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  1. Rosenstein has agreed to stay on until the Mueller report is released to take the heat! Or Is it also to take the heat when Mueller unseals already registered indictments against Don Jr., Kushner, Stone, Manafort and others for conspiracy to defraud the federal government which would be the charge for "collusion". The Fridays of the following weeks will be interesting and I can't see the report being released without further indictments at the same time.
  2. I never said that there was, I just think that the public should see the report and it should not be buried and that there could/might be more indictments coming. Future Fridays night be interesting!
  3. Here in lies the problem. Mueller is an employee of the DOJ and his boss is AG Barr unlike the independent consul during the Nixon investigation that reported to a three judge panel. Barr can take the report from Mueller and "bury" it without releasing anything to anybody as it is his prerogative under the rules for a special consul. However there is one exception that is in the regulations. That exception is if the AG disagrees with the recommendations in Mueller's report he has to write a letter outing why he disagrees with the recommendations and submit it, the backup information as to why he disagrees, the recommendations in the report and also the supporting information of how the special consul reached those recommendations to congress. It not defined who in congress but I would suspect that it would be at least to the"gang of 8" So if Mueller found something and although he has not indicted Trump he could recommend in the report that Trump be indicted for A,B, and C because of the facts contained in parts 3, 4 and 5 of the report and Barr would have to write a letter to congress siting the DOJ internal regulations that a sitting president can't be indicted and would have to submit that and the recommendations of the special consul and the reasons contained in parts 3, 4 and 5. Also it will be interesting if Mueller unseals more indictments at the same time that the report is released.
  4. I had to go to my office, Nakhon Sawan, last week to do a 90 day because I forgot to mail it in and it was the 7th day past due. The office was empty so I talked to the IO about the new regs. She basically confirmed what you said about the 800k except her read was that it had to be back up to 800k 3 months before the next extension. She was not sure if/how they would determine if the plan was adhered to during the extension and would have to check. I asked her about the 65k/month option and showed her my two pension statements but only one is deposited into a Thai bank, my SSA monthly payments. I showed her the bank book with this deposit which is just over 65k/month. She said that I could only used monthly FFT deposits into a Thai bank as proof and would need a letter from the bank stating the monthly FFT transfers that I had received for the past 12 months. I asked her if she had an example of the letter but she said that she didn't and tyhe bank should know what is required. That'll be a treat at a small branch in the boonies where nobody speaks English. I then asked her about the combo method and at first she didn't understand but then came around. She finally said that if the monthly deposit was not 65/k I would need the letter from the bank for the last 12 months stating the monthly amount and the total for 12 months and also a bank book that showed the difference between that and 800k had been in the bank for 3 months before and a letter from the bank. When I asked her how much had to remain in the account after the extension she said that she didn't know and would have to ask "Joke"! The next extension will be fun but is not due until November and maybe, just maybe, they will have things straightened out by them but I doubt it, TIT!
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