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  1. According to him he's innocent and, if he is, releasing the documents would prove that. The fact that he is not releasing them is kinda like an admission of guilt.
  2. Does anybody know how to change the language to English on Shopee? I managed to register and can log in following the directions on the Philippine site which is in English, and even manage to get the product to my basket but that's as far as I can get. There's a detailed explanation on google for the "phone app" but the website doesn't come up with the same displays on my PC that are on the explanation. I asked their support team the question and got an email addressed to estellaphu, whoever that is, that did not address my question so I asked them again and they haven't answered.
  3. NFL 2019/20 Week # 8 Fri 25 Washington @ Minnesota (L) 0720-1030 TS HD/NFL Network Mon 28 Seattle @ Atlanta (L) 0000-0325 TS HD Mon 28 Cincinnati @ LA Rams (L) 0000-0325 NFL Network* Mon 28 Oakland @ Houston (L) 0325-0700 NFL Network Mon 28 Cleveland @ Ne England (L) 0325-0700 TS HD Mon 28 Green Bay @ Kansas City (L) 0720-1030 TS HD/NFL Network Tue 29 Miami @ Pittsburgh (L) 0715-1030 TS HD/NFL Network
  4. Now he is leaving 200 special forces troops in Syria to protect the oil fields when He wouldn't leave troops in Syria to protect our allies, the Kurds. Just the mere presence of the troops kept Turkey from attacking them. Turkey would never knowingly kill an American solder! And know Lidseu Graham has jumped back on his wagon stating that this was a good move and that money can be made from protecting the oil wells. Where did these maniacs come from?
  5. I doubt that Trump can resist the urge to blame the delay and lengthening of the impeachment inquiry on Elijah Cummings. His memorial service has forced the rescheduling of 5 of the 7 depositions scheduled for this week, rather than the many additional depositions scheduled due to previous witness testimony. Waiting for the tweet!
  6. There's nothing to vote on. She can't call for a vote until the Articles of Impeachment are drawn up by the committee and presented to the floor. The articles have not been drawn up yet and will not be drawn up until there is sufficient evidence that he has committed impeachable offences. There may never be a vote if the investigation determines that there is insufficient evidence. I think that he is a scumbag but that's most likely not an impeachable offence or there would be a long list!
  7. Been really quiet here lately, no posts for over three months, hope everybody is still Okay. I did my 1 year extension at Nakhon Sawan last Thursday using the new Bank statement method since the US Embassy Income Affidavit is no longer available. I did it three weeks early just in case there were problems. The 12 month bank statement is not generated at my branch, Takhli, it comes from Bangkok and requires that you go to the bank and fill out and sign an application. It takes 4-5 working days which I did. I picked up the statement Thursday morning on the way to immigration. The girl at the front desk reviewed my paperwork and told me that I also needed a letter from the bank showing the balance in the account even though the "official" bank statement showed the current balance, a whopping 645 baht. I envisioned having to drive back to Takhli but she told me that I could get it at the local Branch next to the big market at the end of Sawanvitee road. I went to the bank and getting the statement was no problem, another 100 baht in addition to the 200 baht for the bank statement. When I got back the Officer, a different one than the Sgt. Major that has always done them in the past, had already reviewed the paperwork so it was take my picture and get the documents signed by the chief. It took about1 hour even with my side trip to the bank. I also got a Residence certificate to renew my DL while I was there, cost 500 baht. The new girl has been there for a while and speaks fairly good English and was efficient and friendly. I stopped at Makro on the way home and was very disappointed; no lamb, no beef, no anchovies, no tortillas, no big blocks of cheese and the dishes and kitchen articles disappeared being replaced by take away paraphernalia. Guess I saved some money but was looking at restocking my pantry and freezer. All in all it was a shorter day than having to drive to Bangkok.
  8. I'd guy an adjustable regulator, the red ones, and you can adjust the pressure that you want. I think that they cost about 400 baht. We used one at my wife's restaurant as she had three of those big gas burners hooked to the same gas bottle and you can't stir fry properly without a Biiig flame.
