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  1. yea, when u check in in the uk show her thai passport as they might ask about her visa Same when u check in in Thailand show her uk passport
  2. use your destination passport Thats what i always did with my daughters thai/US passport
  3. use your own bank and suck up the charges (each incoming wire for me from Citibank is $45
  4. WRONG Please stop posting bad info:: a Non O-A visa is issued in your own country, you need be over 50, show 800,000 baht, ( or equivalent ), a police check and med check. A NON O visa is issued in many Thai Embassy's and all in SE Asia, if you qualify, (married, over 50, spouse working with B visa, have a child, visiting family etc etc)
  5. a single entry is EXACTLY what is says it is, It CAN NOT BE RENEWED> good for one entry for a 90 day stay, your then supposed to apply for the 1 year extension. Non o VISA can be issued for visiting family, married, retired, spouse of a farang on a Non B visa or supporting a child.
  6. So i wonder, as i hold a medical Marijuana card from Ca and can legally purchase it there, will i be able to bring it over??
  7. In PP using an agent it can be overnight ( $60-65) to 3 days ( $45) I have used the agent next to the silver river hotel on street 172 for years and years. Never any problem. As he is in Cambodia, overstay (after 30 days) is $10/day 500 baht is Thailand
  8. take the bus to Battambang, (5 hours) shared taxi to Pailin, (75 minutes) an than use the Pailin land crossing for ur 30day visa exempt
  9. ur pics state 2015 ( and an O-A visa which is for retirement NOT a NON B visi for working) did u convert to a business visa? so one would assume she, an you are on extensions. As ur divorced unless u report her, her extension is valid till it expires,( sept 29th 2019) BUT than come sept 30th ,she is shit out of luck
  10. not so sure, go take a look, The food court is not that big and surely thats the clientele they are aiming for, plus having a 3 story Central dept store across from Junk Ceylon seems not the best idea to me... as to prices, there much less in JC for eating and shopping at Big C, ( same price at all Big C's) and why are the prices at the central supermarket so much higher than Central in Phuket, (beside the rents must be huge at that location) LOL< another reason why people write Phuket is expensive!
  11. Not sure how much research they did BUT>>>>what a waste of $$$$ Parking for maybe 75 cars, 1st floor food court, (all prices higher than anywhere on the island) Pizza company & a expensive thai restaurant, (phat thai 199 baht) a central supermarket, where most items are at least 50 % higher than the central supermarket in Phuket town. The farang deli place, ( same as the new central in Phuket) is there, prices 50-75% higher than Phuket town. 2, 3, 4th floor Central dept store ONLY, no other shops 20 minutes free parking than went back across to JC to eat and shop at Big C
  12. HUH>> before i had to show 800,000in the bank to get my extension,( well less as did the combo method with us letter) ,I could/would use that money throughout the year to live on,NOW i need show the 800,000 2months longer ( so need bring more money over) and leave 400,000 in the bank at 1.2% for 7 months where as before it was getting 6% and you say ...they are NOT changes
  13. haven't been to chalong in over a year, only reason i would go there is to eat at Kan Eang:-) FYI: surin is NORTH of kamala lol
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