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  1. I’m not surprised you do not see what the British people think of these Charleston’s in Parliament. Take a trip home from your home in Manila, then you’ll see. As an ardent supporter of the SNP, how would you think if at the 2014 Scottish referendum, the vote for seperation went 52%- 48% . Yet the politicians refused to respect the result. I guess you’d be mighty angry, well that’s what the majority of Brits feel about the actions of Parliament.
  2. And there’s me,thinking that remainer Treacherous May sent her best in Ollie Robbins to negotiate ( surrender) for The U.K.
  3. Is it legally stated anywhere that no member of this so called union can leave. If so that is probably driving the unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels.
  4. I’ve no idea, that why I said Many, not all.
  5. Throughout these threads, I’ve noticed many of the remoaners are against Brexit for purely selfish reasons. With you it would seem for selfish reasons, that would benifit your sons girlfriend. I do hope that she can obtain the necessary visa to visit the U.K when we do finally exit this so called Union, following the same proceedure that many Thai girlfriends of British citizens must also take.
  6. So we have a petition started by someone who has not lived in the U.K for years. Signed by thousands of citizens of the E.U. And also by thousand who probably used multiple e-addresses.
  7. This is no surprise to many. At least it’s woken me and millions of other Brits, to the realization we no longer live in a Democracy, if we do not leave the E.u. by next week.
  8. Agree we are all Europeans. Unfortunately many of those hundreds of thousand of E.u immigrants were not the brightest and best. Most were encouraged to emigrate to the U.K. in order to suppress the wages of the native Brits. Then of course we allowed into our country many undesirable criminals. Far better for us to take control of our boarders, then we can restrict entry to those E.u. Citizens who we actually need, irrespective of colour,race, nationality or religion. In other words follow the Australian system.
  9. Not quite true, I and many other ex-pats were denied the opportunity to vote in the referendum, due to living outside of the U.K for more then 15yrs. This in spite of the fact we still pay U.K income tax, and are non immigrants in the country we live.
  10. There are more than 700 European lawyers working in the city of London. This is because they are exempt, thanks to E.U. Rules from taking examinations that lawyers from countries such as Australia and N.Z are required to take. They are now very worried that they will lose this right after Brexit. You’ll be able to see them this weekend marching in London.
  11. On T.V news in the U.K. this morning. Tens of thousands,at least of these signatures originated in the E.U. Plus many more from other parts of the world. How this happens I do not know, as I wrongly thought you had to give a post code. Could it be that these remainers simple picked out any post code in the U.K. I’m not a computer geek, perhaps someone can tell me how or if it’s possible, to use a VPN to hide the origins of their signature.
  12. Not nonsense at all. In yesterday’s news, a remain supporting M.P. was assaulted. Had his glasses broken. O.K. not serious, but could this be the start. If you ignore the Democratic decisions of the electorate, then do not be surprised if they Have to resort to alternative ways of expressing their anger. Thai people and British people have many things in common. One is that we are both governed by arrogant elitist.
  13. Macron also stated he would defend the rights, of French fisherman to fish in U.K. waters. Well let’s give him credit, he’s supporting him own citizens ( unless they wear a yellow shirt)unlike those in the H.O.C. Who are stabbing their own people in the back.
  14. I beleive the two major political parties in the U.K. are afraid of a Ge.E. And rightly so. The same can also be said regarding the U.K participating in another E.u election. What I think should be a big worry to everybody,is how much the British people now hold our representatives in Parliament with such contempt.
  15. They do indeed require for you to provide a British post code. Do they check on it, impossible. So all you need is multiple E-mail addresses. And it is certainly not restricted to British citizens.
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