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  1. Agree, but nearly half of the cats here have the 'short' tail, so i won't call it a birth defect. something in genes for sure.
  2. It could be, but you cannot be sure unless you talked to him.
  3. Good for you, perhaps the sleeping guy is not as tough and smart as you. Still, i never enjoy the sight of people in trouble.
  4. Don't know, i've never been so drunk to fall asleep on a sidewalk, but , when i was still a kid, i had to beg for a bus ticket after being robbed of all my money. I am not proud of it, but there was not much else i could do, and i'll be forever grateful to the kind souls who helped me.
  5. Just sleeping on the sidewalk is a sign of being in some sort of trouble, even if just emotional trouble
  6. That might be true indeed. As much as i enjoy your posts, i have to say that taking pics of strangers in trouble doesn't look like a good thing to me. What if you were in trouble and strangers took pics of you ? If you don't want to help, just ignore.
  7. mauGR1

    Trat to Pattaya by public bus

    It has been a long time, so i am not sure about timings. There must be some direct bus in the morning, but in the worst of cases, change bus in Rayong.
  8. Spot on, few years ago i misjudged a middle-aged Westerner with a Thai teen, he was his stepson. As 'robblok' said, better be sure of what you think and what you say.
  9. Apparently what he said is considered not PC, but, really, who would have thought of western nations exploiting the resources of the 3rd world.. Sometimes politics shows its blatant hypocrisy.
  10. i have to disagree, he wasn't driving but it was his boat and he had intentionally disconnected the safety kill switch, he then let an inexperienced, intoxicated person take charge of the boat - at night. he really has no blame?! Two wrongs never made one right. Of course, he survived, then he is the only one to blame, and blaming the victims is always wrong.
  11. As far as i understand, he was deemed guilty as being the owner of the boat, which, in theory, makes sense. Still, apparently she was driving, so there may be some grey area in which we cannot be sure of anything. Young people like to have fun, sometimes to have fun implies to take risks, pity for a young life wasted, and another one ruined.
  12. So, are you disappointed that no one will join you on the manhunt ?
  13. Well, isn't it you who are calling people troll for discussing the issue ? So, if the woman was drunk and driving recklessly, doesn't that make her at least partly responsible ? one can be victim of others bad behaviour, or of his/her own bad behaviour, and this can be debated without calling people trolls.
  14. Your comment is over the top, really, wonder what would be your position if the man had died and the woman had survived. Or you are the kind of 'the women are always innocent' type ?
  15. Absolutely, that's why i agree with you, that they should be held equally responsible, being both adults, consenting drinking buddies.. Still, apparently, the law sees it differently.