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  1. Logistics may be an issue but it's well within the ability of the Thai state/private sector to manage.People sometimes sometimes overlook the excellence of Thailand's distribution/supply chains not to mention the comprehensive health network.
  2. Thank you for this although there have already been several general assurances to this effect.The devil as always is in the detail.
  3. This is correct and I agree most of your post.You don't deal explicitly however with one important area, namely the responsibility of an Embassy to look after the interests of its resident citizens.This is in fact one of its primary functions. No reasonable person expects an Embassy to take responsibility for matters which should be managed by individuals.For a range of reasons, some of which you have mentioned, it is certainly not appropriate for the Embassy in a well developed country like Thailand to act as a vaccination centre.It is however very much the duty of the Embassy to
  4. Even if private hospitals are essentially regulated by government in terms of what they charge for the vaccine, they may well seek to monetize the opportunity in other ways, for example by requiring advance medical check ups for new patients.
  5. It's interesting that Bumrungrad asks for Thai social security number or tax number.Most expats have neither.Still perhaps no need to read too much into this.
  6. No, not quite like that because not only is the current ambassador ending his term here imminently, this kind of solo intervention is unlikely to be effective.I'd obviously like to be wrong on that.What is needed is a concerted diplomatic demarche involving key countries (UK, European states,USA,Japan,India, South Africa, Brazil, Australia , New Zealand etc) with significant expatriate populations in Thailand.Thai ambassadors should be called by the Foreign Ministers in their host countries. I'm not saying this has come to now.The next few weeks will make the situation clearer and
  7. Perhaps they realize that "If you don't like it, go home" is the Thai Visa forum's version of Godwin's Law.In other words by invoking that stale platitude you show an inability to make a series of logical points and by default lose the argument.
  8. I would have thought the more pertinent question is - why, if the British government thinks that the Thailand vaccine rollout is acceptable for resident British citizens, does it feel it necessary the local arrangements are not acceptable for them, ie by vaccinating its staff with imported products. To be honest I don't really have a problem with this.But it would be better if this hypocrisy was admitted openly.And in view of the 'can't really be bothered attitude" which many have noted, it's hard not to be unimpressed.
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