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  1. Thanks Sheryl .One question please.When is the flu season in Thailand generally considered to have ended?
  2. If one spends significant time in both Thailand and Europe should one have both vaccinations? Sent from my SM-G975F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Yes it's true that parties sympathetic to the Junta did well at the last election - better than expected.Conversely the PTP didn't do as well as expected.It was a reminder that Thailand is bitterly divided, a matter the Junta did absolutely nothing to ameliorate in the years after it seized power.. What you don't mention is that the parties opposed to the Junta were crippled in various ways and were certainly not permitted to campaign propely. The 250 Senate was completely filled by the Junta's place men and military henchmen.There was also some completely inappropriate interference which is not possible to discuss openly.Internationally the election was seen as fix. So maybe you should be a little reflective before accusing others of "twisting facts".
  4. What is the point of a coup when the old elites have everything they want ?
  5. It's not a question of opinion because the matters under discussion do not really admit a different explanation.If you , against all the odds, have facts to counter the unarguable - e.g that all MPs will sacrifice their principles for power -, no doubt you will provide them. Once again we have someone labouring under the delusion that one man's opinion is as good as another's.It isn't - especially when one isn't up to scratch with the subject under discussion.
  6. Why? That coalition would represent the majority of the electorate.
  7. I'm sorry but that is simply not true.There are many MPs who would rather be on the opposition benches rather than work with a Johnson or Corbyn government. You are also wrong in thinking the Lib Dems would be as uncomfortable working with a Labour Government as a Tory Government.
  8. I don't think so.I agree it's difficult predict without knowing the numbers after the (presumably) forthcoming election.But I can see no circumstances regardless of numbers in the H of C under which the Lib Dems would join with the Tories.Remember the Tories have now largely rooted out their One Nation Remainer numbers, so would be even more unacceptable to the Lib Dems. In the likely event of another hung parliament I can certainly see the Lib Dems, the SNP and Labour (post Corbyn) working together and possibly forming a coalition government.
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