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  1. Pattaya is a big city. And what percentage of the overall Pattaya population is foreign, or supported by tourism? I would guess 10% or 15%? Possibly 20%? Still a sizable numner. So, a new Home Pro or car dealership opening to support the locals, does not say much about the tourism economy.
  2. Few areas will revert back to normal. Tourism, especially. The target group for Thailand tourism was hit hard by this insane international economic shutdown. It was the first time in history it ever happened. Few tourists here for nearly two years, by the time they open up again. Many will be afraid of crowded airports and airplanes. Everything will be different. Without sounding like a prophet of doom, everything will be different. Many industries will recover. But tourism here has taken a huge hit. And it will take alot to bring it back, to re-boot the infrastructure, and get it
  3. It would be a very easy thing to do if they wanted to. I have always felt that the US govt. considers us to be a form of traitors, for having the audacity to leave the "beloved nation". It is #1 after all. LOL.
  4. This would sure be a great service, if they were to offer it. From a practical point of view, there are many clinics they could likely contract with, who could do the actual work. And most of us would be happy to pay for a real vaccine, like Pfizer or Moderna, instead of being offered the Sinojunk, which I would not take if it were the last vaccine on earth. But, will it happen? It is a long shot, at best. And waiting for Prayuth or Anutin to show us some leadership and competency is a frustrating exercise.
  5. Truth can be a terrible thing. Especially when you are a very guilty party, with alot to hide, and are on the receiving end of "truth". Hide behind cowardly defamation laws all you want. We know who you are, and what you do.
  6. One thing that seems to be getting lost or overlooked in this discussion, is that tourism has been dropping for many years now. They claim the numbers were up, but that does not mean much. They might have been, they might not have been. The lower to middle income Chinese, Malaysian and Indian numbers were up. But, those are not the big spenders, as Thailand was not able to attract the rich strata of tourism they desperately clamor for, and there are a dozen valid reasons for this. The quality of tourists was way down, and lowering the standards only works if you are selling one do
  7. Rather, I am voicing the fulfillment of the dreams of an entire nation, who have distant hopes of competency, and just leadership.
  8. Smart woman. We feel the same way. I would not accept the Sinojunk if they paid us 75,000 baht each to use it. It is as close to the bottom of the barrel as you can get. Only guys like Prayuth and Anutin would even consider the possibility that a 50% efficacy rate is good enough for their plebs.
  9. There is no challenge. Yeah, right. For you. It appears you are hardly even looking for any vaccines. Kind of a cushy job? Lots of power and authority? If only you could shock the nation by wielding that power to actually get something down.
  10. It sure appears to have been "dumb luck", during the first wave. There is a high price to be paid when you let an army run the nation. One of the few things they are really good at, is picking cronies from the bottom of the barrel. Not good for anyone except the cronies.
  11. Why is it a national agenda item now? Only after an emergency and after you have been exposed as being in totally in over your head? Why wasn't it high on the agenda 6 months ago? Did you just assume none would ever be required here? Please, for the sake of the nation, at least make an attempt to do a good job.
  12. The people are simply asking for something that remotely resembles justice. Does anyone think Prayuth even remembers his promises to clean up Thailand? Has it gotten cleaner? Or more corrupt? The people are judging you P. and their verdict is NOT favorable. You have made quite an impression. On the criminals. The Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) is one of the most feeble and ineffective of all the tools Prayuth has used to deceive the people into believing that he is fighting corruption. Who was the last high level authority, in the police, immigration,
  13. Yes, that extra 200 baht will be a major boon for the malls, retail and the economy in general. The biggest issue for most people is going to be trying to decide where to spend it all. The kindness, generosity, and largess simply overwhelms the heart.
  14. Are there road blocks? Would someone driving from up north to Samui be subjected to anything silly?
  15. This sad and failing administration always seems to choose lower quality, under qualified, outclassed and incompetent, over the opposite. A very sad tendency for us poor folks living here. Thailand deserves better. And they will get better. A good percentage of the Thai youth are a creative and impressive lot. Despite all the disadvantages they face, they will prevail. It is the only way forward. Out with the retrograde dinosaurs who are moving this nation backwards in time.
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