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  1. MKAsok and Digitalbanana: I don´t have VPN and I don´t really know what it is and how to get it, and why!

    But it doesn´t matter just now because Piratebay is back in my computer! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

    My internetline was down half a dozen times 2-3 hours after we called TOT yesterday.

    I tested it around 11 o´clock yesterday evening and it was still not working. I closed the computer for the night.

    Then today as soon as I started the computer it suddenly worked.

    I think there is only two things that could have caused this problem:

    1. A malicious troll in my computer that left during the night.......whistling.gif

    2. TOT have found/fixed a problem in one of their servers, probably up here in northeast. annoyed.gif

    Guess what i think!

    Thank you so much for all your input. This is a great forum, I´ve known that for many years.

    So many people full of knowledge and always happy to take the time to answer and help others with problems of all kind.

    So once again: Thank you all out there.jap.gif

  2. Yes solai4, I've already tried to pause Adblock in my Google Chrome browser and it didn't help.

    I have also disconnected my antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials. I didn´t help either.

    I've tried Internet Explorer 9. Same result!

    And yes lopburi3, I'm aware of the full adress. I instructed dear wifey wub.gif to tell TOT the full adress "http://thepiratebay.org" and it DID work on their computer.??

    But I still wonder if TOT is not guilty in one way or another, not my computer. I´ve never had any problems with PirateBay until now.........

  3. Chiang Mai is down , for 2 Days now ..

    Others that seem Blocked are

    - ISOHunter

    - Demaniod

    - AlLl the rest seem blocked as well , I cannot connect into any torrent provider THRU TOT


    Hi CMFarang! I´ve tested isohunter and demonoid. No problem here. But still no piratebay.org.

    I had Wifey wub.gif to call TOT Callcenter and they promised to contact the local TOT in my region. Since then my line has been down at least 4 times, but still no piratebay.org.

    She also called a local TOT-office and asked them to open piratebay.org on their own computer and that was no problem.............!!!!!????????? This seems strange!

    I also did as lomatopo suggested, cleared cash, cleared browsing history, closed this and closed that and restarted everything. Still no piratebay.org.

    What´s next?? I would have changed internet provider to 3BB if they only had any lines in my village. Unfortunatly they have stopped in the amphue 9 km from here.

    I´m so tired of TOT and their unreliable connections and baaaaad service!annoyed.gif

  4. No it is not really sick if you eat meat.What is the difference?It is an animal.And believe it or not, it really is not that bad.Just tough if not cooked forever...............

    Sorry mate, I have to disagree. Eating dog is like canibalism!

    What about Lamb or Veal then...............or Bambi stew?

    Yes Blue Eyes and Lampard, what´s the difference?? In Sweden the children have cute little guinea pigs as pets. But still they eat them as a delicacy in South America. Try to explain that to the children.........

    Have you ever eaten those 'meat balls' in the local market? We lost a dog about 10 years ago and my wife assured me that he was now on those stalls and as tasty as any other meat, we go for pancake rolls now (bhoppia - excuse my phonetics!) rather than meat balls.

    I know what you mean Thaibites, I've always been suspicious to those meat balls. I've had them in my soup in "hole-in-the-wall-restaurants". They feels like rubber balls. It's almost like chewing a eraser......hmm!! :o But my wife tells me it's OK. Thai people like that concistency! What's inside you can only guess.....! On the other hand I've heard that dog meat is considered a delicacy amongst certain people so I don't think they can afford to put the dogs in the common meat balls. It must be some other strange elastic animal parts they've found! :D And I'm sure we don't WANT to know. :D

    .............I would not be suprised if that is where that photo was taken.........

    The photo was taken of me myself up here in Isaan in the village outside our house near Nonsa-At (between Udon Thani and Khon Kaen).

  5. Hi food lovers! :D:D:D

    Have anyone of you seen that pickup with a steel cage on the back and buckets and baskets on the roof driving through the villages with a couple of dogs in the cage and most of the dogs in the villages running after, barking and howling like mad. Such a noise! It seems like the dogs outside the car knows very well what's going on...

    I've asked my wife :D what the driver says in the loudspeaker and she translated it to something like this:

    "A dog for a basket, a basket for a dog; a dog for a bucket, a bucket for a dog".

    Same sentence over and over again. Meaning, if you want to get rid of your dog (or maybe someone elses that you don't like :D ) you can give it to them and in return they give you an (empty) bucket or basket.

