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  1. I do not trust the US government one iota. They have been engaged in industrial spying for decades. Now, they get way behind the curve with regard to the development of 5G and all of a sudden we have a demon in the form of the company on the leading edge. Again, a fake narrative from a justice department that cannot be trusted on any level. Would sure be great if Canada stood up to them. Not saying the Chinese dictatorship is clean in all this. But, trust the Americans? What have they done to earn our trust lately?
  2. It would appear nearly all the new cases are being brought in from overseas or across the border and immediately being quarantined. How are they determining this? Are they being tested? A simple temperature check? Or?
  3. Nearly the entire nation has sold out to the Chinese. PP is barely recognizable anymore. Hun Sen could not resist the additional billions in personal fortune. He sold out his people to Pol Pot. Then he has been selling out during his entire reign of thievery and serial killing. Now he does it once again. As always, the people factor last.
  4. When people ask, (and they have their usual suspicions) I tell them I am a student of archeology. That the area I am most passionate about is Sukhothai and Ayutthayan portico designs on temples. There are hundreds of well preserved temples to study! Particularly interested in temples from the late 13th century to the late 16th century. They give me this look. Really? Wow. I had no idea. How unique. I never knew. Fascinating. Tell me more!
  5. What percentage of ex-pats who have families here have permanent resident status? And what restrictions will they face, upon their return?
  6. What can one even say? If a relationship is not working out, what real men do is discuss things, and try to deal with the issues. And if it cannot be fixed, or if it is beyond repair, or you are not making each other a better version of each other, you move on. He is fairly young, and had a whole life in front of him. Not anymore. He has done the unthinkable. He has basically self revoked the right to consume oxygen. In my book, if it is proven that he did commit this act, he should be put away for decades. I am sure he will make alot of good friends in prison. I hear they really take a liking to guys who abuse their wives. It is likely in his new prison home, he will be able to find fights that are far more fair.
  7. I think they are wide open. A friend of mine on Samui recently traveled there, and had no issues. Inter provincial travel appears to have loosened up alot. However, here is his post from yesterday. Does not sound like a pleasant place to visit, at the moment. I was thinking of taking a drive down in a week or two, but does not sound like much fun. Ran into Daw at post office today. (motorcycle rental lady) Found out some stuff... She's building a small smoothie shop outside a 7/11. Couple pieces of plywood, a sign, she pays 5000 bht to owner per month. She said many thai owners of business on Samui aren't coming back until foreigners come back to Samui. She said only 3 countries in future, China, S. Korea, and Russia. And a few northern Europeans. But not enough foreigners to open now and looks like islands businesses, a high % needs a full house of busy customers. Earliest she heard, December/ January, if co19 stays low in all countries. Word is from Govt., do not count on regular tourists in full, plan to work elsewhere, stay where u are, no guarantees for customers. Daws cycle shop sits open, (she has about 20 bikes for rent, zero rented as of now) as her son now sits in office playing on phone all day, no customers at all. I drove around Samui today, saw 12 Koreans walking through Hinta Hinyai area, and out again. Place is all delapadated, from non maintenance. Busted up, broken down look, until a new owner comes back and renovates a spot for his business. A few restaurants open, no activity, no customers. Almost like a hurricane passed here last month, and a very few people are wandering around curious to look at what's left. I think unlike mainland, where tourism is minor. In Samui the heart of energy was torn apart, being tourism is everything. Definitely locals only here to support the few stores of food, the basics. Still a bit busy on traffic, but like a dead low season with no energy in town. Any action right now seems to be on Tinder.
  8. Honestly, someone stole my SUV, on many occasions, and drove it way too fast! Stealing my SUV was bad enough, but then they drove over 150kph. That is alot of wear and tear on my vehicle! Not right! I do not like this at all. I am not responsible. As a matter of fact, I have never been responsible for anything wrong, I have ever done. Just ask my mom and dad. They will tell you what a good boy I am!
  9. Most functional governments need an opposition to serve as a watchdog. Though the army hates it, they serve a useful function, and it is a sheer pleasure to watch them call out an army who feels they are above the laws of the land. Go Sompong go! You are doing the people of the nation a great service, each and every time you call out Prayuth. If anything, he needs far more opposition. Eventually he and his hapless army will fall. It cannot happen too soon.