  9. I am wayned and you said: " Anyway, there has to be a vote in the house first and Nancy seems rather reticent about having one. " That was what I was responding to and explained the whole procedure. I fail to see how you didn't understand that!
  10. Yeah I have true. The specs of the TV that I highlighted says that your can record to a usb or external drive but only the program that you are watching. There is no ability to preprogram recording something in the future when you are not there.
  11. Once it gets to the Senate it becomes fuzzy. There are no set rules for the trial, the Senate makes up the rules and it's unclear to me how that process works. One thing that could happen is that, before any evidence is heard, Massacre Mitch could hold a vote to dismiss the case which only takes a simple majority to do and it could all end right there since The GOP has the majority. I suspect that McConnell will try that and hope that no more than three of the GOP jump ship. Now you tell me exactly where I am wrong!
  12. You just don't get it! There doesn't have to be a vote in the House to conduct an Impeachment Inquiry. If the results of the investigation indicates that Trump committed "impeachable" acts which, by definition do not have to be criminal offences, then the House will draw up Articles of Impeachment. Then Pelosi has to hold a vote in the House to pass those articles on to the Senate and they only have to be approved by a simple majority, not 3/4 of the House. Then, and only then" does Pelosi have to gold a vote. The House investigation is like a " grand jury". If the Articles are approved by the House they are then passed on to the Senate which will conduct the trial. In order to be convicted and removed from office the jury, the entire Senate, 2/3 of the Senate must convict him. There is no other penalties involved other than removal from office, but Federal Prosecutors might be lined up at the door to serve criminal indictments once he passes through If you are going to continue to support him then "so be it", but get your facts straight.
  13. I haven't done anything to try to get him out of office but I still think that he is a scumbag, a crook, corrupt, a racist, a white nationalist, a psychopath and many other things. I also think that he will be impeached by the House, but not convicted by the Senate unless a good portion of the GOP Senators finally grow some gonads and put the constitution first. I do hope and think that "WE the People" will replace him at the ballot box.
  14. I have a very old 45" Samsung Plasma TV that's on it's last legs. Over the years it's been in the shop three-four times and every time it had to be sent off to an "authorized Repair Center" to be repaired costing about 3000 baht each time since technicians no longer repair circuit boards, they change them. Two of the times it was the power board most likely due to the sh*tty power PEA supplies, now it's the vertical plasma control board causing vertical lines in the picture. In addition the beast draws 385 watts, more than my 18 cubic foot refrigerator. I've been looking at a Samsung 55" 4K SMART Flat TV, UA55RU7100KXXT, flat because I want to hang it on the wall. I wonder if I really need all of those gadgets and will it cause reduced reliability. I can connect to the internet through the modem but what will I gain, I have the TV hooked to the computer GPU with an HDMI cable. I would like to be able to record but it seems that you can Nolton record shows that you are watching and not be able to program recordings when you are not there, what good is that? I want to record football games that are live when I am asleep or out. Any suggestions from users of smart TVs, ? Here I go again, a few months age I was asking suggestions about building a new computer and am still trying to sort out that mess that I started and now I am asking about a "smart" TV when I really don't use my "smart" phone for anything other than text messages and calls. At lest I'm not building the TV and won't end up with a box of parts that don't work.
  15. True no longer offers PVR and finding a recorder that has an eSATA input is not too difficult but they are expensive. I recently did extensive research as I was considering this also. You can buy a HDD docking station from ORICO Thailand that has an eSATA port, 1490 baht, and a 5400RPM HDD from JIB, 850 baht that will work. I communicated with ORICO about this. We also agree that a SSD should work also. True specifies 500GB but I suspect larger capacity HDDs will work as it should only define the amount of content. The ORICO docking station will accept up to 6TB. Having said that I contacted TRUE and they finally admitted that they have discontinued PVR but will continue to support PVR. They said that if I had a set top box go bad that they would replace it with one that had the ESATA ports, but wouldn't say for how long. They also admitted that they have terminated their software development and support team for PVR. So if you buy all of this equipment there is no guarantee that it will work in the future so I trashed the idea. There's a thread on here that goes into the details, I'll try to find it and post a link here.
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