    They will sell the dogs to people who likes dogmeat. I've also asked my wife :D if they eat dogs around here. We live in the area near Nonsa-At (halfway between Udon and Khon Kaen) but she says no, no we don't eat that sort of things up here........ never!! Ever!!! They take the dogs away, she says, and sell them to rich people somewhere else who think it's delicious to eat man's best friend. I know it's common in the Phillippines and maybe amongst chinese people, who are famous for eating almost everything! But I suppose they don't send them to the Phillippines. I'm sure they have enough of dogs over there. It must be someone in Thailand.......!?

    So, have you seen this salesmen and do you know anyone around who buyes and eats dogmeat from this car? :D

    Laab maa, anyone, with a beer Chang!? :o:D

  6. This morning my wife woke me up saying that slumabit(son of a b*tch) labbit(rabbit) ate my loses(Roses). If I catch him we are going to have labbit stew.

    Hi fellows,

    Last Saturday I printed out all the stories from "The funny things the girls say" and my Thai wife and I red it together in the evening. And I can assure you it was many years ago since we laughed that much. We could hardly speak at all after a while. We just pointed at the story and laughed and laughed with tears falling down our cheeks. These wonderful Thai girls are so funny without knowing it. And we love them for that. We sure don't laugh at them in a bad way if someone thinks that. And I'm sure they laugh at us too when we try to speak Thai. And that's OK!

    Our no 1 is the one quoted above. I had to leave the room and go out and wash my face in cold water to stop laughing. My wife and I still say "labbits" and "loses" when we see them. Please say hallo to your wonderful wife from us Padkapow Guy. She really made our day! :o:D:D

    My wife has said some funny things too. But unfortunately for the most of you it's in Swedish so I will keep the stories to myself! Now after 22 years in Sweden she almost speaks better Swedish than I do..............!!? How funny is that??? :D

  7. Puhhh........ :D the more I listen to you experienced farmers out there, the more I understand how little I really understand........... :o

    It seems to be a very complicated business to grow a couple of cucumbers or whatever!! I wonder how anyone can manage. Ever!!

    I'm just a simple construction engineer and I think I will keep on growing chillies and eggplants at my backyard :D and leave the "big" farming to someone in the family who knows better............!! :D

    Chok dee,

    BackyardFarmer® (ex ThaiFarmer, ex Gentleman Farmer) :D

  8. You well may not be crazy, but you are making all this very complex. Too complex for comfort.

    Yes Dr.! I agree with you. To complex for comfort :o . But I have not made the rules! Perhaps you have some SIMPLE suggestions to share with me and obviously quite a few others who have the same thoughts/problems.........!??

    Now I'm looking forward to a detailed and comfortable prescription from Khun Dr. PP :D:D

  9. Hi,

    My wife, kids and I are currently building a house in Udon (hopefully live there permanent in 2 more years), it has cost us 3.7 million baht with the land. the land size is 16 Rai and the house size is 600 sqm. The land cost us 1 million baht, the house 2.2 million baht and the pool 500 thousand baht. The house is massive, with 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, media room, office, two kitchens (imported white goods and cook top/oven) and it is also double brick.

    Hi Sickbuffalo,

    First I must congratulate you to your house. It's incredibly cheap for a house of 600 m2. I've never heard anything like it. Just like Pnustedt I'm looking forward to see some pictures of this house. Exterior and interior please. If you don't have a website of your own you can upload your photos here http://www.thaivisa.com/gallery/ .

    My experiences about house building are as follows (year 2003 prices):

    A house of "high quality" (Scale: 1=simple Thai style, 2=medium, 3=high quality, 4=palace style) can cost around 10.000-12.000 baht/m2. This is only the house. Not the land!! No garden costs and no wall/fence around. All the material in each category of the best, or near the best, possible quality.

    Measure rooms inside, behind 4 walls, under roof (=living area) and exclude the floor space covered by the walls (net area).

    Made of concrete and one layer of bricks - foundation, pillars, beams and ground floor of reinforced concrete made on site. The "floor of the second floor" made of prefabricated reinforced concrete (for a two-storey house). Roof tiles of coloured concrete (blue is popular!). Metal windows with sunglass. All doors of solid carved wood. All floors covered with ceramic tiles (price around 300 baht/m2) (no marble or granite). All walls outside and inside painted (no wallpaper inside). Foot lists of solid carved wood. (One) western style kitchen fully equipped. One bathroom/floor western std with wall tiles all around, nothing extra or fancy. Electricity and water. Roof fans in some rooms and no AC.

    Cost: Around 10.000-12.000 baht/m2 (work + material).

    Work only: Around 10-15% of the total cost. I think a worker is paid around 150-200 baht/day.

