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  1. Well, he’s not wrong, is he. This 100% is an illegitimate government.
  2. Crashes do happen all over the world. Crashes of this nature and frequency - not so much. Not nearly as much.
  3. For any company or persons looking to invest or do business in Thailand, this story should be a massive insight into how business is done here. Truly appalling.
  4. A very poorly written and confusing article. Whether they were using their full beams or not, what does it matter? You don't go around shooting at people. This is a complete non-issue.
  5. Friend of mine did his marriage extension at CW back in April. He always has well above 400k all the the time. He said when he went back 4 weeks later to get his extension stamped into his passport, they asked for his updated bankbook and letter confirming he still has X amount in his account. I thought having to maintain at least 400k until you officially get your marriage extension stamp was an official rule now.
  6. Your ignorance of the law is no excuse. Stop bribing immigration officials.
  7. Tipping is bribery. It’s illegal. Stop making us honest and law-abiding foreigners look bad.
  8. Already an oversupply on this line also. Especially in the area where I live.
  9. Paying more than the set amount is illegal. It’s a bribe. No tips.
  10. Don’t cherry pick which laws to abide by. Tipping is illegal.
  11. No tipping. It’s illegal. Stop breaking the law.
  12. Please refrain from tipping officials and breaking the law. It makes life for the rest of us foreigners harder.
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