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  1. Fatuous comparison.You either know zilch about Roger Stone or zilch about Dominic Cummings - or perhaps nothing about either
  2. Better prepared also given history of other epidemics like SARS. Mask wearing culture too. Having said that and agreeing with all the good you points you make, there remains a question why some countries have done so much better than others.
  3. Educated people are everywhere in Thailand though on a per capita basis there is a huge bias towards the urban middle class.I am not sure why you believe education is missing in Thailand since there is one of the largest budgets spent on this sector in Asean per capita.The problem is that much of it is misdirected. In any event much depends what you mean by education.All the research shows that even among Thais with low formal levels of education there is a very high level of understanding how political parties and politicians will impact on their families and communities - negatively or positively, and vote accordingly. I don't understand your vague references to Google or Harvard.Explain yourself or even better try thinking harder about the issues.In the meantime point out any comments I have made that could be labelled conspiracy theory.
  4. An understandable view but, given some thought, essentially a complete misreading.A democracy does not depend on educated people.It depends on people who have the ability to select representatives who will serve their constituents' interests.In Thailand, one of the most unequal societies on earth, there is a tendency on the part of the urban middle class to regard "populism" as the opposite of true democracy.These privileged people believe that the majority is too easily manipulated by politicians who peddle myths and lies.Indeed in some circles "politician" is a dirty word and is accompanied by a belief the nation would be better run by bureaucrats and "good" people.They never recognise that they too are driven by a different set of myths and lies which conveniently channel a disproportionate share of the nation's resources to urban centres (ie themselves) Obviously true democracy requires much more than representative politics that serves all the people.It requires checks and balances and the rule of law - none of which incidentally now exists.It also requires a government that is not dominated by a small number of massive corporations, as is the case now. Im my view when someone in Thailand starts rabbiting on about "populism" and the need for an "educated" electorate, it may superficially sound convincing but in truth that person, consciously or not, is simply serving the interests of an outdated, selfish and arrogant set of masters.
  5. Agreed but this does not apply to the gentleman who is the subject of this thread who has made sure he has the financial resources, insurance cover and support network to allow him to spend his days in a country like Thailand. The concern is a minor practical one relating to Immigration Department administration which, as has been shown, can easily be sorted out. There are however many other elderly expatriates who, whether through their own fecklessness or some other reason, are not in the same position.So your advice is very relevant to late middle aged expatriates of limited financial resources who have the chance to forestall disaster now.In most cases that means going home.Most however will not.
  6. This phenomenon is not limited to teaching the English language.Constructive criticism is about as welcome as a hedgehog in a condom factory.That's why many farang managers dread the day each year they have to conduct staff appraisal reviews with their Thai colleagues.Most cop out (moi aussi) and write anodyne blather even when dealing with a numbskull.
  7. The problem in TG on this issue goes far beyond dead heading.It's not just a matter of paying passengers being ousted from Business Class.It's much more a matter of Business Class and First Class seats not being available in the first place for paying passengers - not just because they had been snaffled by TG staff but equally other government freeloaders travelling on "business". This is a known problem within TG - and many (including myself) will have observed it over many years.
  8. When you say management team, I assume you mean Board of Directors.It is a crucial distinction. At present I don't believe there is the slightest intention of privatisation.There has been some talk of divesting part of government's shareholding to a state owned fund - but that is hardly a privatisation.Still these are unusual times and who knows what will emerge from the bankruptcy proceedings.The Thai establishment will do everything possible to keep the airline under government control, but that may not be possible. Privatisation or not, the enormous challenge will be finding the right business model.It didn't work before the current pandemic, and that problem is now obviously compounded.There may not even be a solution. Incidentally I disagree that TG is the same as all airlines on the free flights issue.I believe there is a particular culture of entitlement and arrogance on TG.It is one thing for flight crew to be resting up in Business Class or First Class, and quite another for a giggling and prancing cabin crew to be taking up seats which could have been sold to paying customers.When BA was a decent airline - 20 years ago - even the Chairman (Lord KIng) when travelling to New York would voluntarily retire to Economy Class if a paying customer was available for Business or First.Can you imagine that happening on Thai Airways?
  9. All Americans have accents.In fact all speakers of English have accents.There are no "correct" accents although there have ben in the past preferred or elite accents which tended to be the accents of the upper classes.Thus in the US the Boston Brahmin and New England accents were in this category. For those with an interest check on Youtube how FDR and his wife Eleanor spoke. In the UK the equivalent was Received English or Oxford English.This wasn't really spoken only by the posh rich but by most of the educated upper middle class.There were Scottish and Irish versions of Received English which were equally acceptable.In the UK this posh language (the old style BBC Home Service announcers for example) has almost completely gone and even Prince William and Prince Harry speak with a pronounced Estuary (mock Cockney) accent.Actually even Received English was of comparatively recent origin and came into being in the nineteenth century when the sons of the upper middle/upper classes from all over the country were sent to boarding schools like Eton and Harrow.Before that, great regional aristocrats and landowners. spoke with Yorkshire,Lancashire,Welsh accents etc. I digress.Here in Thailand the standard of English teaching by Thai nationals in Thai schools is generally abysmal.There are many reasons for this but I would draw attention to just one - why would a decent speaker of English choose the teaching profession when - given the generally poor standard of English in Thailand - there are so many other better paid opportunities? Ideally the vast majority of English speakers should be native speakers but accents do matter.There can be a wide variety but extreme and semi undecipherable accents should be excluded.I'm personally aware of Indian and Filipino teachers of English who struggle to be understood.I'm also aware of Filipino teachers who speak excellently.
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