    With my figures your 600 m2 with so many bathrooms should cost at least 600x12.000=7.200.000 baht........!!!!! :o Only the work for this house should be 900.000 baht. And you paid 2.200.000 baht for all. Well, what a bargain :D .

    If I calculate backwards: 15% of 2.200.000 is 330.000 baht for the work and then it remains 1.870.000 baht for the material! For a house of 600 m2!!! All together 3.700 baht/m2......... hmmm. Are you sure it's Thai Baht we are talking about?

    But once again. Congratulations to you Sickbuffalo! I think many of us now want you to tell us the name of your construction company and your material suppliers. If it's possible to build this cheap then I will start to build luxuries houses and sell them to farangs at twice the price instead of farming.........!! :D:D:D

  10. Here's a link to pics of my house--building and land around 2mil.  The land was fairly expensive because it's on a gated resort community.

    Hi Dave,

    You've built a beautiful house in Thailand. And you have a wonderful view in at least one direction. I can see the fields far away with the mountains in the background. I really envy you that view. We have built our house in the middle of a village with houses and trees around us. Nice in many ways but impossible to look very far away!!

    It looks like your house is built in different levels. Is the floor of some room(s) higher or lower than the rest? If so, do you have any more pictures from the inside to show this? What kind of kitchen do you have? Western or Thai?

    How many rooms do you have and how many m2 are your house and your garden each? 2 milj baht for all that seems cheap to mee.

    Good luck to you and your beautiful wife (yes I've looked in your private photo album too!! :o )

  11. BUT the romantic notion of farming is gentlemen farming as they call it in the states...

    dont do potatoes

    (was that your blue roof i zoomed passed one day?; i was the girl with the 'pom yai si dang' behind a thai guy... ;

    Hi Bina,

    I'm glad to hear that there's another farang who also likes luktung. I'm really a great fan of that music. The rhythm is fantastic. I don't understand a word of it, but it doesn't matter. It's still wonderful. Especially to see it live with dance and everything.

    Yes, perhaps I will become a "Farming Gentleman"...... hmm :o ......sounds nice....hmmm!! "Gentleman Farmer"!!! :D Yes!! I think I will put that title on my official visiting card :D .

    And yes again! I think I'm an incurable romantic too. I have struggled too long for ungrateful managers/directors in different companies. Now it's time for me to enjoy life and make the most of the years I have left (many I hope!). I have the ability to see and enjoy all the positive little things that happens around me everyday. Perhaps I can help a few of my Thai relatives to have a better life too while being a "Gentleman Farmer". Hope so. Just as a bonus!

    And one more Yes! In fact we DO have a blue roof (who doesn't??). The house is made of concrete painted in cream and white. But I've no idea if it was our house you've passed that day. I doubt very much that you should have been out there in the middle of nowhere (9 km east of Nonsa-At) and just happened to pass our house. Possible of course! But anyway you are very, very welcome to pass by any day you want to say hello!! The fridge will be loaded with beer Singh for myself and some beer Chang for Jeff1. Any special cool refreshment we can offer you........!? But if you want to see us you have to wait for 3-4 years. Khun Wife :D and I are still living in Sweden except for some holiday weeks now and then in Thailand.

    Talking about potatoes. You all say NO to potatoes but I've heard someone mention that potatoes are a lucrative business in Thailand. They want it for potato chips. You buy the right sort of potatoes from the chips manufacturer, put them in the dirt, let them grow and sell them back to the manufacturer again with a good profit.............well, I have no idea! It's only what I've heard. Anyone else who knows more about this?

    Best regards,

    Gentleman Farmer (Ex ThaiFarmer® :D )

  12. Thaifarmer, That was a nice reflection. You speak of the fond things of Issan life.

    All of the things I truly enjoy myself.  What are those words at the bottom ? Is that german ? What does it mean, if you dont mind me asking.

    P,S. I like beer Chang

    Hi Jeff1,

    I'm glad you have the same feelings for Isaan as I have. As I said I could go on for a long, long time describing all the things, sometimes very small details, that is so wonderful with Thailand and especially with Isaan country life. I could have wrote a whole book about the subject, but people who has been there knows exactly what I'm talking about so they don't have to read about it in a book and others who hasn't been there yet...........well, go to Isaan, try to live there for a period and you are caught for a lifetime. And you don't have to read any book to be convinced either, I'm sure.

