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  1. Does it though? I would have thought the overwhelming evidence that obesity and overcrowding are among the key factors adds to better understanding.But those who are simply interested in weaponising the COVID pandemic for political ends certainly will be a little deflated.
  2. Sent an email yesterday to VFS seeking an appointment (gave 3 dates/times for last week of March). When should I expect a reply?
  3. Thatcher didn't go down well in Scotland.Before then the Tories were a powerful element in Scotland for over a hundred years so educate yourself on the history. With respect you are really missing the point.In living memory the Tories were the leading party in Scotland in numbers of voters.You miss out the 2017 GE in which the Tories in Scotland out polled Labour and achieved only about 200,000 votes less than the SNP'S 980,000 votes.A proportional representation system would make the Tories a force to reckon with - not that I support PR. I'm not suggesting the Tories are a threat
  4. Actually I'm not referring to social conservatives but to Scottish Tories, not the same thing at all.Even in the recent General Election when the SNP triumphed as never before, the Scottish Tories managed at least half the SNP's vote total.With proportional representation - not that I'm arguing for it - they would be a very sizeable force.With Labour in Scotland a dead horse, I'm pretty sure the SNP leadership isn't complacent about the Tory threat, all the more formidable if independence is achieved and the SNP (shades of the Brexit Party) has served its essential purpose.
  5. I'm not sure the Tories are so despised in Scotland in the way you suggest.I think Johnson is but that's a different matter.There's a long and honourable history of Scottish conservatism, fiercely proud and independent epitomised by the great John Buchan who said every Scot should be a nationalist.The SNP leadership is now left leaning and they have the wind behind them, even with present shenanigans and they will do well in May.But I wouldn't rule Scottish Tories out, even after independence - if it happens.They are Scots before they are Unionists.
  6. Comparisons need to be made but not the ones you make in your attempt to deflect.The most worrying one is that England it would be unthinkable for the Crown Prosecution Service to interfere with a House of Commons Inquiry in the disgraceful way that has occurred in the Scottish equivalents.Even admirers of Sturgeon, of which I am one, need to recognise something stinks in this business.
  7. I think that's an unreasonable suggestion.This is Thailand with its first class medical infrastructure not Burkina Faso.But it raises some interesting questions - 1.How many British expatriates would likely be take up the offer should it be available? My guess is not that many at all since by July/August the vaccine will be readily available at private hospitals - and apparently expatriates will also qualify to participate in the Thai government roll out. 2.Are any embassies of major countries offering to vaccinate their citizens resident in Bangkok? As far as I know -
  8. Noted but the requirement seems unjust and unhelpful if the necessary cover is held albeit from a foreign company.
  9. Out of interest, is it the case that insurance is restricted to the approved Thai insurance companies? If not,I would have thought that since Marjf has full cover from BUPA, all that would be needed is a confirmation -with certified translation if nececessary - from the company that there is appropriate cover. I'm probably missing something..
  10. Looking for solar powered garden lights for smallish Bangkok garden.Homepro have a reasonable selection but is there a specialist shop or online seller? Looking for quality not cheapest available.
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