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  1. I haven't used Grab transport in Bangkok for some time.I today looked at the app on my phone and noted some changes, particularly on payment.There's a cashless option with GrabPay Wallet powered by KBank - but this is only open to Thai citizens.There's no obvious option to pay by credit card.Unless I;m mistaken there's only the option for foreigners to pay by cash.Have I missed something?
  2. I agree.As good as have been reasonably expected.Unlike many such series a great deal of effort has been given to getting the period feel.
  3. Oh well, that settles it then.Never mind that the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence takes a different view. It's true that a tiny risk of blood clotting (much less than being struck by lightning) means that under 35s might want to consider a different vaccine.But overall despite the hysteria in Europe, the AZ vaccine has been shown to be highly effective.
  4. You clearly don't read the British broadsheets.They are full of columns from resident foreigners who criticise every aspect of British history and tradition. Apart from Daily Mail reading crazies, nobody would dream of deporting them. I remember Abhisit once saying he went on demonstrations against Mrs Thatcher when he was a student - obviously no consequences for him.Streckfuss has not been on any demonstrations, has insulted nobody and has obeyed the law.
  5. It's not a binary choice.In Streckfuss's case, he is a widely respected academic whose presence in Thailand brings credibility not an itinerant English teacher.Whether he is a "fine upstanding gentleman" is completely irrelevant
  6. It's an irrelevant and somewhat mindless comment but since you ask, yes I have.
  7. I appreciate that comments of this sort are driven by ignorance, poor education and historical amnesia rather than malice.Therefore I will briefly respond.Firstly my loyalties are to Thailand and its people, not to its government.Secondly David Streckfuss is a world renowned Thai scholar who does not deserve this cowardly (KK University) and dictatorial treatment from the Thai government.Academic freedom is a mark of a civilised country.Thirdly it is not naive for a foreigner to identify him or herself with the well being of the country he/she resides in.Fourthly the vast majority of the Thai
  8. It's this kind of ignorant mindlessness that makes me ashamed to be an expatriate.Where does one even begin?
  9. Just as an afterthought given the developing COVID situation in Thailand, is there a web page which gives telephone numbers, opening hours etc for VFS Trendy Building? I can't find one.
  10. Many thanks.I'm grateful to you and Safarimike11.I'll collect it next week.
  11. I'm in the same position, also rather impressed by the speed between application and delivery.Could you very kindly let me know which days and between what times the new passport can be collected.Is an appointment needed? I've looked on line and there's some conflicting information.My present understanding is Mondays or Wednesdays, between 1 pm and 3 pm no appointment needed.Is that right?
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