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  1. Bringing with them, disease and destruction. If ink were brains, could those in high places have enough to make . ?
  2. I just love how everyone calls this shoddy lot a government. Any government worth its salt would make every effort to protect its people. All this lot can think of is, how much money can I cream off the country. Scrooge could learn a lot from this shower.
  3. They could well produce the funds if they were to 'borrow' the money in the same way other countries do.
  4. I read in the UK papers today, China has admitted their sinovacs vaccine is not up to delivering the protection they first thought. Less than 50%. Well done Thailand, very encouraging that you have placed so much faith in something so useless. But, What's new?
  5. Well, as far as I know cattle are not rounded down.
  6. No travel restrictions and no ban on songkran. Madness at its best.
  7. Due to the date, are we digging up bones? This isn't the first time either.
  8. I have used my Thai driving licence on many occasions to hire cars in the UK, from a number of different firms. I was asked once for an IDP and once for my passport, but never refused a hire. The age limit is up to 79, past that and you will be refused due to insurance limitations. My last UK car hire was July 2019 Eurocar via a company called Keddy. Collected at and returned to Heathrow.
  9. I accept your post, sandyf and perhaps the BBC are correct, but it is not confirmed and wont be until the summer. So, can we just accept we are both correct, maybe?
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