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  1. Maybe they could use the same tests for international arrivals.
  2. Are you accepting cookies? Are you deleting history when closing the browser?
  3. Abortion was recently legalized. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/28/world/asia/thailand-abortion-rights.html
  4. Am i correct in saying that a greater that 5% positivity rate indicates that testing should be increased?
  5. The MFA has a postal legalization service. I have used it before. http://m.mfa.go.th/main/th/services/1303/24762-Procedure-of-Document-Authentication-by-Mail.html
  6. I saw a link to the requirements in a post yesterday. I think ubonjoe posted them. 06-edit_NON-O.pdf
  7. I was looking at the requirements for a non O conversion from a visa exempt stamp and saw 6.1.3. Is this enforced? After 10 plus years is a copy available at the registering District Office? 6.1 In case of marriage registered in Thailand, please show: 6.1.1 Marriage certificate (Form Kor Ror.2) 6.1.2 Marriage certificate (Form Kor Ror.3) 6.1.3 A copy of letter certifying marital status before registration of marriage (a copy of letter certifying that the applicant is single) (In absence of such letter, a copy thereof can be obtained from the District Office where the mar
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