    For me the Luktung/mowlam music=Isaan. I don't know what you people out there think of this very special form of music but for me Luktung is the real Thailand. I'm not too fond of the "coffee shop music". There is a radio channel in Bangkok, Luktung FM 90.00 MHz, which I listen to via Internet every day, all day long at my office here in Sweden. Then I could dream of the wonderful country life that waits for me in Thailand in just a few years......... mmmmmm!!

    If you are in the neighbourhood near Nonsa-At (=half way between Udon Thani and Khon Kaen) sometimes, please come and visit us and I promise to have saved a couple of cool Beer Chang for you!!

    And the words at "the bottom", Jeff1! Well, it's in Swedish. You may well ask. In fact it's rather stupid :o . The subject is food!? It's just a list of 7 dishes, almost national dishes, very, very dear to a Swede. Especially for a Swede living abroad for many years and can't have any of those dishes. I finish the sentence with the words "...... who cares?". It is meant as a temptation for those who can read Swedish and my comment in the end means exactly: Who does really care? At least I don't!! Thailand has so much more to offer. If you can't live without those dishes....... well then stay in Sweden!! That's all!

    Sorry Mango Head :D . I'm out of the topic "Farming in NE Thailand" again. Books, music, food........ I will try to improve!! But it's not easy! The words are just bubbling out........ from one subject to another!! Unsorted!!! :D:D:D

  13. Hi,

    I'm jumping in here in the middle of everything :o to join Dutch with even more questions about health insurances.

    Does anyone know a reliable insurance company in LOS? Last time in our village I talked to a representative for a American insurance company (AIA ??), who said I couldn't choose just a HEALTH insurance. I must have a LIFE insurance first THEN I can choose HEALTH insurance as an option. Hmmm.... but I'm not interested in a LIFE insurance! I've no use for any money when I'm dead (at least as far as I know....) and Khun Wife :D will have more than enough anyway. And I'm sure the fee is much higher for a LIFE insurance than for just a HEALTH insurance. Of course! I'm sure that is their business concept!!

    Do any of you have some experience to share about HEALTH insurances?

    EXACT instructions and/or figures if possible.

    1. A reliable company that can help you when something happens and not only to collect the fee.

    2. What to ask for (=don't forget to ask about this......... and that!).

    3. Example of cost per month or per year for one farang (50++) and his Thai wife (40++).

    4. What DOES it use to cover?

    5. What does it NOT use to cover? Important!!

    6. Any warnings....!!! "Real life stories" from friends.

  14. Thai farmer,

    I think we have to go with the health insurance thread to the special topic in the forum.

    Not be too optimistic tho. I started this topic with only few respons.

    Hi Dutch,

    Sorry about my insurance questions above. The right questions! But the wrong place!! All sorts of questions are popping up in my head all the time. Mostly in unsorted order :o . I have so many questions that need answers before I take one of the most important steps in my life, to move to LOS.

    I haven't even noticed :D:D there is a special forum for Health questions. I will now copy my insurance questions above to the right place in your topic "Health Insurance, Comparison". Hope it's OK for you and I also hope we can have some good answers to this important question. See you over there!

  15. i think most of us have no dilusions about getting rich quick thru farming.

    i myself just enjoy the quiet country life. and if i make a little moneyat it then that's a bonus.

    others have bigger holdings and after talking to most of them, i have found that they are more interested in farming in such a way as to conserve the land and enjoy the more relaxed life on a farm.

    I just want to say that I fully agree with Mango Head. I don't think we are too many that imagine farming in LOS is a way of getting rich.

    The main purpose is a quiet country life with no stress. I myself have had too much of that already. I don't want to end up before 60 in a heart attack because of stressing in a company owned by others.

    For me it's wonderful to wake up early in cool the morning in our house in Isaan, with Khun Wife :D beside me, and listen to the sound of the cocks, chickens and dogs. To smell the smoke from the open fireplaces nearby :o . To see the long row of monks passing outside the house to collect food. To hear the "iron buffaloes" on their way to the rice fields. To listen to my favourite music "luktung" coming from my neighbours music machines, all different songs at the same time, but so what!? To look at the children dressed in uniforms when they walk to the local school. All the young girls looking like small dolls with almost the same haircut. The young boys with almost no hair at all. All of them wearing backpacks full of books.

    Yes, I could go on for a long while with my praise to LOS but I think you already know exactly what I mean, don't you?

    Peace and quiet! And some "small gardening" to keep you occupied and feel useful. That's life! If you feel hungry there is always some delicious khao niow gai yang to chew. If you feel thirsty you can probably find a Beer Singh in the fridge. What more can you wish? Beer Chang......!? Yes, OK! There's a place for that too in our fridge!! :D

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