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  1. There is some good advice here. Just get find a white line or joint in a concrete road and just keep ploughing back and forth until it’s second nature, there is no need to do this slow, just look to the end of the beam and go for it, when you slow down you will lose balance. The trick with the back brake is good if you can do it. Also, exaggerate everything, I nearly failed because I didn’t put my foot down and count to 5 before making the turn.
  2. I think that the KR22 is only valid for a year? maybe Rayong accepts it for 3 years. Anyone? I always send the wife to collect a fresh one every year, might save her some petrol.
  3. I would pose the question .. Who has ever been refused due to lack of tea money? i worked here for 15 years prior to my extension, The rule of thumb is to never ask for too (much detail) and just presume By asking them what they want have opened a can of worms. You presume they are getting paid for their job, you presume any fees were paid their visa fee, so why would you pay petrol money - just answer the questions and smile. My visitor just gave me 20 mins notice, just time to clear a space on the table and take a quick shower. No time to run to the ATM.
  4. Is this a starter for 10? Where did you eat it? It looks like a generic curry that we have in every roadside restaurant in the South. It’s got pea aubergines in and maybe pork or beef. Whats the big deal?
  5. I think the 500B is more to cover the cost of the return trip, the outbound is free.
  6. Just to say, I had my first and only home visit last year. The guy was polite, he completed some papers on my dining room table, chatted to the wife, took some photos with me sitting there with my passport on my chest - then the thing that I thought was an imposition, go upstairs and take pics of myself and wife in my bedroom, he made some unnecessary comments about our storage situation. On his way out he saw boxes of second hand clothes, and advised my wife that I could help with her weekend market stall, which I have nothing to do with anyway. He went outside, looked at the neighbours houses, decided it was a waste of time to try and raise anyone (they were hiding inside after watching the white POLICE car roll up) - then drove off. No money involved, didn't even want a bottle of water.
  7. How can they get a WP on a tourist visa? I thought you could only apply on a non-o based on marriage or a non-b ? This the the OPs first position. I agree that a WP is a pretty painless procedure, but only on the correct visa.
  8. Wt? I have never heard of 2 days. That’s unless it’s a pretty decent international school. They probably could prepare the documents within a few days and send you to the border, but it’s highly doubtful they would. In reality you will need to start the job, the employer will probably tread water, observe your progress and eventually prepare the paperwork for you to visit an neighboring country to get your 3 month non-b. Usually In the 1-2 month period you suggest. You will apply for a WP at the Labour office, which is painless enough, just sitting there, signing a few pages and supplying a copy of every page of your passport and documents that no one cares about. Then you can apply for your extension of stay at immigration for the remainder of your contract. You need to go with your gut feeling, if you have a good feeling about the job then take it and work the time out, it’s nothing unusual to wait for a couple of weeks or month, but you wouldn’t be the first person to get messed about in this time either, it’s a bit of a limbo time where you have little control. I wouldn’t worry about police or immigration, you got more chance of winning the Thai lottery. (Sorry, I ’m a bit rusty, I haven’t worked for a school in a couple of years and I always used a WP on top of my own non-o instead of relying on a visa that’s tied to the school) How is your current visa situation?
  9. I caught a couple of interesting movies this weekend. Inherit the viper interesting concept, A pretty gritty drama about an opioids dealing family in the states. 21 Bridges Kind of predictable, good scenery, the dramatic soundtrack ran through the majority of the movie. I’m not too sure if it works or not.
  10. 10 seconds on google One way to to tell if it is your app, you use enter the rtsp stream into VLC player using the computer, and you will be able to view on screen. You will need to be on the local network to be able to do this. I always find reddit a good place to ask and search - try r/homesecurity - you will find someone who has a camera or uses eye4.
  11. We currently live in rented accommodation but we are currently playing with ideas for our self build house. Rather than have fixed security bars on the outside or inside, does anyone have any thrifty solutions that can be incorporated at design stage rather than an after thought. I wish them to be automated in home assistant via some ESP8266 relay, that’s not really a concern, and will be fitted to 3 sliding patio doors. I have two ideas, either roller shutters, but I think the motors used are bulky, expensive and difficult to hide. He second, Some kind of “pocket door” system either side of the window, where the Thai made bars retract back into, probably split into two panels. Maybe the first section would be automated leaving the second section. Does anyone else have any ideas to share?
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