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  1. Talk about a shot in the dark. Nothing more than a wild guess. This is based on absolutely nothing. It is impossible to make a prediction like this. There are so many variables. The longer they wait, the harder it will be to restore the industry. People have short memories. Thailand was already being forgotten by millions, before Covid, due to a dozen reasons. Now? Too many alternatives. This administration continues to see Thailand as the COTU (center of the universe). Say it ain't so! No humility seem to be getting learned as of now. The army needs to figure out a way to muster up some coura
  2. Yes, you are correct. I did not realize he is still alive. Happy to hear that. However, if he were to die, it would be murder, and my sentiments about the death penalty would apply. I consider myself to be a spiritual man. And a democrat! Most of my centrist friends do not relate to my support of the death penalty. I consider it very beneficial to society, when employed on the most heinous of offenders. I do not see a conflict with my beliefs. There are some lines you just do not cross, in this life. And if you do, there is a price to be paid for your behavior.
  3. And the quality of life in the US, and especially California, has declined dramatically. Everyone I know who can afford it, has left that state. And Sonoma is gorgeous (some of my favorites wines), but it is not what it used to be, with the constant fires, ridiculous taxes, oppressive law enforcement, and extremely parched landscape.
  4. I do not understand. Are you asking us to forgive a murdering cop? Before he has even been judged by a court? After injuring, then slaughtering an innocent man, who was only trying to support his family? Why on earth would we do that? I absolutely love the death penalty, when applied to murder, or other equally horrendous crimes, and there is no shadow of a doubt that the person charged, was guilty, and there are eye witnesses to the crime, or solid evidence. My only complaint about the death penalty, is that it usually takes too long to carry out. I say do it within 30 days, with no chance of
  5. I firmly believe that in this life, there are certain acts which define the rest of your life, and essentially represent a self-revocation of the right to consume oxygen. It appears that this creep crossed that line, by shooting an innocent, hard working bystander, out of petty rage, and an extremely undeveloped emotional nature. The officer had gotten into an altercation just before dawn yesterday and shot a young vendor who was walking by. Surveillance camera footage show the 25 year old suddenly falling to the ground after being shot. The officer walks up and shoots the vendor
  6. His base has been dwindling since the election. Alot of conservative friends and family I have been speaking with, agree Biden won, and the fraud thing is a bit much, and a sure sign of a sore loser. I think the DC fiasco backfired for sure, and he lost alot of his "middle of the road, sensible, hard working, decent people" base. In addition to nearly the entire GOP establishment, which he had wrapped around his finger. It was an enormous miscalculation, and an act of sheer desperation by an unhinged madman. Now, with the permanent ban on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, he is almost a zero.
  7. And most of us would think that might be enough. But, based on the amount of griping he has been doing lately, that does not seem to be the case. He seems very upset, with the decline of the movie theatre. Many of us might agree with some of that sentiment, but I say get over yourself. Move on. You had a great career, and the universe is in a constant state of flux, so why should your industry be expected to never change, or evolve?
  8. Not sure how serious you are being. But there are other factors to be taken into account. The process of getting older is not exactly one filled with dignity! I believe unless we are making a real effort to become a better man, on a daily basis, in whatever form that might take, we tend to slide backwards, and become a grumpier, less pleasant, and less positive version of ourselves. I have witnessed that with countless souls. That slide is inevitable. But, it can be prevented with good living, the right diet, plenty of cardio type exercise, a deliberate attempt to maintain a positive attitude,
  9. Some sentiments I have expressed in the past. This is an entirely subjective topic, of course, but some of us live very good lives here. Some of us have been fortunate enough to find an outstanding woman, who is delightful to be around, on a daily basis, always has our back, and is fun, smart, and lovely. In my case, that still applies after being with her for well over a decade. For me, that likelihood of finding that back in the US, would be very low. So, that is a big factor for me. The second factor is just the quality of life. Sure, I miss alot of the culture back home. The theatre, indep
  10. Coming to America was a classic, and both Hall and Murphy were hysterical in it. I cannot remember the number of times I saw it. Look forward to the sequel. I will watch pretty much anything the great Eddie Murphy stars in. Granted, he did some real turkeys. But as big a star as he was back in the day, that is inventible. There are not many comics out there these days that are at his level of genius. And it is sure nice to see him making a comeback. Dolemite is my name was great.
  11. Just doing its job, huh? And then 5 years later, when they had promised to turn over the reins of power, they were just doing their jobs, when they changed the constitution, loaded up the senate with their cronies, and decided to hold "an election", and maintain power? Delusion can be a very powerful force.
  12. Ever noticed how the only ones who get sentenced here are "former officials", and never those in power. Are we really to believe that the current batch of guys are that free of corruption? Always remember one thing. Prayuth has had a mandate from the beginning to protect the elite, the super wealthy, those that are connected, the police, immigration, customs, the army brass, and all those who are in power. Just think Dark Tao. Just think Red Bull. The list goes on, and on, and on. Only the most naive amongst us believe he or ACT secretary-general Mana Nimitmongkol are sincere about
  13. My speculation as to "why" they have left is surely not based on science, or empirical evidence. Though, with the toxicity of this administration, none is required. But, the fact that thousands have left, is right out there in the open. I know many, and many have been posting online, about their departures. Polls have been taken right here in Thaivisa. Thailand’s farang forum, Thaivisa, has conducted two unofficial polls that indicate that many expats will be calling it quits and leaving the Kingdom. The polls are a response from the affected ThaiVisa audience, not indicative of th
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