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  1. I've never had to produce a prescription at any pharmacy up to now, fortunately. Meds supplied at the hospital I use, are very expensive. The pharmacy I use is a wholesale supplier which I found quite by accident. Hospital price, ฿1200 for 14 tabs. Pharmacy ฿750. No contest, no scrip.
  2. You missed the one at the top of the page.
  3. Give us a clue mate, please. I know the sun is up but it hasn't got over the yard arm. Not where I am anyway.
  4. Stopped while driving in Phuket 30 years ago. Was asked for passport but didn't have it with me. Offered my UK driving licence, which was accepted. Never been asked since, except for Immigration, banking, acquiring yellow book and then ID card.
  5. I wondered why there was no slot to put the money in?
  6. I just checked. Fool me. It is 1.5% Need new glasses or stronger drink
  7. You are obviously with the wrong bank. I get 1.3% from my savings A/C
  8. Maybe they are going to employ drivers from abroad with PSV licences.
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