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  1. I bought all of my casings from B.O.T. (not Bank Of Thailand). Just google B.O.T. sausage casings. They also have curring salts and smoke flavoring.
  2. As Joe said you got the correct form, I filled it out and got the message that they receive and now everybody that works for the IRS is at the newly opened beaches. Oh well! it and nothing more was required. I have received no direct deposit or check like a previous poster. Now everybody that works fur the IRS is at the previously open beaches. Oh well!
  3. When I filled in the form for non-filers which was supposedly not required if I am receiving monthly SSA payments I got the following message: "Congratulations, the IRS has accepted your return. The IRS will process this information and determine your eligibility for the Economic Impact Payment. No further action is necessary." Still nothing either by mail or bank deposit to either my old address & account inn n Thailand (on the 2019 SSA 1099 form) or the new address and bank account info both changed with SSA and updated on the Non-filers website."
  4. Nice charts but they don't give any encouraging information to any income tax non-filers for 2018 or 2019 who have not received the stimulus payment either by check or direct deposit. Does anyone know any non-filer that has received a payment in any country in any form? I'm currently in the US and I don't know anybody that has.
  5. I'm back in the US now. I'm a non-filer who has received my monthly SSA payments deposited into my BB account via New York since 2007. I now have then deposited in my bank account here, the first being last month. My 2019 SSA 1099 form has my Thai address. I have not received a direct deposit in my still active BBL account or a check via mail to my still active Thai Address. I have not received a direct deposit to my US bank account or a check via mail here. I registered my new bank account info on the IRS website and I get the "information not Available" message on the Get My Payment site. I've called many numbers posted here and as everybody else just got the run around. Whether or not you're in Thailand makes no difference. My roommate received hers on the 15th of April but she has lived here for a long time and filed 2018 and 2019 taxes. Maybe it will show up but I'm beginning to doubt it.
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