  10. There is absolutely nothing washed up about Brad Pitt. Nor is he boring, either in real life, in interviews, or in his films. He is self deprecating, does not appear to take himself too seriously, and has a great sense of humor. Many who work with him talk about how delightful he is to work with. He is coming off an oscar for his great supporting role in "Once upon a time in Hollywood", his star is as hot as ever, and he commands $20 million per film, plus points. If that is washed up, I will take it. Your lack of objectivity, and bias against successful movie stars is blinding you from seeing reality, for what it is. In addition he is a very talented actor, with alot of range. Plus he has a net worth of well in excess of $300,000,000. Personally, I really enjoy his work. From Fury, to Inglorious Basterds, to Legends of the Fall, Kalifornia, Babel, Ocean's 13 and 11, Benjamin Button, Snatch, Fight club, A River runs through it, Seven, Fight club, The Big Short, Twelve Monkeys and Moneyball, he has an incredible body of work, and deserves all the fame and accolades he gets, despite your claims, otherwise.
  11. Oh, the utter irony in this. Twitter was likely largely responsible for getting this incompetent man elected. And now, they put a warning on a tweet that is totally fake news, for the first time ever, and the unhinged man loses his small mind. Twitter should start doing this will ALL of his posts, since he rarely tweets anything that is "fact based". This man has the most peculiar relationship with truth, I have ever witnessed. Remember, "truth is not truth". Wonder how this is going to play out. He cannot afford to alienate Twitter. And Twitter likely needs him, with his 80 million "devotee followers". Yet, Twitter holds the upper hand, for sure. Trump is not much of a poker player. He is far too emotional, and far too fragile, with his ultra thin skin, and incredibly delicate ego. Will be fascinated to see how far either side is willing to push this. The fact checks are a very good idea, and people deserve that. In terms of "shutting down social media", he would have better luck installing a new Politburo in China, or replacing Kim! It is fascinating to watch a pathological man, who is spectacularly unstable, and does not have any filter, nor a diplomatic bone in his body, rant on and on. Why have his approval ratings continued to nosedive? Usually, when a leader is taking the right course of action during a crisis, the approval ratings tend to soar. In this case? To that end, it is important for any dominant leader to demonstrate empathy, humility and, most importantly, that his or her actions have been governed by the need of the hour—to help others rather than to promote his or her own cause. Our findings show that people are willing to pardon the negative actions of even a dominant leader if she or he comes across as caring and empathetic—demonstrated attributes of a prestige-based leader. Modi and Xi, despite harboring classic authoritarian leader traits, have done exactly that. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-trumps-popularity-surge-faded-so-quickly/ Approval ratings for the federal government have slipped as the pandemic has stretched on, from 40% approval one month ago to 31% now. State governments continue to get higher marks from the public, though support there is slipping as well. About half of Americans — 51% — say they approve of the job being done by their states, down from 63% in April. Trump’s troubles do not end here. Continuing a trend first evident in the 2018 midterm elections, he is losing ground among white working-class women, who supported him by a 27-point margin in 2016. Because opinion among college-educated voters has hardened against the president since he took office, he needs strong majority support among the entire white working class to prevail. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/fixgov/2020/05/08/new-polling-data-show-trump-faltering-in-key-swing-states-heres-why/
  12. Total common sense. I am Manny from Regina, Saskatchewan. And all my stuff is locked up in the safe. And no, you cannot have my phone number or my line info. I have rented you for a couple of hours, then it is bye, bye! No question that alot of men come here, in an emotionally vulnerable state of mind. I get it. The West is brutal for a man over 50, who is not really wealthy. But, buyer beware. The real question is, what will they do with her? Will she be prosecuted and jailed by a judicial system that is one of the world's weakest, and most lenient? If she has enough cash (who knows how many Johns she has conned), she can simply make a large donation, and make this all go away? She will then be free to ply her trade, unless she is caught again. I think the names of cons should always be published. Even if they are just alleged.
  13. I do not know anyone in all of Thailand that has been infected. I have a friend who is a surgical nurse in a major hospital, and she tells me they have done thousands of tests, and not one has come back positive. There is alot going on with Covid, that totally defies the narrative. This is definitely not the Zombie Apocalypse. Open the economy now. End the lockdown now.
  14. Never going to happen. A total pipe dream, on the part of the authorities. They cannot think clearly enough, nor do they have the perspective to know why the wealthy shun the place. One 8 hour session with a foreign travel expert, and they would have all the information they needed. But, since the rest of the world does not know anything, they would never do something really productive, like that. Plus you have guys like Pipat running tourism, so no talent, or progressive policies, whatsoever. There are a dozen good reasons why over the past 10-15 years, there are less and less wealthy tourists coming to Thailand. I have outlined them before, so no need to bore you with the details. Thailand has shot itself in the foot, when it comes to wealthy, or even affluent tourists. It is a low to lower middle income tourist market. They are stuck with China and India primarily. A small number of Americans and Europeans will come, but they represent the minority for sure.
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