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  1. Why do you say that? My accountant has been processing my visa and work permit for me for the last 15 years. Yes It costs money but it is definitely not illegal and it means that I only go to immigration once per year.
  2. Very good post but a couple of things missing. The majority of men with prostrate cancer die of other things before the prostate cancer becomes fatal. Thailand urologists are not up to speed on the latest way to tackle enlarged prostates. Checking your PSA AND your free PSA are a must. (My doctor had to look up free PSA.) My doctor then said PSA test, Biopsy, PSA test, Biopsy etc etc. No. It took me a long time to convince him - PSA test, MRI, PSA test MRI. After a few tests, he said - MRI shows that you may have cancer. You need a biopsy. So, I had th
  3. I do not know if this is the same as Samui. On Samui, for the QR code, it had to be social security number (yesterday). But retirees and others could register using a passport number by attending the hospital in person and filling in form..
  4. Well done Gulfsailor. I am registered with Nathon on my social security number but the hospital said that they have zero information on when and if to vaccinate me ie foreigners.
  5. Greater coucal. Lots on Samui where I live. Guests often think that their 'whoop whoop' call sounds like monkeys.
  6. yes. All of my staff refused to register for the initial phase. After many meetings with me explaining the safety of vaccines (but one man died - cried my staff) and when my business partner had the vaccine and she is still alive....... They have finally seen the light and registered for the next phase. Two out of twelve are still reluctant.
  7. Thank you for the updates khunPer. Please keep them coming.
  8. You are correct again, but it need not be too expensive. Yes, Thai food from 35 baht upwards from the noodle stall. 50 baht for pad krapow moo (with an egg) in a local restaurant. For western restaurant food I pay 290 baht for lamb shank with all of the trimmings. 350 baht for a very large Sunday roast. 600 baht for a fillet steak in a lovely French restaurant. (390 baht on Tuesdays.) Pork or chicken dishes in Thailand are usually much cheaper than lamb or beef. Pre Covid, I would only eat out a couple of times a week for western food and similar for T
  9. It is really a two edged sword. Are they really refugees? Yes, they have to work to eat. But are they just fleeing the murderers now in charge in Burma? So, come as refugees and get turned back at the border. Come as migrants and get arrested. Yes, some will bring Covid but let us not forget that this current and more deadly outbreak was started by the 'high people' in Thailand at illegal, expensive brothels, bars and discos. We cannot blame the Burmese for today's cokkup.
  10. That statement is very true but there are other reasons for booking through AirBnb. Conflict between parties and security of the booking. Some owners that I deal with do not want direct bookings. If there is a conflict - AirBnb will mediate. Even though AirBnb side with the renter at least 80 - 90% of the time, some owners prefer this way. Regarding security of the booking, again, one guest made a direct booking (last minute) and before the owner could block it, due to time zone differences, another guest booked the villa via AirBnb. Quite a few
  11. In trying to establish each day whether it is a 'can we/can't we' registration day, here are some things that I have come across. Coconuts Bangkok wrote today - "Inquiries with 12 hospitals throughout metropolitan Bangkok on Friday morning were met with various negative responses. Registration is currently open to the elderly or those with serious health conditions. MedPark Hospital said that it cannot register foreign nationals until the government “completes 70%” of vaccination of Thais first. “The government will inform us again when we can offer direct registrat
  12. That is a pretty old article. (2013) Those numbers were certainly true back then but they are meaningless now. It was about that time that the police/local government stopped the reporting of traffic deaths as the numbers were so bad. As khunPer wrote in a previous article - the reported numbers were only those that died at the roadside. The real number was higher but back then there would probably be a couple of million tourists a year coming to the island. We could all tell tales about the number of times that we have seen new 'bike riders' having their first accident wit
  13. Not many tourist vans in business at the moment. But Food Panda 'Evel Knievels' - they are like a plague of pink rats scurrying around the island at high speeds.
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