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  1. I have read threw this thread. It has to be the silliest thread in the history of TV. 45K is a good living in Thailand. I saved literally thousands of dollars living their over 10 years and did not even try. It is still one of the cheapest places in the world? No matter what anyone says. If not for the massive pollution, and silly retirement rules I would still be there. The only thing that has changed for expats is the retirement rules! 800K in a Thai bank and 400K after that. That has got to be the biggest rip off in the history of retirement. Especially considering the cost of living in Thailand. Even though I have the funds to stay there you would have to be brain washed to even consider such a ridiculous demand. Other countries let you show proof of income with out bringing in fund from your country. It is beyond ridiculous. Haha
  2. I was checked exactly the same way in China. But not deported. Strange experience.
  3. I have lived in Issan for less than 45 easy, not even trying.
  4. I believe these new rules and strict enforcment of older laws are strictly political. IMHO when the time comes, it will be an easy task to locate and deport the unruly and evil westerners. First bill of business is extract as much money from the westerners as possible, then when that runs it's course, completely eliminate them from Thai soil. I am curious to see what happens in the next few years.
  5. I have been in the hospital several times in Thailand. It is stupid cheap! I had to spend the night in a hospital after an accident and the next morning I was feeling better. I walked out of the room and went outside to get some sun. The nurses and a couple of guys had a major breakdown thinking I had left the hospital and not paid the bill. It was almost comical. I took the bill and paid it happily as most every one does. This is not a hospital thing it is a business thing with the insurance company's. Same as the money in the bank thing with a retirement visa. A way to part you from you money. Actually the only thing I find comical on TV, are the people the defend these rules.. Only people to put up with Thailand, and these rules are the people that are stuck here, IMHO. No one else would have a second thought to bypass Thailand.
  6. First the banks, now the insurance company's. Kinda curious what is next.
  7. Yes, I have been turned away in CM, hotel did not want to be hassled.
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