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  1. Update: I reached somebody at the consulate and have an appointment next week! Thanks all for the help!!!
  2. Agreed. But even then, the courtesy of a response would be nice seeing how I contacted them (politely) multiple times. The uncertainty of not knowing what's going to happen is really awful ... especially for my young son.
  3. I did. I already submitted all of the documents (six weeks) ago, and then followed up. I have not even heard back once.
  4. Hi everybody, I had to leave Thailand in May and have not been able to go back to my family. I'm stuck in Germany and have not been able to get any response from the embassy and different consulates. The one time I talked to somebody, they told me I can't just show up at the embassy and I need to email instead, which I did and never heard back. I qualify for the program to reunite families, and I submitted all of the required documents (weeks ago) but have not heard back. Has anybody overcome a similar situation? Is it possible to go to an embassy at another EU country and try to get the exception/visa from there? I know others are in the same situation, but this is really tough on my family, especially my young son, so any tips would be appreciated. thanks!
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