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  1. I think they forgot " vehicles driving the wrong way." This just about describes the whole of Thailand, not only Pattaya.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. There are a few trees on the property. The oldest is 20-30 years old and has never been cared for. There are also quite a few banana plants growing in the drip line. Should i remove them as i know they are heavy feeders and i think they are competing for nutrients.
  3. It is a short term fix. They only mask the symptoms. When you stop taking them, the problem returns.
  4. I was prescribed Omeprazol for stomach issues (reflux). However, After reading the latest research, i stopped them and changed to HCL tablets and apple cider vinegar. It turns out that proton pump inhibitors are prescribed to limit acid production when actually the problem is too little acid causing the discomfort. Anyway, i seem to remember that i was paying much less than 150bt for 14. Ask for generic omeprazole.
  5. You could retrofit the bike if you are worried about Gasohol. New valve seats and compatible rubber gas pipe would be a start.
  6. My daughter came home with a letter about a 4 day school trip to Malaysia. The itemized breakdown showed that the return flight to Penang with Air Asia was 9600bt. It looked expensive, so i checked. The Air Asia website shows a return price of about 4200bt. The school is claiming that group bookings cost more. I say BS!
  7. So the teacher took the focus away from teaching English and turned the classroom into a one man show with all of the attention on him. I am sure this was fun for a few minutes. Can't wait to see what he does tomorrow.
  8. I have found that adding the oxy powder to the washing machine drawer can leave the clothes with orange/brown stains. it is best to dissolve the oxy bleach powder in water before adding it to the washing. I usually do this as a pre soak in a bucket and them do a normal wash.
  9. Most of the trees finished their fruit last month. Now i need to feed them. What do you recommend?
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