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  1. That’s good to know .. I think 3BB offer a good service, but it took a lot of talking and a couple of lunches to get a GPON ONT from 3BB. “No have anymore” - I ended up with a second hand one to replace my horrendous black plastic spider. If I ever lost the ONU - I would consider changing ISP.
  2. So the post tells you how to setup a PPoE connection - put your router into bridge mode, how to enter a username, password and in this case enter DNS. Wouldn’t you just use cloudflare or your own DNS server?
  3. This article doesn’t really do anything more than “how to integrate your own modem into a network” - you still need the ISP router in bridge mode sitting next to your own. Hardly replacing.
  4. Ok ok - I will have to watch it again - it was a few years ago, I remember it being pretty intense. Thanks for the suggestion - I like Kevin Bacon in TV shows, did you catch the following a few years back.
  5. is this where his daughter was raped? I was trying to think of the title a few days ago.
  6. Have you thought about speaking to a mobile phone repairer - the tools are all the same - the only thing that’s different is the formatting of the SD cards and then it’s just inserting the ribbon cables which they do every day.
  7. Oh my ... The wife was a big fan of Noel Edmonds - Deal No Deal - So I thought as Gordon was presenting a quiz show would be ideal ... What a load of old crock, an hour too .. ff Thanks for the suggestion tho’
  8. What do you watch on sky? What’s worth a watch?
  9. Of course you are correct, the poster was prolly too (whatever) to check but someone maybe looking for personal recommendations - maybe exceptional products or service. I checked your link to BBQThai - man, outrageous prices for BBQ - Theres a guy who you can find on the Khon Kaen Facebook pages that makes his own, comparable design, probably better construction and much more reasonably priced - I don’t think you can find him on a Google search.
  10. https://www.iflash.xyz Buy the board yourself, the sd cards from a local supplier - maybe you order a new battery too from eBay or AliExpress and follow a YouTube video. I have 4x 128 GB in the 4 slot option, the guy who runs the company is really helpful.
  11. I thought Stocky had mentioned this in the past, but I couldn’t find the post to quote. Having lived in HY for 10 years, but never visited Basil we went a year ago before lockdown. The food was nice, we went late and were the last of the customers for the Sunday evening. A year on we returned - I was chuckling to myself on the journey as stockys description of the “faulty tower” service. We arrived a little before our booking, and ordered promptly, a magharita pizza, pasta and a signature dish - duck with orange sauce. The place was looking busy, most tables s
  12. Something that has received little attention - server shares - You can run plex / embi / jellyfin on a TV and then stream from a server. You can also stream from a web browser on a laptop or tablet. You can find plenty of server shares to smash Netflix - some are paid, some are donation but a lot are free. Most have (automated) request systems for TV and movies. You can find more by searching plexshares/ embishares / jellyfinshares on Reddit.
  13. Have you been around with a WiFi analyzer. There is a really good one for android, I’m not too sure of the name. I think it’s difficult to advise you of how many access points you need, but the app should get a rough idea to how much drop off is happening between the two sons bedrooms. You might get away with 2x unless you have a living area below. I only use 2x to cover 2 floors 160m2, but without one on the ground floor we always suffered with a WiFi blackhole in the kitchen.
  14. I think you will find Thats an American show - was posted in 2018 from Amazon. No doubt there will be a season pack in a week or so, but for the moment being - the first episode is in the usual places.
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