get a Non Imm 'O' from a Thai Embassy or Consulate.

    At the border they can activate an existing Visa or issue a Visa on Arrival which is good for 15 or 30 days depending where you are from.

  8. For the past 2 years I have been crossing the border into Cambodia returning to Thailand immediately getting a 30 day VOA.

    I have then visited my local Immigration office and extended my stay by 60 days based on being the father of a Thai child.

    With the current restrictions is it possible to carry on doing this?

    I am 64 year old British citizen married to a Thai with a 9 year old son who has dual nationality.

    I have already read up on 1 year multi entry Non Imm 'O' from Laos in case I need to go down that route and have 2 questions....

    1) Do I have to take my son with me when I make my application?

    2) From what I have read it seems it is easier at Suvanakhet but I would prefer going to Vientienne. Is it really that much harder to get in Vientienne?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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