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  1. I don’t have one, but I keep my eye on this guy on YouTube he has a pretty scientific approach. I will be getting one of from this line when we finish the house, I feel it it has the features we would use and it fits with my home automation system. I notice that cordless vacuums are currently becoming increasingly popular.
  2. In a day when it’s hammering down with rain .. Well produced documentary series from Hulu.
  3. Did I miss something? Last week SiamBiotech were going to produce AZ. The week before it was Sputnik, AZ arrived from Korea with the wrong labels, now 6 weeks later we are full circle back at Sinovac. There is a lot of talk on thai social media about resistance to sinovac.
  4. Lol - great description. I have no idea if this is the truth. I don’t think any good comes from these articles - maybe stokes the fire down at immigration HQ that they could extract some money from the hundreds of talented /qualified nomads living and working in BkK. I would like to think that they could legitimize it in exchange for a bit of tax - at least that would end the stupid questions every year at visa renewal, but in reality, who cares, it would only be take, take, take.
  5. Online teaching? Website design? (Mobile) app programming? Art design? Music production? Remote assistance? - If you are a digital creative with transferable skills, you can make some pretty decent coin on freelance websites. I get a bit confused by this nomad thing, I don’t see how it’s possible for these mystery nomads to move about - for me, I have a drawing tablet, scanner,, multiple screens, monitor mounts, midi keyboards, speakers, decent chairs to sit in all day .. I do have a mate in Bali who does game soundtracks - hunched over a tiny keyboard and mixing desk, squinting at
  6. Over the past few years Sky have put out some pretty decent stuff - So I thought I would give intergalactic a shot. Kin hell, give it a miss - they must have gone to the Blake’s 7 school of scifi.
  7. Is there a time frame before it changes category? We bought a piece of land about 7 months ago and due to lack of direct flights and the purchase of adjoining land we have done nothing with the land. Do I need to get someone to plant some banana trees in a hurry?
  8. @Sherylyes, the protonVPN app is available on aptoid
  9. I have a NUC - the cheapest one available, I got it from invadeaiT - I needed a windows machine and it was a quick and simple solution - I don’t think it cost me 10K. If you just wanted to surf the net, basic office work and email, then it’s ideal, maybe some lightweight photo editing, but as mentioned by @KannikaP just get storage and RAM to suit your budget and forget it it, you aren’t going to work on it. I printed some brackets and it just sits under the desk quite happily. Invade set mine up for me for free - you can download an official version of windows 10 and buy a key from
  10. Interesting .. I didn’t know protonmail offered a VPN service. The issues I have with proton, they require proprietary apps - for instance, their mail app uses a bridge and you can only use it when paying the subscription. The basic service is great, but you need to pay to get a “better” service. If you were going to use protonVPN, first you need to get “downloader” from the Amazon App Store and install aptoid - you may find the protonVPN app for android. There are plenty of tutorials about aptoid - search YouTube for “app stores for firestick”
  11. Take a search for plexshares - these are people that maintain and share media servers, you will find a better range of movies than Netflix. Most have automated request services.
  12. I would go and speak to the DLT when it opens after The Covid shutdown. Up until recently my local immigration didn’t offer CoR - I needed to got to the DLT, collect (and pay) for a letter, this requested my name, address and visa status. Then I gave it to my local immigration who dutifully obliged.
  13. What do you mean? Cant you see all those little pips above his pocket? Hes clearly the best bus driver for the job.
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