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  1. Does anyone know how these days effect 90 day report? Do they add a couple of days on to the “week before - week after” period ?
  2. Just watched the owners - I wrongly assumed it was American movie but turned out to be a British movie with interesting casting, haven’t seen Sylvester McCoy in anything since Vision On and Dr. Who.
  3. Yes, there are a season pack from Blu-ray - try this 1080 The.Bureau.S05.1080p.BluRay.DTS.x264 I didn’t see any 720 or SD
  4. Is this your first extension? Just get used to it. Some things are pretty standard all over Thai bureaucracy, like when you apply for a WP - foolscap needs reformatted to A4 - my lease was on foolscap and I ran around trying to find a copy shop that could the copy, only to find that it was knocked back at immigration, has to be A4. Same with double sided copies - you would think it sensible to copy both on one sheet, right? Especially if it’s only a stamp of no consequence. Nope. Another favorite - Thai ID card copied back and front on the same she
  5. Is it the housemaster ? the person who is responsible for the house or the responsible person on the lease. I paid a fine for non reporting when they first cracked down on it, according to immigration, my wife was just as responsible as the landlord. My landlord does squat, he won’t even supply a spare copy of his ID card for my yearly extension. He says my visa is nothing to do with him, which is fair enough, it’s the immigration service that thinks that the world revolves around them.
  6. If you are thinking about just music and you already have an amp or maybe a decent set of speakers - if you don’t fancy laying out an decent set of active speakers then you can install shairplay or a music server such as Volumio on a raspberry pi to get a decent sound you need a soundcard / external DAC + HAT. Worth looking into.
  7. No they don’t show in the store app i remember reading about a roll out along with India amongst others - I as hoping it might happen at the same time as the iPhone, which was last week, as far as I understand.
  8. Is anyone else expecting the release of HomePod mini here? Any news or rumours?
  9. In my opinion - it’s as dull as .. I am happy in Hat Yai, I taught for nearly 10 years - met a lot of people who couldn’t live Trang and moved here. Trang hospital is great! The crispy pork belly is great! Tam Lae Khoaw Gop is interesting (once). You are mid way between HY and Krabi, so you could have the best of both worlds by living in the middle. All the best!
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