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    I was told by Bikky when I rented there once that if a person has a valid drivers license then you you have insurance coverage. Mango said the same when I asked .... and like Bikky that was well over a year ago. Yes I would ask at each rental place. Since I have a valid Thai license I didn't ask if an IDP was acceptable. I don't believe the insurance covered the physical motorbike. If it is damaged/totaled you pay for it. Mango includes a value of the bike in the rental agreement.
  2. jmd8800

    newbie in chiang mai

    I usually use http://mangobikesrent.com/ 1000THB deposit and copy of passport. As someone else mentioned if you do not have an IDP or Thai drivers license you are likely to hit some fines in the checkpoints until you learn to circumvent them. Also.... wear a helmet.
  3. A few years ago an immigration attorney in the USA told me that scrutiny of the individual is easier before that person enters the country. In this case the USA. Once a foreigner is inside the country, and the couple marries inside the country they can apply for a change of status based on marriage to a USA citizen. At that point it would be awfully hard to deport the foreigner without due process which would take a few years. The attorney said that due process also includes the USA citizen's right to marry whom ever he/she wishes. So to arbitrarily deport that spouse would be a violation of the USA citizen's rights.
  4. I would not go that far. Give it time. I will guarantee you my country would also have issues when new rules and regulations are announced in situations like this. It will be very simple for Thai IO fairly soon. The required amount of money sitting in bank for the required time or money transferred from outside the country. Doesn't get much simpler than that. But one thing is for certain, I am applying for my extension on the earliest date possible so I have some time to sort things if needed. I am not waiting until the last minute.