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  1. So much confusion on this thread! There are four ethanol/gasoline blends available in Thailand: E85 = 85% Ethanol, 15% Gasoline E20 = 20% Ethanol, 80% Gasoline E10 = 10% Ethanol, 90% Gasoline Gasoline = 0% Ethanol, 100% Gasoline E85 is cheapest and contains least energy. Gasoline is most expensive and not commonly available. The ethanol content also effects the RON rating (octane content). For simplification we'll say E20 and E85 are only available in RON95. Most of what is sold is E10 and advertised as 91 or 95. These numbers refer to the octane content (note - not percentages, in other countries 101 and 103 (and others) are available). I'm not sure why they don't phase out 91 completely as the price is virtually the same as 95 and anything that can run on 91 can run on 95 (with vice-versa not true, my '04 Ford Laser only runs on 95). Diesel will be in the news shortly with them increasing the biofuel content from B7 to B10 - 7% to 10%.
  2. Thanks everyone. I bought the Por Ro Bor with a copy of the book and took both documents to the police station. They "sold" me a fine for 200B for no tax. This is valid for 1 month. They said if I'd been caught on the road, the fine would have been 500B, valid for 1 day.
  3. I have a car with expired tax/registration in February. The car book is 700km away in Bangkok. I can buy the Por Ro Bor (compulsory) insurance as I have a scan/copy of the book, but I can't pay the tax/registration without the book. I want to drive the car to Bangkok then tax it. If I go to the local police station and "buy a fine", how long does this give me to get taxed? If I get stopped on the highway and fined, how much is the fine and does it give me the rest of the day to get to Bangkok? Thanks in advance.
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