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  1. Because something was present during those decades that most obviously isn't now. Without it the old play doesn't work. There will be no show of "mediation". There will be no restraint........ultimately none from either side. That's all that's certain. It's as simple as that.
  2. Flying it upside down is an easily made "operational" mistake. How many would actually accept it, with reversed colours, from a flag maker, and then be able to stick it up without anybody in the event team noticing and saying something? It's quite possible that it was noticed, but to say anything would have placed an "important" persons "face" in severe jeopardy Happily, in this case, not speaking out did not result in injuries or deaths. I wonder how many reported injuries and deaths have occurred because of it?
  3. No. It's similar to the "airport dash" overstay situation in "normal times". Normal: While on overstay make it to the airport and you only get fined at the airport. Don't make it to the airport and you get the book thrown at you. Now: While on overstay make it to the IO and make an extension application and you only get fined at the IO. Don't make it to the IO and you get the book thrown at you.
  4. The potential for civil war has existed for many years. But the great departure was the final click in the combination that unlocked the wind. There's no undoing that. The die is cast. There's no going back.
  5. He's Jewish. He's allowed to. It's what he was doing (unforgettably) the first time I saw him. Anyone have an uncut version of this?:
  6. Thailand is not a modern society. It has all the "objects" of modernity, but not the ideas. That's why it has been hitherto incapable of adding to modernity. It only consumes it. That's why the protestors are pushing for change.
  7. The old road. A comforting one for many. A comforting delusion this time. This is the New Era. This time there will be no "impartial" mediation. This time it's "A l'outrance".
  8. These "vocational" students are the students likely to be recruited/hired to attack the protesting ones. "Its membership consisted mainly of discontent young unemployed, vocational school students and high school drop-outs." Red Gaurs - Wikipedia "The Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand (NSPRT), the PDRC hardline faction under the leadership of Nithithorn Lamleua and Uthai Yodmanee." People's Democratic Reform Committee - Wikipedia
  9. Obviously the Election Commission feels that the Democracy/Reform movement needs strengthening and is doing its best to persuade people to get involved. Move Forward will no doubt be grateful for the help of the EC in recruiting more members. Street food sellers also rubbing their hands at the prospect of many more sales to demonstrators.
  10. 3.62 extra deaths a day per province over 6 months (1.81 a day over a year). Very different population distribution (mass internal migration to rural areas at outset of emergency). Very few in old peoples homes so many deaths at home, in relative isolation and un-diagnosed. Age relationship important when considering that roughly 88% of deaths in UK are elderly (many concentrated in "hothouse" care-homes) and even so only represent about 1 in 400 of the +65 population of UK Crematoriums in temples every few kms. In a land where everyb
  11. "A sample could hold clues to the origins of life on Earth, scientists say" "The Andromeda Strain":
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