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  1. A wealthy, retired friend of mine, who usually holidays in Thailand for 2-3 months, has rejected the idea of staying for more than 30 days this year. Purely out of indignation at the intrusive demands for bank statements. Wealthy, retired, bona fide, grade A, guaranteed.........tourist. How many more like him? Well done Ministry of Dissuasion.
  2. It all "started" when the major European victors of WW1 (UK and France) carved up the Arab part of the Ottoman Empire for themselves. Pretty much a rolling catastrophe since then, with US and Soviet involvement only exacerbating difficulties. This is a good book: The Arabs: A History by Eugene Rogan - Goodreads
  3. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife" First line of "Pride and Prejudice", Jane Austen, 1813. The way of the world since then........and long, long before.
  4. It does seem strange that people think that, having declared the trappings of "settled" habitation, the IO will accept their claim of tourist status. I would have thought that dreadlocks, backpack and BO would would do more to authenticise it . My own method is to have a Chinese person walking in front of me with a flag, shouting and beckoning me towards the camera and fingerprint machine.
  5. Everyone is assumed to be employed unless they have paid the 100,000 baht registration fee (in person) that allows them to be classified as unemployed. There is only one registration office, at the end of a long road, through a dark forest, atop a high mountain. It's a very quiet place.
  6. Its nature, wild, "in tooth and claw". Now you know how paleontologists find themselves digging up a composite pile of bones, from multiple animals of the same species. This how it has been happening for millions of years.
  7. A worst twist of fate for the working girls. Hard to imagine the Hindoo "ringing the bell". And the only "------some" they are likely to propose is them and their friend(s) on one girl.........half price. The girls in the "establishments" are doubtless being pressured/compelled into accepting seriously lower fees by the owners. And having witnessed the barely disguised horror/revulsion/fear on the faces of working girls when surrounded, literally surrounded, by a mob of curry-reeking honour killers on Beach Road I feel nothing but pity for them. The "trade" in Pattaya might have previously offered a way out for the poor Isaan woman. It looks more like "out of the frying pan, into the fire" now. PS. This is not a racist rant, it's "societo-culturalist".
  8. Marvel films are great. So was every Scorcese film I've seen. I like oranges, apples, grapes and bananas. My favourite timber is Lignum Vitae, but it's rubbish for making model gliders. Balsa is much better for that.
  9. This is not Watergate or Monica. He is a true "historical" monster. His ego is what prevents him from imagining "just walking away". His sort never do. It's what leads, ultimately, inevitably, to their complete destruction. The problem for the people of the United States of America (as it was for the people of past, now vanished, "Great States") is who else, what else and how much else he involves in his self-destruction. "Götterdämmerung"? Unfortunately, for the people of the United States of America, a seemingly large percentage of them also lack sufficient imagination, intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, and perhaps most importantly....humility, to see the ultimate, inevitable, outcome of their folly. That's how he got there in the first place.
  10. Its what I had on Thai, flying from UK yesterday. It was tidily presented (I suspect the photo was taken after the passenger had pushed it around a bit) and tasted fine. Happily it was not as spicy as in Terra Thailand so my "farmers" survived intact. The performance of the flight attendants was as good as the best of any of the other carriers I have used in the last 10 years. The overall experience was better than the only other Royal Thai flight I took, 9 years ago. PS There was absolutely nobody in the immigration queue, I breezed through on my undisputed METV, the rail link took me swiftly to Phaya Thai, a taxi properly used the meter while delivering me to Mochit, from where the Ist class bus left shortly after and took me (without being driven dangerously or crashing) to the gateway of the NE in no time at all. Possibly the easiest/best UK-Winter Home transit I have ever had.
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