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  1. Have you got a spray gun yet? If so check the CFM needed to run it before selecting a compressor.
  2. It will take 5 days to organize vaccinations for 2 people?
  3. You buy the parts from the shop and they build it for free.
  4. Totally ridiculous for anyone not an expert IMHO. Use the specs from the opening post. You will get an idea of the component prices.
  5. Click the link and build your own PC. It show the prices. https://www.advice.co.th/pc/
  6. FYI - Kodi 19 runs Python 3, so many of the current add-ons wont work in the new update!
  7. Are you sure. I have some colleagues trapped overseas who claim they cannot return.
  8. Saudi borders are closed until May 17. https://www.arabnews.com/node/1800521/saudi-arabia
  9. Do you want wheels, rims, or tyres? 100/80/14 for tyres.
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