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  1. ..And, you said repeatedly that you see the presence of God in the shining stars, which I agree, why don't you see the same in all the disasters which afflict humankind ? The way I see it, if God exists, it's beyond good and bad, and good and bad are there to teach us lessons. Without wishing to criticize, I know that life can be extremely hard sometimes, but the image of a good, all-forgiving God sounds false to me.
  2. To compare humans to animals is not so far fetched to me.
  3. S**t happens, that is a fact, it can happen to me and you and anyone at any moment, but let's not forget to look at the stars, and take care of the garden, at least that's what I'm trying to do.
  4. While it's true that things which have a beginning come to an end, I believe that life, broadly talking, is eternal. Overpopulation, paradoxically, is a sign of favourable conditions, and evil is simply the other side of good. I think a very large portion of humankind is benefitting from civilisation, which, with all the pros and cons, aims undoubtedly to a higher state of consciousness. Nothing to worry, imho, we live in the best of possible worlds.
  5. You say nothing ! If not for kingdoms and cults, we would still dwelling in caves, hunting and gathering for survival. Sure, civilisation comes at a price, but I don't know anyone who would like to be back to tribal life. In short, it's not a good idea to throw away the baby with the dirty water imho.
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