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  1. That's just a bunch of crap! That's not how it works. If you are so sure that Trump is squeaky clean then why don't you want the complete unredacted report published by the media?
  2. Not quite that big and a far lot older with no hair!
  3. Really! Siting fox news and McCarty are a real reliable source. I'm not saying that any charges will be filed but if Mueller puts in his recommendations that Trump should be indicted for A, B and C. Then Barr has to write a written response as to why he disagrees "the current inter DOJ policy is to not indict a sitting president" and ha has to submit that, a copy of the current DOJ internal memo and all of the supporting documentation from Mueller that backs Mueller's reason for the indictment recommendation. It's the law and we will just have to wait and see!
  4. However, if the attorney general disagrees with the special consuls recommendations he has to provide a written response as to why he disagrees and provide that and supporting evidence including the the special consul's reasons to support his recommendation and evidence that supports his reason for denial to Congress.
  5. Mueller has already transferred the Stone case to the US Attorney in DC and farmed out other investigations to other jurisdictions. As I said Friday will be interesting to see if he will unseal other indictments that are already registered in the DC court. I suspect he won't and has transferred responsibility to the US Attorney in DC.
  6. Friday could be interesting! Will Mueller unseal and release indictments that have already been registered with the DC court and also issue new ones before he releases the report or has he transferred the jurisdiction to other areas?
  7. Me too! I didn't know what to expect when I opened it and the flavor surely didn't in any way remind me of tempura!
  8. All that the freaking letter certifies is that they have received the documents, it in no way certifies that the documents are true. The US Embassy would never look at any documentation, you had to put the amount that you received on the form and come in in person and raise your hand under threat of purgery that the information was true. Which is better? Neither country certified that the actual amount that you were receiving and it would be doubtful that any other country's embassy does a check either as it would take a long time to verify private pensions and other sources even if it were legal in those countries.
  9. I'm the member that complained about the Miso. You live in Pattaya and maybe miso is readily available but where I live in Nakhon Sawan Province in the last house on a dirt road it isn't. The only grocery store, other than the Ma and Pa shops, is 7-11 and they don't have it. Although Tutsi said that it is available in Makro the last time that I was there, 100 kilometers away, I couldn't find it in the chilled section and when I asked they said "mai Nee". I like spicy food, although my stomach doesn't anymore, but I like spicy food that is cooked with a blend of spices that when finished has a savory spicy melding of the spices, like a long cooking Massaman Curry, unlike going to the noodle shop and dumping sugar, nam prick, vinegar, and a heaping spoonful of crushed chillis into an bland broth. That's what the Tom Yong and Miso remind me of. I will continue to buy the product because of the noodles. The last time that I was in Tesco they only had the Miso, Tom Yong and Tempura. The other flavors have disappeared. I don't know if it's because these are more popular or the other ones were bought out faster as the shelf was almost bare which is typical of them discontinuing a product,
  10. Positively, it all started with the BE and then the others followed suit kinda like the BE calling the head of Immigration as "the right honorable gentleman" and bending over and being butt (deleted).!
  11. Because the 4 Embassies didn't have the balls to stand up to Immigration and tell them that this is what you have accepted for years and if yo won't accept it any longer then you, Thai Immigration, release a statement to the citizens of these countries that you will no longer accept the Income Affidavits provided by them. It would have never happened!
  12. Even if they are computer literate in the US there are only a few banks that will allow you to open an account with a foreign address. I have two pensions, one from SSA that is deposited in BBL with no problems. The other one is a private pension and they refuse to deposit it if a foreign bank , even BBl and they have a US bank number. So the money goes to a relatives account and is sent here periodically but not on a regular basis due to the relatives medical problems. I receive a statement from both SSA and the private fund that says exactly what the benefits will be for the following year and have always out the total on the affidavit and have the backup statements but it is not all deposited in a Thai Bank each month. If the baht falls below 29/$ then I will have a problem.
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