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  1. I'm not sure the many heart patients from South Asia travelling to Bumrungrad for heart operations would agree with you.
  2. That is not my understanding.If the subject is raised with them Embassy staff correctly point out that the matter is nothing to do with them.I am sure they feel nothing but sympathy. The hard political truth, reinforced by events over the last 10 months, is that there will never unfortunately be any inflation based uplift. The realtiy is - and this is my view - any retired person who is mainly reliant on his UK state pension probably should not be in Thailand at all.
  3. Excellent report.One question if you don't mind.Many of us have work or private insurance covering the COVID risk already.Can one just show the policy or is a letter required from the insurance company needed confirming the specific Thai requirement on cover?
  4. All true but let me ask you a question. Do you think this phenomenon whereby previously poor uneducated and - crucially - deferential people get ideas above their station is welcome or repellent to the Bangkok establishment who decide on policy?
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