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  1. Thanks guys for your input. Vocal Neil I will try and check out some of the racing shops for the proper extensions. Even though racing is so very far away from what I am trying to achieve. Papa Al I have already changed the seat quite a bit more bench like and with a bit more wheel behind me I could sit somewhat in the pillion area. I am really just trying to unkink my old legs. and keep from wheelies.55 Kwasaki I was hoping to find extensions like they make for many bike that just slide into the end of the swing arm andbolt into place or are welded into place then the only other thing is a longer brake line. again I am not trying to get a racer out of it just accomodate my rather over large frame 190 cm tall and 120 kgs fat. Just to prevent premature wheelying 555. And $ is a big factor or the lack of it I should say.. I am very happy with the performance of my 150 it does all I need I am just trying to make more comfortable on my 69 year old body, so thanks again guys for you contributions. If and when I do this I will post a photo or two.
  2. Hi guys I require you advise. I have a 2014 Cbr 150 r which my now deceased wife gave me. I have no desire to buy a new bike and quite frankly can't really afford to. I have already raised the seat to more of a bench type and put Phantom handlebar risers on and a motocross style set of bars. All this to give me a better riding position. Which it has done but I am finding I would really like to be sitting further back. The problem besides comfort is making the front end a bit unsafely light. So that bring me to my question if I was able to find or have made some extensions for the swing arm lets say 4 inches and a new brake line am would I doing something I shouldn't . I only see online extension for biker bikes than mine but I think there must be some available. I would really just like to be able to ride in a more sit up and beg position and unkink my legs a bit. What do you all think thanks in advance this forum has always come through for me before and for a very non mechanical person has been invaluable..
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