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  1. There are many small air con shops. I have many things repaired, but it does depend on the severity of damage. What are the symptoms?
  2. I am looking for Bangkok, Krungthai, and Kasikorn bank. I could not find anything in Google.
  3. If anyone can give me a link for SSi documents, i would be very happy.
  4. Don't let them walk all over you. If these extra things were not discussed before you signed the contract, say no. Dictate the terms or they will keep on asking for more of your time for free.
  5. I think this Is regular O-A insurance not COVID insurance?
  6. I have had 2. They were bought from a local Honda showroom. You will need at least a 500w motor. I had some issues with the batteries and i could not find the correct deep cycle cell replacements.
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