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  1. Even this is not so simple anymore as the latest versions have hidden the option for off-line accounts. There are easy work-arounds but the fact they are hiding the option, basically forcing the unaware to use Microsoft accounts is, IMO, wrong.
  2. If this is their definition of a biometric system, all they have done is add the passport scanner to said system. And to prove the OP title is false news (this should be a very relevant point with the spotlight there is currently on the subject) and is pure BS, I would challenge them to turn their sensors (fingerprint/palm print/voice recognition (?)/iris scan) off and, if the figures given were anywhere near believable, they would achieve 99% of the results they are giving anyway without the technology. Pure hype and justification for the billions spent already. The above said, biometrics is an excellent tool/tools and will undoubtedly aid the authorities. Just stop throwing out fantasy figures and embarrassing yourselves.
  3. Agree with what you say above but would also like to say that the reliability of incremental backups has (IMO) improved dramatically over the last few years. I suppose depending on what 3rd party software you are using. I normally do a full backup followed by 14 days of incremental and a full backup, so a new full backup every 15 days. And like yourself System Restore on my machines is switched off, completely reliant on my backup plan. One other thing I would like to say is that System Restore should never be used as a backup tool, because it isn't one. It is more an amped up registry backup at best.
  4. Apparently that's what you're meant to do. If it was me and didn't have to stay at a hotel but stay with a mate in KK, nobody would know. Unless your mate told KK immigration............ Nobody would be the wiser. IMO this is what terrorists and criminals would do as a natural action, making the whole reporting exercise farcical in the extreme. Baht generating is all.
  5. That's actually a very valid point; don't just listen to the person trying to sell the land but look for the 'tide' marks as well.............. Below where the rip is visible on the right of the photo there is a walking path, with lamp posts every 50 metres or so. (This was exceptional though, I think this was 2012 when the original photo was taken). When the river is this high, it blocks all the drainage outlets in the inner city area and they need to rig water pumps to help get rid of the excess.
  6. Hi Ledi, to try and answer some of your points (from someone actually living here) see below: Recommended areas around Phitsanulok to look for a decent piece of land with house at a reasonable price. The price of land has gone up pretty high here (as much of Thailand) so beware of that. Land is available but be warned that new mo bans are being built on what seems like a monthly basis so getting builders may be a problem. How is internet coverage (fast fiber?) Internet is excellent here (always has been is my experience) with all major ISPs having good packages. Which is the best would depend where you are located. How reliable are utility supplies such as water and electricity? Utilities are pretty stable as long as you are on the mains for your water. Electricity is also stable except for the begining of the rainy season but this is a trait throughout Thailand. Farangs in P-Lok: are there any communities, pubs, meeting places, activities? P-lok is the educational hub for the province; 3 x univercities, countless schools & colleges so there are foreign teachers everywhere. That said, numbers are dropping as more philippino teachers seem to be taking there place. A lot of retired expats here and we still have a fair number of O&G expats based here (but a lot less than before) Is local immigration office user-friendly? Experiences? (I will be on a retirement visa by the time we move.) Yes, Phitsanulok immigration is very friendly, definitely one of the better ones in Thailand in my experience. I may be a bit bias here as I know most of them through work. We have cats and a dog: recommended vets around there? You will have no problems finding vets here, they even have an animal hospital. Advice would be to wait until you get here and visit some of them. I can't recommend any as people have different requirements of services offered. Hospitals/medical services: public hospitals/private? English speaking? reasonable rates? Hospitals everywhere, I suppose Bankok Phitsanulok being the biggest private one. All the private ones definitely have English speakers. Legal and accounting services in Phitsanulok - to assist wife / or visa support services Can't advise on that but certainly will have legal/accounting services (Thai) available. Not sure about visa support. Intl Air travel: Albeit there are a few flight out of PHS they all go to DMK. Flying out to Europe and Australia might be a bit more complicated as from BKK. Any experiences to share? P-lok airport currently only fly to (and from) Don Muang, so you will need transfer and take it from there. Big bike: any biker group(s) around there? Yes, there is a biker group here in Phits. Good people all of them. Safety in general? Criminality? I have found no problems over the last 20 years living and working here and the only crimes I have heard about (Thai - Farang) have almost all been the Farang's fault in that they were the ones that kicked it off. So I would say very safe. That said, don't ignore the fact that crime happens everywhere, P-lok definitely isn't crime free. Other comments? Phits also has it's 2 x Tesco Lotus, 2 x Macro, Big-C, Central Plaza Thai Watsadu and all the other DIY brand chain stores represented, so almost everything available. All the above said, you will need a hobby here at the very least as it is very different from the commercial areas of Thailand. To be honest, if I wasn't working (in the earlier years) I'm not sure I would have lasted. We now own our own house, have been here so long that I can't see us moving again.
  7. That's correct. The years he was given during sentencing mean nothing but figures in the records. The total time in jail is capped to 50 years so, at the age of 31 it is possible that he will still be able to be released in his lifetime.
  8. Joe, while on the subject of this O-A issue, and not trying to hi-jack the thread weegee....... Logically (yeah, I know) after the 31st October this should only fall on consulates and embassies that actually issue the O-A visas, ie, without acceptable insurance the O-A visa wouldn't be issued in the first place. Otherwise you would need IOs to be proficient with all types of insurance policies before allowing entry of an O-A holder into Thailand. If I am correct in my assumptions, this to me, again thinking logically, raises a couple of issues as to the application for the O-A: 1. If using a Thai company for insurance as seems to be the insistence, and that Thai company does not have foreign branches then all applications for insurance would be online or by 'snail-mail'. (just putting this in as it will increase the application period in the future, something anyone applying should be aware of) 2. Would the insurance policy not need to be covering a two year period, the potential coverage period of the O-A visa, to make any sort of sense? If after the typical one year cover of the O-A, would insurance not be needed (as is being discussed here already) for the potential one year, re-entry covered, permission to stay? And yes, I understand that the visa gets you to the country and it is the permission to stay that allows you to remain in country. Although this doesn't currently affect me personally, the O-A route could be plan X, Y or Z further down the road for me.
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