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  1. Probably wrong, but I asked the question when I got my extension of stay. The guy told me it is ok to transfer in 65K/mo. as long as you have 800K in the bank by the next extension date. Crazy. So transfer in 65K/mo. and don't touch it basically.
  2. I retired in Austin, love it there. I moved to San Antonio because of cost of living being so much cheaper, good for me in retirement. You sound a lot like me, been coming here for years. I never bought into the hype here so no problem loosing money here. Other than an old pickup and a old motorcycle, which i gave away a couple of months ago. And of course long time GF. I agree 100% with you. I am heading back home next week. Just got my one year stay with the embassy letter, and good for one more year, but the way I look at it is. If I stay I am beating a dead horse, best to make a clean break IMO. Have the money to put in the bank, but with the horrible immigration laws for retirees? Not a chance in Hell I am going to stay here... haha. Heading down to southern Mexico then on south after a couple of months doing maintenance on my home.. Mexico is god smack beautiful, beats the hell out of Thailand IMO. Best of luck brother!
  3. LOS's, got to be the most overrated country in the world IMO. I am in Issan now, burning and air quality are at an all time hight... horrible.
  4. Anyone putting up with these requirements in retirement is setting themselves up for a rough rough road ahead.
  5. Thailand is a great place to visit and have fun in. That is about it if a westerner. ThaiVisa is populated with guys that have lived here and think it is the greatest place to retire in the world... And defend it to the end.. Nobody I know of that has a few bucks would think seriously about Thailand as a retirement destination...
  6. I used to travel in Cambodia allot, you would be surprised at the Thais that live there. I was.
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