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  1. "<link and quote from the BKK post removed > Which one is true? Logically if the rooms are 20% less occupied there would be less people coming? Am I missing something?" The original quote said that hotel room bookings were down. The proposed solution from the Tourist people is more flights into Samui as existing flights were all full. So if all flights are full, then how can there be less tourists? They are not staying in hotels. Villas maybe?
  2. Yes. Me. I manage villas. I have had to hire part time staff in July/August as they have been the busiest months ever. September is looking more quiet, but I said that about August at the same time of the month in July. August is more busy than July already.
  3. No. TM30's are for all foreigners. Retirees, employees, business owners etc These should not be included in the tourist numbers.
  4. That is the important part. The work permit should always be kept at the place of work. Here on Samui I have never been asked to show my WP at immigration when leaving the island but my wife was asked once in 15 years. She just explained that it was at the school where she worked.
  5. "Bangkok Airways has announced it will be offering some truly amazing promotional fares at both the 25th Thai International Travel Fair taking place from August 22 to 25 August at Challenger Hall 2, Impact Muang Thong Thani and at the 52nd Thai Tiew Thai Travel Fair, which will be held from August 29 to September 1 at BITEC, Bangna. They include round-trip tickets Bangkok-Samui at just Bt4,000, as well as Bangkok-Chiang Mai, Bangkok-Phu Quoc and Bangkok-Cam Ranh (Nha Trang) at Bt4,960. Tickets must be purchased and issued within the event dates and will be valid for travel from August 22 to March 31."
  6. " Which one is true? Logically if the rooms are 20% less occupied there would be less people coming? Am I missing something? " The numbers do not include visitors staying in villas. There is a move for tourist groups to book private villas instead of hotel rooms. TAT cannot count these tourists. Hotel bookings are down. Villa bookings are up.
  7. Yes, I read the article. It is interesting which 'facts' these 'experts' use. What is the occupancy this year for renting villas compared to last year? I am 100% sure that the Tourism Association of Koh Samui really does not have a clue. For me, the villa rentals have more than doubled this year. As an aside, how can there be accurate tourist numbers for Koh Samui. There are only accurate hotel bookings. Tourist v business people on planes? Tourist v Thais on ferries? Does anyone count these different numbers? It would be useful to have an accurate view from these people.
  8. Well, here at the pointy end we are still flat out. 190 ins and outs booked for this month. Probably not going to get many new bookings as most of the villas are full. Lots of Chinese still (about 40%) and quit a few Indians. We always get the gaps filled over full moon party time so 100% occupied. Guests are just leaving now. Went to Maenam last Sunday to watch the rugby with a friend. Lots of traffic Sunday evening about 19.30. People walking along the streets in Bangrak and Bophut (ring road). The place looked busy with people looking for food/drink. Local people that I use for car hire are struggling to find large cars for guests for the big groups and yes - they mostly stay in the villas. Boxes of empty beer bottles and wine/spirit bottles in the trash cans. Restaurants that I recommend to guests are doing well in Choengmon/Bangrak.
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