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  1. I should have added the coffee time with that as well as the reboots.....................
  2. Yep, a few people already have it. 20H2 was released (I think) in about October last year, but the quality update section on most computers for it were inactive. Microsoft have now lifted the blocks to this.
  3. This is a "just for info" post. Microsoft this week have lifted all the blocks for the 20H2 upgrade for W10. This means that the upgrade is available to everybody with a machine that has compatible hardware and more importantly, wants to do the upgrade. I believe this rollout started a couple of days ago. Note that it isn't a necessary requirement at the minute to do this, and is probably better if you delay for a while until any bugs that weren't sorted through the insider release(s), are. As said, the post is just FYI. You will find it in Settings\Update & Securit
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