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  1. Well said, every country has skeletons in the closet, including those preaching from high horses of morality.
  2. mauGR1


    Imho, it's all about belief in a theory. As i see it, Lord Buddha is teaching a way out of samsara, as easy and simple as it can be. Personally i can see a clear pattern among various teachings, it's only that the words can be confusing at times.
  3. Well.. ..As the OP says : "He was unable to brake in time and hit the rear right side at speed". It seems to me that the motorbike was following the car too closely. I wonder if there's a rule about it.
  4. Now i'm afraid i'll have to be very careful in the morning when i walk down the soi in my garden attire to throw away the garbage, there could be a TVF member lurking in the shadows.
  5. yep. the best time is now. Honestly, getting old is no fun, but it's better than the alternative
  6. Is that funny? The funny thing is that when i was younger, i used to think there is only one mid life crisis. I got a few already, and they keep coming.
  7. I think this is what Cardiff is trying to do, the 2 clubs should try to find a reasonable agreement.
  8. So, are you saying that he killed the dog, then accused the dog of biting the tourists ? Well, i would not be surprised.
  9. It's a huge problem, not denying it, but you don't use a bazooka to get rid of mosquitoes, do you ?
  10. Sorry, i trust Mahatma Gandhi, you cannot solve problems with violence, because violence is the main problem.
  11. Sorry, i trust Mahatma Gandhi, you cannot solve problems with violence, because violence is the main problem.
  12. Are you for real ? Which is worse, war and bombing or illegal drugs and random acts of criminality ? i think we will have to agree to disagree.
  13. I think there are millions of alternatives which are better than bombing. I fail to see how you can consider bombing as a solution, unless you bomb yourself, in which case you don't have to think about other people problems anymore.
  14. Oh, do you believe in bombing as a way to solve the problems ?
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