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  1. I haven't done anything to try to get him out of office but I still think that he is a scumbag, a crook, corrupt, a racist, a white nationalist, a psychopath and many other things. I also think that he will be impeached by the House, but not convicted by the Senate unless a good portion of the GOP Senators finally grow some gonads and put the constitution first. I do hope and think that "WE the People" will replace him at the ballot box.
  2. I have a very old 45" Samsung Plasma TV that's on it's last legs. Over the years it's been in the shop three-four times and every time it had to be sent off to an "authorized Repair Center" to be repaired costing about 3000 baht each time since technicians no longer repair circuit boards, they change them. Two of the times it was the power board most likely due to the sh*tty power PEA supplies, now it's the vertical plasma control board causing vertical lines in the picture. In addition the beast draws 385 watts, more than my 18 cubic foot refrigerator. I've been looking at a Samsung 55" 4K SMART Flat TV, UA55RU7100KXXT, flat because I want to hang it on the wall. I wonder if I really need all of those gadgets and will it cause reduced reliability. I can connect to the internet through the modem but what will I gain, I have the TV hooked to the computer GPU with an HDMI cable. I would like to be able to record but it seems that you can Nolton record shows that you are watching and not be able to program recordings when you are not there, what good is that? I want to record football games that are live when I am asleep or out. Any suggestions from users of smart TVs, ? Here I go again, a few months age I was asking suggestions about building a new computer and am still trying to sort out that mess that I started and now I am asking about a "smart" TV when I really don't use my "smart" phone for anything other than text messages and calls. At lest I'm not building the TV and won't end up with a box of parts that don't work.
  3. True no longer offers PVR and finding a recorder that has an eSATA input is not too difficult but they are expensive. I recently did extensive research as I was considering this also. You can buy a HDD docking station from ORICO Thailand that has an eSATA port, 1490 baht, and a 5400RPM HDD from JIB, 850 baht that will work. I communicated with ORICO about this. We also agree that a SSD should work also. True specifies 500GB but I suspect larger capacity HDDs will work as it should only define the amount of content. The ORICO docking station will accept up to 6TB. Having said that I contacted TRUE and they finally admitted that they have discontinued PVR but will continue to support PVR. They said that if I had a set top box go bad that they would replace it with one that had the ESATA ports, but wouldn't say for how long. They also admitted that they have terminated their software development and support team for PVR. So if you buy all of this equipment there is no guarantee that it will work in the future so I trashed the idea. There's a thread on here that goes into the details, I'll try to find it and post a link here.
  4. He will never resign! If he looses the election they will probably have to carry him out of the White House in a straight jacket with him screaming "DEEP STATE, FAKE NEWS"!
  5. Last year after I knew that I had to do this, I printed out a 6 month statement from BLK, all that is available on line , and took it to my local immigration office, Nakhon Sawan. and ask if two 5 month statements from the internet was okay and she told me NO! She said that I have to get an "official" 12 month bank statement from the bank. My branch requires that you fill out a request form and it takes 4-5 business days as it comes from Bangkok. The branch can only issue the bank balance letter on the same day. SO as I said earlier I got the statement and went to immigration and they told me that I also needed the bank letter sowing the current balance that day. This was their current policy and I got the bank statement at a local branch near immigration. The lady at the bank said that it happens "all of the time". This what Nakhon Sawan required 2 sdays ago.
  6. This was the statement showing the 12 monthly FTT transfers which I picked up yesterday morning at my Bangkok Bank Branch on the way, kinda, to Nakhon Sawan Immigration about 100 kilometers further on. I actually asked the bank if I needed a letter and they said no. I had to apply, in person, at the branch last week as it has to be generated in Bangkok and takes 4-5 business days. When I got to immigration she asked for the letter showing the balance in the account. I was able to get one from the BBL branch that was not too far from Immigration and the girl there said that it "happens al of the time". I was happy that they didn't make me go back to my branch to get it. Since to baht is strong and seems to be getting stronger I asked about the combination method for next year, she said that I could still use it. If the baht goes below 29 to the dollar I'll have to. I get a private pension also but they won't deposit it into a foreign bank even if they have a branch in the US. It just seemed ridiculous to have to get a letter that showed that there was 645 baht in the account. I transfer the money into another account that has ATM and internet access when it arrives.
  7. My cabinets don't rely on any wall plugs, they are all tied into the steel joists above the drop ceiling. They are really heavy, I know because I built them reworking under counter cabinet doors that I bought from Home Pro.
  8. The Turkish foreign minister just said that Turkey did no agree to a ceasefire, it;s only a 120 hour "cessation" to let the Kurds relocate their families and said absolutely nothing that agreed with Pence that once they leave their wiould be a permanent ceasefire. It's just Trump et all putting their spin on it!
  9. Let's see, 1. Trump called Erdogan and told him that he was removing the US forces from Northern Syria near the Turkish Border. 2. Erdogan invades Northern Turkey killing Kurdish forces and civilians. 3. Trump sends Pompeo and Pence to Turkey to negotiate a ceasefire, and they announce that they have successfully negotiated a 120 hour ceasefire to give time for the Kurds to evacuate the area. If they do it will be a permanent ceasefire. 5 Trump claims a victory that only he could have pulled off. 6. The Turkish Foreign Minister says that it is not a ceasefire it's only a 120 period where the Kurds and their families could vacate the over 4000 square mile area that the US administration effectively gave to Turkey. So, Trump created the problem and now he is claiming victory for "solving" it. Where is Assad, the Russians and Iranians? How can Trump give land belonging to Syria and protected by the Russians and Iranians to Turkey without their involvement in any "talks". In addition, the 4000+ square miles is home for the Kurds and does he expect them to desert their homes and move out in 5 days. It's just another of Trump's cooked up fiascos in an attempt to make him look good by "solving" it. If the Kurds don't up and run then it's their problem since he negotiated a solution.
