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  1. Have trawled through the multitude of pages on the requirements for UK Retirement yearly extension and other pages and could not find the answer so went into Kasikorn Bank 30mins ago, Krabi branch, and asked them to explain the code for the UK pension monthly income which is TRN on the right column and BNT on the left, and if they can confirm for TI that the monies came from abroad, said no the TRN is just a transfer, she phoned up head office, (I warble a little Thai enough to be polite) they confirmed no this is a transfer, poss from a clearing bank first...Soooo I also gather that Transfer wise gives the same problem, which leaves an option of send the pension to Barclays and then to here, costly on a monthly basis, or change to Bankok Bank which I believe has the needed codes and letter for TI, and use Transferwise, I have another pension and can combine the two and transfer at the same time to save costs. Anyone else have the same experience with K bank or any other suggestions, am using the combination method, have sufficient in the bank and sufficient income combined, been doing it for several years no problem, except a small one now, which I'm sure someone will help me with...happy new year....
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