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  1. Off topic .. but a IDP is no good in the long run, you need to do a bit of research - I know they run for 1 year or whatever, but they are only good for 3-6 months here. A long while a Ducati rider in our FB group was involved in an accident, police were initially happy with an IDP but when the insurance company refused to replace his bike and cover injuries of 3rd party.
  2. Just a casual observation, are all brand names that you have bought, the same thing quality that you get in the states or UK? I have ordered some things, tools, electrical goods, they only seemed available in asia, on research they don’t seem to be available outside, which makes me think me think they are of lower quality, old designs, when you research some serial numbers they appear only in India and Thailand. Not complaining, I just think that it’s not always good to rely on big name brands.
  3. I’m lucky enough that the amount in my account isn’t of concern during the approval period, but when I got a phone call from immigration telling me to collect my visa, I asked if I needed to bring a further statement or letter from the bank to confirm anything - no, just your passport. I even got the wife to double check. Point is, ask your immigration office, they can all be different, even then double check.
  4. Went in today to do 90 day report, Immigration has moved to the old police station, still the same complex just the second entrance. Im a little confused why, because there is only a little more seating. No need to collect a ticket for 90 day, just go straight to Desk 1 / Information and join the queue.
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