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  1. In that case, why doesn't the government implement Article 44 towards a justifiable cause instead of using it only when they disagree with something. Such a weak excuse about being constrained.
  2. Once you get the Non-O, the previous stamps don't matter. It's just making it to that point. I think if it was me I would go for the new one anyway, why not get it done within one day rather than having to go through the grief of renewing from Thailand at a later date? (Unless you plan to go back to UK periodically).
  3. Sort of AM = Idiot, PM = gibbering Idiot? That used to be me on the beer. That was the best annual character assessments I ever got in the RN................................. Consistently.................
  4. Apart from wishing a speedy recovery for the 5 year old, there shouldn't be much more to say. Assuming the above statement is correct, that rabies is rampant, and it is not a spectacular statement by ThaiVisa news, why is the situation as it is with any stray dogs visible? To me it is as if the Thai authorities are deliberately waiting for someone to die from these sort of attacks before any significant action is taken. Sickening. And without trying to criticize any parents, IMO the reason why so many children are open to attack is: 1. Because of their size, presenting an opportunity. 2. The kids naturally showing fear. This is a dangerous state to be in with any dogs, but so much more so with a semi-feral pack of dogs. Parents should not let their children wander off alone. And I must reiterate, I'm not blaming any parent, just suggesting that they stay with their kids when they see dog packs about.
  5. If W10 is already installed and activated, the machine will retain the activation. As long as it is the same version of the operating system being installed. Type "winver" (without the ") into search to see what version is installed and go to Control Panel\System to see if it is activated. If you need to do a fresh install from DVD/USB, the best way to download the correct version is to use the W10 Media Creation Tool and download to your machine before formatting. You can install straight from here or create a bootable USB drive to install later. If installing straight away, select the option to 'keep nothing'. Link for the creation tool is: https://www.microsoft.com/th-th/software-download/windows10 Using this method you definitely won't need a product key.
  6. Or go old school and format and do a complete re-install with DVD/USB thumb. Regardless of whatever method you choose, to be sure of a safe system, get rid of everything software related that came with a used computer
  7. You were the one saying leave them alone and let them get on with it. If it was just them, I would agree with you, but you have to take into account the innocent that might get caught up in their antics; this is what I was commenting on.
  8. That's all very well until one of them takes out a moped with a mother and child on it. The one pulling the wheelie didn't look in control at all as he was posing going through the intersection. Its not just that they're idiots to themselves, it is the innocents that get caught up in their egoism that I would worry about.
  9. You got the post in just before me.
  10. OP, if you do decide to go for Office 365, the following link will give you all the information you need from Microsoft: https://products.office.com/en/compare-all-microsoft-office-products-b?tab=1&OCID=AID737190_SEM_lHzfbvr2&MarinID=slHzfbvr2|331130866782|%2Boffice %2B365|b|c||60417876605|kwd-21134816425&lnkd=Google_O365SMB_NI&gclid=CjwKCAiA767jBRBqEiwAGdAOrzkzqFqstrsCO1x3rrjPgjyQWK0pyt1gr-U5OlrWRSIWKh9eDI02hxoCDTwQAvD_BwE It outlines the different packages, for both home & business, and what they contain. I admin for around 60 Premium accounts, and the Outlook virtual servers from MS are a God send for the email aspects. I have seen recently links for licences for Office packages that do seem too good to be true. In the name of research, I have bought a couple of these and they do work. Here is something to look at from a local online store: https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?spm=a2o4m.home.popular.8.1125719cEiu1m2&q=Office 365&abtest=&item_id=8504205&pos=8&abbucket=&clickTrackInfo=staticRankScore^0.00545154185022026___userHisAction^0.4325145767687135___pvid^a0646d5b-6053-4e64-a9fb-0f21ee87bb78___trendId^c0d0371d490a66b8406b8d078c55a438___CatePerfer^0.12912997757775965___nids^8504205&up_id=8504205&from=hp_mostpopular&acm=icms-zebra-5000381-2586221.1003.1.2262790&scm=1007.17092.103386.0&version=v2 Scroll through the products to see the vast difference in pricing. I'm pretty sure that these are legal-ish (someone has found a loophole in the system) otherwise I wouldn't have posted the link.
  11. It does depend what package you opt for as to how many installs (if any) you can have. See the next post................
  12. Where do you start with statements like this? Forgetting for a moment that the referenced days are Buddhist holidays, if the alcohol ban was imposed on any random day would there be the same almost 50% reduction on deaths? Are motorists in Thailand, by law, restricted as to how much they can drink? If so, who is responsible for controlling this? If the rules are not being applied to control these laws, who is hypothetically responsible for substance abuse related fatalities on the roads? This issue is not only related to alcohol per se, the issue is about control of standing laws. If the control aspect is not addressed then nothing will change. If this issue is ignored and the figures of road fatalities are only related to alcohol/substance abuse then they should ban alcohol in the whole country. Have fun with that concept. Either that or have a government willing to accept 50% of road deaths on their hands because of your statistics, that alcohol is responsible alone.
  13. As long as they have continually been on extensions based on retirement from that time, pre 1998.
  14. If the body was beheaded by an engine prop, there would be a lot of secondary wounds visible on the remains. Prop blades will cut every rotation; it would be impossible for the blades to cleanly sever a head without leaving other cuts.
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