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  1. Thanks to Capitalism. Without the wealth that they gained through joining the money-go-round, which was much to the delight of Western capitalist countries, who optimistically (and falsely) believed that China would become more like "us" as a consequence (ie less totalitarian/more democratic), they would not have been able to afford holidays in Thailand and elsewhere. Previously, when SARS appeared (and god knows what else that we didn't get to hear about), they were not able to travel in huge numbers and spread it. Had COVID-19 appeared, with China still in its pre-"Totalitarian Capitalist" form, it would not have been gifted to the world at large.
  2. OP, If I were you I'd be out buying a pair of these right now: They should do until the TVF Design and Engineering Committee comes up with the definitive solution.
  3. How many lives would have to be destroyed, in saving that "one life", before it became not worth it? Because many have been driven to the wall, and more than one has died, as a result of the draconian measures taken, quite late on, in a Thailand with minimum to non existent economic care for the vast majority. And why take them anyway? If the ludicrously low figures (touted from the outset by the regime) were to be believed, there should not have been the necessity for what they have done, as, from the early to later stages (when they made no such effort to "control" it) the "magic" of Thailand successfully protected it. There appeared to be virtually no threat......the numbers showed that. As they do now. So either the apparent relative safety of Thailand was (and remains) a big lie, or COVID has merely been used as justification for a further strengthening of state control and oppression. Probably both.
  4. Is "Declan James Theodore" the "Declan Theodore" with three pages of property to sell/rent on "buyrentpropertythailand.com"? Anyway, what a shame that in this video the Declan in question touches his nose at exactly the wrong moment. That, after a generally shifty, sideways glancing presentation, spent hiding behind dark glasses, "did it" for me:
  5. Different person. Fatarse is/claims to be 25. You're thinking/posting Shilpa Shetty, 44. Her latest film, release 14th August:
  6. Because they own the land upon which it is being built. Remember the fuss about military ownership of land/engagement in commercial "enterprise", after the mass killing in Korat?: "Navy, Air Force also asked to return state land" https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30382218 Navy say "No, this land good very much money, mmmm, very much money.......like good" big smile.
  7. Does your dark skin annoy some Thai people when you walk around on your own? If the answer is yes then I expect that "those sort of people" (ie some Thai people) would probably be extra annoyed if they saw you pressed up close, as a pillion rider, to one of "their" women. That's what "those sort of people" are like, the world over. Nothing to do with her being the driver and you being the passenger, or any other convention concerning mens/womens "proper" roles.
  8. Same place that the brickwork in the lower left of the headline photo reminds me of. (Although it's a bit tidy to qualify as true "Thai Bond")
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