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  1. A very rich topic indeed. Mine are mostly financial. I was going to invest in bitcoin, when they were way, way under $1 each. The tech side of things back then seemed too daunting. Decided no. A friend of mine started buying condos in Vancouver around 20 years ago when a high floor unit in Yaletown was selling for 200,000 Canadian. The US dollar was at $1.56 at the time so do the math. 10% down, 10% halfway through construction, 10% upon completion and easy to qualify for a bank loan for the balance. They went up to over $1,000,000 within 10 years and are now renting out for well
  2. Again, not an answer. What is the reason for it, and why are people being killed over it? Seems overly sensitive, and a bit extreme to many of us. There is no place in the Koran that says you can't depict the Prophet. According to Gruber, the only mentions in the Koran that come remotely close to this kind of prohibition are a series of verses that castigate idols and idol-worshipping. Gruber says the issue goes back to what the Koran says about worshipping idols. "If we talk about the Prophet, we have to use language and this language becomes allegorical," she says. "
  3. Total nonsense. Probably closer to 11,000 in 2021. If any of these millions of tourists wanted to venture to an island destination, they are all devastated by this shutdown. Was recently in Samui. 85% of the hotels were closed. Most restaurants, alot of bars, shops and other businesses were closed many permanently. Granted, there are some great hotel bargains right now. But, that environment is fairly depressing, seeing so much hardship. So, the lame authorities here need to wrap their minds around that. Tourists would be coming to a hugely diminished destination. Free quara
  4. And how many have been arrested, and jailed? Zero? First of all, the RTP at it's inception seems to have been created with a status quo from the government. We will NOT pay you a living wage, but you have a franchise, and the limit of your income is based solely on your own creativity and initiative, and you will always be protected. Is that not the case? So, even if this administration was sincere, which of course they are not, where would you begin to change that culture? You know where? You would double all salaries. And invest in modern equipment, forensic labs and an effective high
  5. The was an utterly brilliant piece of writing, and a real education, for uneducated Americans, who buy into the nonsense, drink alot of kool-aid, and do not do their research.
  6. Why don't leaders like this clown speak out when atrocities are committed against innocent civilians in the name of Islam? I am an open minded person, and consider most Muslims to be moderate, and peaceful. But, when the nut jobs commit heinous acts, we need more Muslims in a position of leadership to speak out and condemn this nonsensical thirst for blood. It just might help with the horrendous "PR problem" Islam has around the world at this time. Muslims need to understand if they are not more vocal, alot of uneducated people will lump them all together, with the 1% (maybe) who are extremist
  7. What can one say? Desperation is setting in. Heads are going to roll. Just returned from Samui. Utter devastation. 90% of the businesses on the beach road were closed, and hundreds of hotels are closed and for sale, at half price. Trillions of baht are going to be lost here. Annually. Tourism will NEVER recover. Not in our lifetimes. Too much timidity. Too much cowardice. Too little juice and creativity. Such small minds. If they cannot figure out a way to implement this simple program, then totally free quarantine for incoming tourists. All expenses, including meals, picked up by the ar
  8. Sounds like your government is not completely sold out to Big Pharma, the FDA, and the industry. In America, mine sold out long ago. Same with prescription drugs. Some of the highest prices in the world. My diabetic friend pays over $300 a month for his insulin. Zero integrity, when it comes to the treatment of the public. The quality of life is declining in America in a dramatic way, and it has been for a very long time now. This is just one element. Only those who live there, will argue with that premise. There is an element of being within the bubble, that creates a rather blinkered mentali
  9. That much is clear. However, the are private entities that see the writing on the wall. A declining economy here, for a long time to come, and decreased purchasing power, due to lack of imagination, fear, paranoia, very, very small men in charge, and dinosaur leadership. Things need to change, and they need to change fast.
  10. The bikini contest was a much better idea. Come on guys. Get creative. Is it possible for you guys to get creative?
  11. Considering the fact that there is no Covid here, this is a naked attempt to hang onto additional power, indefinitely. Most likely in a desire to maintain a greater degree of control over the rapidly building protest movement, which is being supported by very level headed people, tired of the lack of competence, the cronyism, the corruption, the dire failure of economic policies, the inability to come up with an effective program to revive tourism, and the continual movement backwards. Prayuth, get out. Get out now. You are despised by your people, like never before.
  12. More inane nonsense. No program that included ANY quarantine, will succeed in attracting more than a thousand or so tourists a month. That is what we adults call a "non solution". Prayuth and his fabulously incompetent and fearful administration are the problem. There are at least a dozen good reasons why he should be removed from office. Now, in this time of desperation, with your nation needing you more than ever before, where on earth are you? What have your proposed? Where are the solutions? How are you going to rescue the economy, and the millions who are out of work? Where i
  13. Phuket is not the problem. Prayuth is the problem. There are at least a dozen good reasons why you should be removed from office. And what about your promise to fight corruption? I doubt if you remember back this far, but when you and your clowns launched a coup, it was ostensibly to restore law and order, which you accomplished with draconian measures, and to get rid of the rot, and corruption in immigration, the police, customs, the government, and at the highest levels, which you never even made the slightest attempt to do. You substituted 10 foot alligators, with 14 foot croco
  14. Pareena is a dinosaur who cannot see the climate changing, and is attempting to cling to the past, burying her hard head in the sand, and pretending all is great here. Hopefully, the youth will figure out a way to get rid of these tone deaf relics, and move the nation forward. Her master Prayuth has to go. Get out now! You are despised by your people, more than ever before.
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