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  1. Perhaps she should be trying to placate the over 17,400,000 people who Democratically voted to leave this so called union.
  2. Who exactly is going to require the I.R to put up such a checkpoint, as the P.M. of the I.R has stated categorically that their will be no such boarder/checkpoint. And the U.K government has also stated they will not erect one. Now who does that leave= the puppet master in Brussels.
  3. Don’t moan to us. Convince the majority of the people who actually live in N.I. As for those Brits in the rest of the U.K. I beleive they would take the stance, up to them,if that’s what they want. Not like the unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels and their British lapdogs, who are trying to keep the U.K in this so called union,against the expressed Democratic wishes of the electorate.
  4. This is a very good point, not just about the E.u’s intention to create an E.u army. But even more importantly, what do those unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels have in store for a future E.u.
  5. And the people Should come before the parliamentary representatives. Unfortunately we now have in Westminster, a group of arrogant twxats, though many of them will be history at the next G.E.
  6. Not quite correct, this is what the Bureaucrats in Brussels are afraid of. "The other members would leave and do the same thing. So you have to prevent this." Swedish eurosceptic party Sweden Democrats (SW) has issued a dire warning to Brussels, suggesting the Scandinavian country could very well leave the bloc unless eurocrats accept to make substantial changes to its core institutions. A shocking poll in 2017 suggested more than half of The Netherlands would prefer to quit the EU. Ms Fordwich continued: "There were rumours of Nexit, the Dutch leaving and The Netherlands, and Swexit after the right swing in Sweden. "That’s the fear. The Dutch and the Swedish are two they fear might want to go."
  7. The U.K government has repeatedly stated that they will not erect a hard boarder, similarly the P.M of the I.R and the president of the E.u. Have also categorically stated they will not impose a hard boarder. So who is going to?
  8. But that would go against the expressed demand of over 17,400,000 British people. A majority in the largest turnout in a U.K Democratic vote.
  9. A good reply, in that it confirms the fact that most remoaners, are simple SELFISH people, who are not in the least concerned, in regards to their fellow citizens.
  10. As another Yorkshire man, I would just like to confirm the above. Thankfully the majority are proper Yorkshire. As shown in this recent poll carried out in God’s country.
  11. You have to ask yourself,why do we not produce enough for our own requirements. It can easily be done.
  12. Are you only capable of repeating Twitter comments from individuals or can you think for yourself? Just asking.
  13. You’ve obviously been reading too much remoaner propaganda. We are not anti Europe, we are anti the undemocratic E.u with their tin pot Bureaucrats. You will have noticed that there is also a growing anti E.u following in the rest of Europe. Wake up, smell the coffee and join them.
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