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  1. did u not read what i wrote? ANYONE can make a review of anything on TA without ever have visiting, sleeping or eating there.
  2. Never use TA for hotels as Anyone can submit a report without ever staying there, Use booking.com or agoda where ONLY those that have stayed there can make a report As for restaurants never use ta, most "tourists" have no idea what good food is..
  3. phuketrichard

    Drive Through 90 day Reporting at Phuket

    the building behind the new toilets is for holders of L-A visa's ( migrant work visas...Burmese,Laos, Cambodians)
  4. 15 days before, just did mine 15 days in advance on monday; also dont need put in flight details dont need submit anything use chrome Note FYI my gf is on L-A visa and before i couldn't do her 90days online now i can (thank u immigration)
  5. Phuket Submitted at 9:00am got approved email at 9:15 ++++++++
  6. phuketrichard

    Smart Bus

    NOT true; u can pay 170 baht which is the MOST charged> I had to pay that one way Kamala-airport cause they didn't have any cards to sell.