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  1. It is nothing less than Indoctrination. They don't know why..........they just know. It is a consequence of the fundamental nature of the Socio-Political order. Which was established in 1938/39, but subsequently re-branded and re-launched (with a different advertising campaign) just after WW2.
  2. The "Energy Drink" as such is a Japanese concept. (They also developed Methamphetamine from Amphetamine) Krataeng Daeng is an original product.
  3. Anybody who wants to know #howcomeitsthewayitis needs to read his entry in Wikipedia as a starting point.
  4. The announcement sounded good last June......so let's make it again now.
  5. In the hour since I first reacted to your post, bang on cue, 2 outages. Expect them every week. At least 7 years since I was first told PI a good option. But I think it would be too hot for me.
  6. Not on less than $2 a day?........correct. "Upper" Class?.......no. Prostitutes?......much cheaper in India. Which is why, it is said, Indians are notorious among Pattaya working girls for seeking group discounts for sharing the same girl. The "something different" is Thai prostitutes as opposed to Indian prostitutes. And they try and get them "on the cheap".
  7. "I know nothing of the stuff" Suggest you address that deficiency before further posting.
  8. "i would think the many Thai people she pass by every day would give her a little help right?" But not one of the many people who pass by in their cars everyday? Why is being in the car synonymous with "not have time to stop"? You're really worried about her? But not enough to get the seats dirty? Yeah.......best leave it to someone else.
  9. It could earn you some money: Using someone’s image for commercial benefit Many countries recognize that individuals have a right of publicity. The right of publicity is the direct opposite of the right of privacy. It recognizes that a person’s image has economic value that is presumed to be the result of the person’s own effort and it gives to each person the right to exploit their own image. Under this right, you could be liable if you use a photograph of someone without their consent to gain some commercial benefit. If they are using your image for commercial benefit then the law in Thailand may require you to be compensated. Nice if it was backdated. But your contract may have given them permission.
  10. "The Nation": "Their target audience is English-speaking Thai upper and upper-middle classes" From the Wikipedia entry for same.
  11. See here for why those of us who contracted into employer schemes have to pay more years in order to receive a full state pension: Why won't I get a full state pension | This is Money "The issue of ‘contracting out’ probably generates more correspondence to this column than almost any other issue" I need 36 instead of 35 years payments. Funnily, at the time, when my employer told me what a good idea it was, I replied "Unless the Gov. changes legislation to erode or negate the benefit.....which they can do at the stroke of a pen". Which they did. According to the article I am still better off.........I'll have to take the authors word for it!
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