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  1. How do you prove the purchase of lottery tickets, when no receipt is issued at point of sale?
  2. We have five LG units all bought at the same time. If one goes down for some reason, another remote is used to check. They are all interchangeable.
  3. Worthless £ ??? still 6 baht better then the $, which will you take?
  4. Careful, careful. Next thing you know they'll be telling you where you can drink you're booze. And its not likely to be with your ciggie.
  5. They have to keep the masses down somehow, but like the deaths on the roads its all meaningless. Just another law that will be ignored.
  6. Has it changed over the last hundred years? Very doubtful.
  7. Yes, a visa renewal. They have to do it every month. Makes our 90 day like walk in the park.
  8. Just as a matter of interest, Why do you have to wait for a password? Surely a password is of your own making, unique to you? Or it this another way of control?
  9. Since when? 5 houses I lived in, in the UK had cold water feeds to bathrooms and other utilities, from a cold water storage tank in the loft. Obviously water to the kitchen was from the mains. I also had hot water in a tank and the feed was from the cold water tank.
  10. The cold is not a problem, its more the lack of water pressure. Most UK bathrooms are fed water from a loft tank, not the mains.
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