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  1. One of the biggest issues with American politics right now is the Christian culture that pervades. It's made patently obvious by the vaping news of late... with edited/fake news and misinformation leading the charge. Sounds like a Christian Army going to war... forget the facts, and I got a personal attack after answering one question on Quora. Turns out the writer is a Christian who belives that anything bad for your body is evil and to be avoided. His point being that giving up smoking and taking up vaping is simply replacing evil with evil (albeit at least 95% less evil - or maybe you could say it's less evil enough that you could actually use it as a better replacement... after all, Christians DO drive cars and they are certainly not GOOD for the environment or health...). I just hate Christians - and had enough experience to be fully bigoted without any worries about upsetting anyone subscribing to the religion. Any Christian who is fed to the lions goes straight to heaven, right? So let's do them all a favour.
  2. I would say that losing the paper accidentally would be the most sensible option. Followed by a lack of memory which might or might not be jogged in the future. Having had my memory thus jogged on several occasions, my amnesia again resumed it's dominance and led to undeterminate results. I cannot even remember paying. I'm quite sure that if I were reminded again under more conducive circumstances that there would be no undue penalty incurred - and I am also quite sure that quite a sum of money could be involved should all of the forgotten missives come to light.
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