  10. I scan my passport and the latest extension, copy them into word and reduced them to wallet size. I them laminate them back to back and carry it in my wallet. I never carry my passport unless I'm going some place that I know that I will need it, namely immigration to get the next years extension. Don't "launder" Thai 1000 baht notes as it washes off the id that they look for under black light. I once tried to pay mu phone bill at TOT with one and the clerk called the police when it flunked the test!
  11. I used to do my yearly retirement extensions using the Income Affidavit from the US Embassy. Since they no longer issue the letters this year I had to use the proof of 65k/month method. I do my extensions in Nakhon Sawan. The BBL branch that I use said that I had to fill out a request and that it would take 4-5 working days to get the bank statement. I did that and drove to NS and was told that in addition to the bank statement I needed a letter from the bank stating the balance of the account on that day, even though I had the bank book and a bank statement showing the balance, a whole 645 baht. I got the letter at a local branch and went back and the extension went quickly as she had processed all of the paperwork while I was at the bank. I ask her why she needed the letter showing 545 baht and explained to her that the account is an owner only account required by the US government for government pensions and that I transfer all/most of the money to another account that has ATM and internet services. All that she said was "it's the rules"! So, at lest at the Nakhon Sawan Immigration office, you need both the 12 month bank statement showing that at least 56k/month is deposited but a letter, issue on that day, that show the current balance in the account.
  12. I always use a drill 0.5mm smaller than the plug - 6.5mm for a #7 plug. It helps with hollow walls and if the plug doesn't drive in all of the way - solid walls - I cut it off flush with a chisel. I wlays drill much deeper than the length of the plug.
  13. Lazada will deliver but I would buy one from a local dealer, preferably one that also has a repair center or contact. I'd check on warranty and if they are an authorized warranty repair center for the brand that you buy. If the shop doesn;t have their own delivery they will be able to arrange it for you but it won't be free.
  14. If the House impeaches Trump, Mitch has to at least put it up for vote. If 51 Senators vote against it then he doesn't have to go any further. The question is whether any of the GOP will flip. That's what Trump is worried about, reportedly calling McConnell three times a day.
  15. She doesn't ever have to call for a vote on an impeachment inquiry, she only has to call for a vote to impeach the president if/when articles of impeachment are drawn up. They aren't there yet!
  16. Lindsey Graham is a big bag of wind that changes his tune every time Trump farts and blows his puckered lips away from his a**! "I thought that you wanted me to kiss the right cheek, now it's the left"
  17. I think that Pelosi realizes this and it is why she held off endorsing the impeachment inquiry until other members of the house "convinced" her too. What she is now hoping is that there will be enough evidence of Trump's abuse of power that, even if the Senate doesn't remove him, it will sway some of the folks in middle America to not vote for Trump. It's a big gamble, nut what's the other choice now that the inquiry is formally started.
  18. NFL 2019/20 Week # 7 Fri 18 Kansas City @ Denver (L) 0720-1030 TS HD/NFL Network Mon 21 Oakland @ Green Bay (L) 0000-0325 TS HD Mon 21 Houston @ Indianapolis (L) 0000-0325 NFL Network Mon 21 New Orleans @ Chicago (L) 0325-0700 NFL Network Mon 21 Baltimore @ Seattle (L) 0325-0700 NFL Network Mon 21 Philadelphia @ Dallas (L) 0720-1030 TS HD/NFL Network Tue 22 New England @ NY Jets (L) 0720-1030 TS HD/NFL Network
  19. Trump w2ants a full house vote to force the representatives in those purple districts that the Dems took from the GOP in 2018 to show their true colors. Once the vote is taken he will go about trying to destroy them with his hateful rhetoric and tactics.
  20. Yep, look who's taking the pictures and whose clearing the jungle and most likely giving instructions of how to clear it!!
  21. And aggressive when cornered. I've been bitten three times trying to save it and the surrounding china and things from the wrath of the bamboo broom stick. I had three of them climb into the inside aircon unit and all that was hanging out was the tails. The bamboo broom handle attacked them and it cost 3500 baht it fix the aircon unit as bits and pieces were flying everywhere I only managed to save one and, of course, it bit me..
  22. It had nothing to do with any war, it was a campaign promise. He now says that all of the troops have been removed from Syria which is another out right lie. There are still a little over 1000 of the most combat ready troops still there. One lie after another, on and on and on and.....!!! Whether he is reelected or not, the lies will continue until he kicks the bucket.
  23. I think that Giuliani is about to find put. The Bus is speeding towards him
  24. When they draw up articles of impeachment they should add one for Premeditated Murder. That's what he is doing by abandoning the Kurds in Northern Syria to fulfil a campaign promise!
  25. NFL 2018/19 Regular Season Week # 1 Fri 7 Atlanta @ Philadelphia (L) 0720-1100 TS HD Mon 10 TBC (L) 0000-0325 TS HD Mon 10 TBC (L) 0000-0325 TVS 672 Mon 10 TBC (L) 0325-0700 TS HD Mon 10 TBC (L) 0325-0700 TVS 672 Mon 10 Chicago @ Green Bay (L) 0720-1100 TS HD/TVS 672 Tue 11 New York @ Detroit (L) 0610-0920 TS HD/TVS 672 Tue 11 Los Angeles @ Oakland (L) 0920-1200 TS HD/TVS 672 I'll update the schedule when they send me an update via email and post each weeks schedule here when I receive a new one.
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