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  1. You can always try to negotiate but I think you would certainly be out of luck.
  2. You got that right and CW is asking for 400000 baht to be kept in the bank and show original evidence at the end of the 30 day under consideration period. So the total period is 90 days.
  3. Oh woe is me. The Thais are trying to keep covid out and their Thai citizens safe, no more no less. Lots of foreigners before coming to Thailand knew the temporary rules which facilitates ones temporary stay and can be changed at any time by the Thais, the risk is there for all to see. A bit strange many foreigners coming on temporary stays to Thailand, stay a little while and then a little later think Thailand must adapt their rules to facilitate their permanent stay in Thailand. Imagine if one had not travelled out of Thailands borders just bef
  4. Are you implying that a Thai bank account is not real? By what criteria according to you constitutes a real bank account?
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