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  1. Don't worry too much, if you are scared you can stay at home forever, guess nobody's missing you. Pls forgive the sarcasm, nothing personal.
  2. Last night i bought a couple of beers in the little shop, about 10 locals hanging and chatting around in 4 sq. meters, including one of the local finest sitting on the floor, all without masks except the farang (me). But they were smiling at me
  3. I can't believe that i'm hearing some common sense for the first time since 3 months
  4. Once we get used to one chip, surely some will rush to get multiple chips implanted. It could even become a fashion, chips in the teeth, chips on the ears.. There will be all sorts of chips to choose, the cheap ones and the futuristic, what is there not to be happy ?
  5. Today we appear to think in a similar way, but i am not surprised. We have had some misunderstanding in the past months, but i completely agree with your post. In fact i mostly dislike fanatics, and i think everybody should be free and happy to tell their 'experience of reality", so that hearing other people experiences, and comparing them to our experience, we may get closer to the truth.
  6. Really ? Millions desperately unemployed, thousands queuing for free food, a general feeling of sadness in a previously joyous, dynamic country.. And all of that for 57 deaths in a country of 65 millions. Hardly a success imho.
  7. Absolutely agree, alcohol should be taken in moderate quantities only if one is healthy and reasonably happy. Feeling lonely and depressed and drinking alcohol is a recipe for disaster.
  8. I think that science, intended as the search for a rational explanation of the reality which surrounds us, is one of the highest faculties of humans. When science becomes a series of dogmas, based on our limited physical senses, it becomes an "ignorant science". Actually, focusing our knowledge on a mere physical reality, can be a heavy damage to our inner beings; it makes humans dumb and arrogant without reason. Every truth is relative or temporary, but i believe that there must be an ultimate, eternal truth. Some people call it "God", other people call it "Brahman", but the name or the label is not really important.
  9. I think many, including myself, are having the same problem. It's not easy, as you rightly point out, lack of motivation is a real hurdle. I would recommend meditation, but nothing really complicated. Try just sitting with your back as straight as you can, and focus your mind on the act of breathing, make your breathing as slow as you can. Imagine you are breathing pure, clean energy, and when you exhale you get rid of negative thoughts. Ask yourself, whatever your problems may be, if you want to be miserable, or a positive human being. Trying to avoid sugar and unhealthy food is also quite important. Find someone real to talk to, it helps a lot ! It works for me, i would not even consider taking anti-depressants.
  10. Yep, weak minds, they criticise religion because it's fashion, then they get trapped into other dogmas. Nothing new under the sun.
  11. Perhaps one day you'll find that "observable facts" are a very tiny fraction of reality.
  12. No, it's not so simple. I agree, but we know very well that it's just a dream, don't we ?
  13. That's a very difficult question; i support human rights and equality, but men and women will never be equal, unless one agrees with de-humanizing society.
  14. "Science" has officially become the new religion. Warning: It makes you dumb, but you're not aware of it, you're probably feeling even proud of it. Stay home, stay safe and watch tv
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