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  1. An eye candy social media video and a duplicate news item post have been removed.
  2. A number of posts have been removed for misinformation, being off topic and flames.
  3. A dictionary definition post and related post have been removed.
  4. An extended exchange of posts regarding COVID cases in California has been removed for being off-topic. Also a duplicate post of an already posted news item.
  5. A pair of posts with coronavirus vaccine misinformation and conspiracy theory content have been removed. Any further such posts here will only lengthen the poster's suspension.
  6. For those keeping score: SinoPHARM above doesn't exist in Thailand right now and hasn't been approved here or in the U.S., despite the new WHO recommendation. SinoVAC is the one the Thais have been using imported from China, but it hasn't yet been approved as yet by either the WHO or the US FDA/CDC.
  7. A post with unsourced and unsubstantiated information has been removed, along with a reply.
  8. This thread was temporarily locked to allow for the cleanup of some offending content. That process is now completed, and the thread is now unlocked and back to normal access.
  9. A post relying on a conspiracy-pseudoscience website has been removed. Any more such posts here will result in a posting suspension for the member involved.
  10. A pair of posts with vaccine misinformation has been removed, along with a reply.
  11. A post that took a dig at a particular nationality has been removed, along with several ensuing replies. Forum rule: You will not post slurs, degrading or overly negative comments directed towards Thailand, specific locations, Thai institutions such as the judicial or law enforcement system, Thai culture, Thai people or any other group on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
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