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  1. RE - She appeared to be drunk but told police that she wasn't and that she would take care of everything. * Yes - her stating "I will take care of everything" most likely meaning the owner of the Merzedes and/or the person that gave it to her will take care of everything ...
  2. As they said - 14 years as a pensioner meaning roughly (11mthb/14yrs) 785.000thb/yearly which is equal to a monthly pension of 65k/thb per month which again is the required minimum level of income in LOS today to qualify for a non-im-o visa based on pure income ... With other words, the wording "savings" used in the article is just misleading - not unlike many other things from that edge ...
  3. RE - If the cops, whose duty it is to uphold the law could get out there and actually stop every speeding driver and red light runner they might start to get somewhere. * Not that easy especially during a time when the there are no tourists to stop since the locals seems to be more or less excempted from the trafic law ...
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