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  1. Thanks, yes, I am aware of RS Th .. I need to buy 10 units for 620B, I just think it’s a bit excessive considering I only need one connector. On AliExpress they are around 100B inc shipping. Its not about the money, I will never use the other 9 units, and It’s more waste that will end up in the bin. I’m in Hat Yai, so I was just hoping someone knew of a little web shop, maybe computer parts, I don’t know. I find that these suppliers exist, but the language barrier prevents us from finding about them. Im just so used to having little grey packets arriving from China every day. It’s a rather frustrating time at the moment. I have about 6000B of components in limbo, every week I’m having to claim refunds for stuff that doesn’t arrive, some gear arrives really quickly but I’m sure some parts aren’t being sent, chinese suppliers are just holding on to the cash for as long as possible before refunding.
  2. Does anyone have a mail order supplier for a Uxcell C6 Panel Mount? Maybe known as a Mickey Mouse plug I have a few projects on the go at any one time and have no problem with waiting for a delivery from Aliexpress, but I just waited 2.5 months for delivery from China and a C13 arrived. With CNC and 3D print parts I have shops on LNW shop website, but its tricky to navigate as its usually Thai. Just wondering if anyone can help out? my local electrical wholesaler, which is huge and has an amazing range doesn't stock them, I don't want to wait another 2 months for the correct part.
  3. It’s like the lines on the floor at the makro checkouts, the first 5 people are all spaced then there is a bit crush at the end, because social distancing doesn’t matter there. Then because there is a little gap, the happy shoppers just crash in between positions 1 and 2 .. and it’s a Thailand, so no one says a thing.
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