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  1. Forget Chaweng. It is a ghost town. Bars still cannot open. Chaweng is a small part of Samui. Most of us who live here do not go there. Expensive and mostly for party animals. There is no partying with Covid 19. Also, currently, there is new drainage and water pipes being installed in Chaweng. Enjoy the rest of the island.
  2. Only Thai nationals, diplomats, aircraft crew and boat crews. Sorry. Try next month but......
  3. You are spreading fake news. (Or trolling.) None of the guests that I have checked in this week are in quarantine. None of them have been told or asked to quarantine. They have come both via Suratthani airport and Samui airport.
  4. As KhunPer wrote - many hotels are closed. Travel is open. Airbnb is your friend.
  5. Samui and KPN are both open. I do not know about Tao. Samui by air and ferry. KPN by ferry. Where I live, many villas rented out to people looking for a beach break or guests who have been here for months. Obviously prefer Samui to their 'lock down' home country. Rent a villa. Private pool and lots of places delivering food and alcohol. There is no quarantine ruling. Some hotels are open as they have had guests since the lockdown. eg Sala at Choengmon. Forget Chaweng, it is not the only thing on Samui. Try some of the more quiet, pristine beaches. There are lots of them.
  6. At the moment, Thailand is only accepting returning Thais plus a few exceptions. Daily, we read that some of these Thais have the virus or are suspected of having the virus. The number of returnees each day is in the 100's. How bad would it be if Thailand was accepting 1,000's or 10,000's every day??? Safer to keep the borders closed for a few more months even though my business is suffering as we depend on tourists.
  7. Slough Town v ??? 1959. Went with my dad. Most boring wet and cold afternnon that I have spent in my life. Never went to another match.
  8. Lots of advice above - I just wish you well and good luck. Even if we physically cannot help you, just know that there are people here hoping that you pull through it.
  9. I think that there are some things that are uniquely(?) Thai that have helped. The question mark is because they are not unique to Thailand but they are to SE Asia. No shoes in the house. Wai instead of shaking hands. No hugs. No kisses. Hot and sunny climate (good for natural vitamin D) As much as I hate to say it but the government did well in shutting Thailand down. The worrying bit - we are about to open up again. There is still a lot of the virus out there in the world. The tricky bits are open borders and end of free visas.
  10. There are at least 3 scenarios to this story. 1 Yes, government officials asking for kickbacks. 2 Fake government officials asking for kickbacks. 3 Hotel people out to 'get' someone. Unfortunately we will never know the truth. I have been 'hit' by number two above (the fakes) a couple of times over the years. The latest one was last year. Two army generals arrived at my place in two official army plated cars. Accompanied by four troopers and two staff from the tessabaan with land titles/company details. They questioned me for a couple of hours but could find no wrongdoing so they left. I showed the CCTV footage to a friend who has contacts. The two 'generals' are both retired and have nothing to do with Koh Samui (where I live and have a business). Just people on the scam. Happens everywhere. Take care people.
  11. I believe that Antartica is VERY safe. Personally I will stay in Samui. About nine days of light rain so far this year and very hot. Empty beaches and great food. Sorry - advert over. 20 years and still a happy chappie.
  12. 1,000 Thais returned from overseas in the last two days. Some of them will be found to be positive. Not all of them obey the isolation rules. It is still out there - just in smaller numbers.
  13. Having spent 20 years in the tourism business here on Samui, I can safely say that we have welcomed more Mongolians than either Spanish or Portugese. (All of the Mongolians spoke perfect English!)
  14. First, condolences to you and your family. The above is good advice. Without knowing a lot of details, I would suggest a few steps to protect yourself. Documents. Both the UK and Thailand are bureaucratic nightmares. Make sure that you have a copy of the death certificate (hospital), permission to release the body for burial (embassy) and confirmation of cremation (Temple). Have these documents translated into English through an official translator. With these, contact any bank in the uk that you are aware of that your dad used. (Where was your dad's pension paid?) Contact the UK government pension department. If your mum and dad were still married, there may be benefits for your mum. Make sure that they know that your dad is dead. Was there a private pension involved? Even if your mum and dad were divorced, there could be an entitlement on the pension. (The rules are complicated.) It seems that your dad's landlord is a rogue and so he has probably taken everything of value from the property. Bank book, ATM card, passport, valuables etc. If you decide to persue this in the courts here in Thailand, it will be time consuming. My wife died a few years ago and my request for her property (no will) were unopposed and it still took 2 years and 1,000 GBP. Thai law will say that your dad's estate will go to his parents and his wife (jointly). Then it is children. As you are not in the counry, there will be no liability. As others have mentioned - there is a possibility that he had 800,000 THB deposited in a bank to cover his retirement visa. If the landlord has taken everything, this will be difficult to find and to recover. Unless your father was a secret millionaire, or if there are personal items that you wish to recover - I suggest that you walk away. Sorry that I cannot be more helpful.
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