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  1. Thanks for the answers but I've given up since I've unsuccessfully tried to apply in three different banks. I called Bangkok Bank, and they told me they need more time for approval, over one month has passed since my application, and around 3 weeks for the phone call. I've just tried to apply with Siam Commercial Bank and the staff told me it's not available to foreigners.
  2. I've noticed banks have fixed deposit accounts like "Sinmathaya Subthawi" (สินมัธยะทรัพย์ทวี) in Bangkok Bank or KTB Zero Tax in Krungthai Bank, where you pay monthly deposit, and get 2.5 to 2.75% tax free annual interest. I've already tried to open those, but failed, and the staff was unable to explain why, as it just failed after they inputted all my info in their computer. Does that mean this type of deposit is not available to foreigners? I'm working here with a work permit for reference.
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