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  1. This thread is for those of you that want (need) to get ahead of the trickle release of the latest W10. From the 28th May, Windows have now made available the media creation tool for the 2004 version (scheduled May release) for W10. Link for this is: https://www.microsoft.com/th-th/software-download/windows10 This is an informative thread for those who are nor aware of the above. The tool allows you to download the ISO, produce a bootable USB or directly upgrade your current version of W10. Also allows for retention of applications and data or the option of a 'clean' install. Click on the above link and then this button: I have upgraded 3 computers this morning with no problems. The reason I'm doing this is to make sure there are no major problems for our network and for every major upgrade of W10, I install onto my machines and give them a test run before the rest upgrade. Snaps below (same on the 3 machines):
  2. It's either going to be somewhere on the East coast of Wales, or just stay here in Phits. Leaning towards the later if truth be known.......................
  3. As OMF said in the above post, see how much RAM you are using now with multiple tabs and programs open, if that is less than 75% usage of available RAM (my rule of thumb) then this is not the issue. Of course, more 'reasonably priced' RAM doesn't hurt. Another point raised is what are your drives, HDD or SSD? If you open task manager while you have multiple tabs and programs open, what does your disk usage look like? If running a mechanical drive, using cloud sync programs, I could almost see you up near the 100% mark, slowing/bottle-necking everything up. Changing to SSD will make a huge difference here. And be a lot cheaper than 6,000 baht! What generation is your i5? I have an older laptop with a gen 4 i7 processor which would be left for dead with a 10th gen i3; shouldn't ignore the processor gen........ And yes, a graphic card will also help. Also helpful to check your startup items in task manager and disable those you don't need.
  4. Was the guy just a naturally angry person? Possibly. Was he angered by over reaction by the official? Again possibly. If, hypothetically, I was in the official's shoes, I would have not been inside the radius of the thrown contents of the coffee mug let alone the swing radius of the cup itself. Dare I say it, I would have used common sense. But just to clarify, regardless of what happened prior to the incident, the attacker was in the wrong and deservedly needed to be punished for it. Peace................... Edit: @Baerboxer, apols, I don't know what I did, but your name is in the second quote box (that was my original quote). Don't know how to change that.
  5. In his defense, it is really difficult drinking a cup of coffee while wearing a mask, regardless to what he had done before. Jobworths should, IMO, use a certain amount of common sense when confronting people like this.
  6. Not that I don't understand the caution, but: Why is the NSC dictating to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration? Should the government not be listening to the very people they are preaching to, the experts in the field, and not making suggestions?
  7. Great, ban menthol cigarettes for the reasons given, stopping young people becoming smokers (because it is a lot easier to become addicted because it is menthol??). It will not be a minute before the kids will be dabbing those up-the-nose vapour sticks on normal cigarettes, effectively turning them into menthol tasting cigarettes. Lets see what the damage will be then. And it will happen because an authoritative body has told them (rebellious teenagers) not to do something against their will.
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