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  1. Samet would be the best. Its slightly overpriced but mid week should be fine. Rabbit Resort tends to cater to the gay crowd..
  2. Why dont you simply move with the wife and child to your own place? Seems simple and easy to me. Why wouldnt you be able to do that?
  3. They have simply priced themselves out of the market. Low cost means low cost and they no longer are. Plus trying to get rid of baggage, seats, priority boarding and insurance is a pain in the ass on their site. I gave up 3 years ago and know many who feel the same...
  4. What are you talking about? He has a flight out and is one day late.
  5. Moved here 31 years ago to escape all the rules and regulation of the USA. Never visited Singapore as it has too many rules and regulations. Slowly but surely this has all changed. Now we have as many or more stupid rules and laws here. All since the Army took over. The Thai citizens are waking up to this as well. Something brown and stinky is going to hit the wall in the near future. Since time began the Thai's have had a healthy disregard for petty rules, well they are not even petty rules anymore. Watch out Army boys, its going to happen.. s
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