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  1. 4 hours ago, tutsiwarrior said:


    yeah...I'll havta try it wid pork but was worried about the mix bein' too rich with the pork fat ...in the end I curried them without meat and with fresh tomatoes...just right...


    I got a 600gr packet of dried white beans...would they turn out the same way?


    Not sure Tutsi....its not too rich if you buy the better pork mince.


    I'm flying from the UK today and made sure to pick up some tomato puree for my chilli....damn near impossible to find in Thailand.

  2. On 11/28/2016 at 0:54 PM, tutsiwarrior said:

    'Simple lunch. Beans rice and corn with Sriracha sauce. Not exactly elegant but a solid feed nonetheless. '


    yeah looks good...add some squash and you got perfect vegetable protein that mesoamerican folks useta eat for centuries before the invasion of the Spanish pirates...


    the beans and rice is a popular dish all around central america and the caribbean, it's called 'gallo pinto' in Nicaragua, served by street vendors with a piece of fried cheese onna banana leaf in a 'fritanga'...


    I got some dried red kidneys that I brought from saudi and trine to figure out what to do widdem...ain't got no ground beef fer the usual chilli con carne...




    As my lass dont eat beef I do mine with ground pork....it works a treat.

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  3. 2 hours ago, StevieH said:


    he was just never really top top class BB. he was pretty good. did ok at forest, bit of a flop at city, did ok in italy. lineker and beardsley were far, far better than francis. so was ian wright.



    Better than Lineker?.....have to laugh.....Lineker should have played in a World Cup final.

  4. 3 hours ago, tutsiwarrior said:

    yeah...smokie on another thread says that the passion feta is quite nice...


    somehow, I find it hard to believe that western conveniences are now available like good internet and quality food delivery...I musta been gone too long (4 years) on my previous work assignment...


    keep on rockin'...



    My comment was on the halloumi....which is delicious if pan fried.


    I have not tried their feta as I buy loads of it in Schipol at Albert Hein before I get on the plane.

  5. 1 hour ago, mrbojangles said:


    Yeah, a win is a win but sometimes it's the way in which you win. Malta set up to not get embarrassed which is fair enough but we should have been able to split them up and get through much more. It was just really boring for me. Don't know if I'll bother for the mid-week game.


    I think I heard Hart snoring at about the 70 minute mark


    They did have one shot on goal!

  6. Yes yes build the team around Rooney.


    That's been the problem of course....a lack of support meaning he has to play deeper.


    Now you have Southgate of course the other teams in the group are terrified of his tactical acumen and vast managerial experience.


    I think England will win.




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  7. On 12/25/2014 at 2:59 AM, Sheryl said:

    For those who love New York style Pizza -- REJOICE!

    The best NY pizza in all of Asia has arrived.

    Brooklyn Pizza in Phnom Penh.

    It's in Toul Tom Pong area but delivers all over the city. Can call them to order or make use of the new online ordering system which many restaurants are on http://www.yourphnompenh.com/order/ (there is a $1 charge but it works really well and as you can create a profile with your address and map, removes hassles of delivery guys not finding your place.)

    I'm a native NYer and my standards for NY Pizza are exacting. But short of importing NYC tap water for the dough, Brooklyn Pizza in Phnom Penh has the real thing.


    Big pizzas and absolutely delicious too....have to second this recommendation!

  8. England's 2018 World Cup qualification fixtures

    Sunday 4 September 2016Slovakia v England

    Saturday 8 October 2016England v Malta

    Tuesday 11 October 2016Slovenia v England

    Friday 11 November 2016England v Scotland

    Sunday 26 March 2017England v Lithuania

    Saturday 10 June 2017Scotland v England

    Friday 1 September 2017Malta v England

    Monday 4 September 2017England v Slovakia

    Thursday 5 October 2017England v Slovenia

    Sunday 8 October 2017Lithuania v England

    The minnows of the group must be fancying their chances, eh Smokie? ;-)

    I watched Malta v England about 15 years ago at the national stadium there,it was a great day out and seeing Beckham,Gerrard,Lampard etc. run out in the little stadium,even though it only had three walls then as one was being built,was a fantastic day out.

    We nearly lost to them I think it finished at 1-1 and I can tell you the normally calm and reserved Maltese were screaming for blood,lol! laugh.png

    Agree Malta is a cracking trip.

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