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  1. I live on a hill in Plai Laem (near Bangrak). Many times, 'outside' minivans have said - cannot. It is not a factor of cannot, it is a fear factor of having to turn around on a gradient. The local minivan company that we use (that know the hill) always pick up and drop off. Mind you, there are some hills on the island that I would refuse to go up.
  2. Yes. I have been asked to work in a couple of developments in Chaweng Noi and Bophut Hills. In the end, I have said 'Thank you but no thank you'. As you say, scary. I do not want to attend any more hospitals or funerals in Samui.
  3. Yes. His name was Axxn Sxxd. Many properties were sold but many were never finished. They are back up for sale again (urgent) on Plai Laem Soi 7. I know a few people who lost a lot of money to him. The current 'corporate group' are doing a good but difficult job of sorting it all out. (after 15 years?) AS was the front man. His and Thai money was behind it all. He also owned Coco Blues and a Chinese restaurant in Chaweng. Organised the one and only big concert on Samui. Jerry Lee Lewis, UB 40 and others. Bought a seaplane for visa runs to Burma and did few other 'dodgy' dea
  4. The ignorance of some comments amazes me at times. I have lived on Samui for 20 years. There are at least three cases that I know of where properties or land, in the area where I live, have been sold to multiple people. In every case, the deal was made by foreigners. Not Thais. I do not personally know of any dodgy deal made by a Thai to a foreigner here on Samui. It has always been farang to farang. Yes, the land office enable it to happen, but the money behind it is farang. On the hill where I live, land has been sold and 12 properties have been built illegally. The
  5. Fishing boats. Happens here on Samui as well.
  6. I agree with this statement. I set up a company 20 years ago, just in case..... Never used it. Never traded and never filled in any returns. I just walked awayfrom it and have never had any problems with it. I also have been told that it is 'tricky' to officially close down a company.
  7. It might be interesting to see if the culprit here (if they catch him/her) has the same 'luck' as Boss. RIP to the poor victim.
  8. So is that 342 police who have openly supported the students?
  9. I wonder who sold the land in the first place? Not the 'furious' locals, surely.
  10. When the top dogs were sworn in all those years ago, they neglected to swear the oath to defend the constitution anyway. He doesn't care what the constitution states.
  11. I agree with thaibeachlovers but maybe for a different reason. The specialists here on Samui are flown in. Any follow up treatment and you tend to have to go to their 'local' hospital. eg I have been seeing the urologist at Bangkok Samui for some 5 years but for MRI or biopsy - I have to fly to BNH in Bangkok. The other problem at the moment - lack of tourists. The private hospitals are murdering the insurance companies. They are struggling to generate revenue. A friend went for a minor stomach op. Quoted 40,000 - 50,000 baht. Bill to the insurance company - just under 100,
  12. A good example of quoting out of context. Yes, some residents are concerned that there is a positive case on the island but this is not connected to the problems mentioned by the motorcycle taxi man. There have been 'virtually no tourists at all' since August. Many taxi and motorcy taxi drivers have left the island thanks to no tourists = no money. Domestic tourists tend not to use taxis/motorcy. Especially at 'island' prices.
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