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  1. That’s quite the lengths to go to to block someone’s promotion.
  2. Yea! Stop photoshopping your pics so it looks like there are more people in the crowd than there really is. That’s fake news.
  3. Well, there has been fraud. This is undeniable. You've seen it for yourself. There's one particular document out there that would dissolve any other party. The junta simply said it was fake. Who's gonna call them out on it? The EC? Don't apply logic by using examples from around the world. How many other countries out there have had as many coups as Thailand. How many have had as many bloodless coups?
  4. CSI LA has been sent many documents and pictures exposing the corruption and fraud involved in the elections so far. I’m thinking the longer they take to declare their results, the more time there is to expose more corruption and fraud. Nip it in the bud now well before the coronation.
  5. But when will he relinquish 44? Also, will it be legal to criticise his 'government'?
  6. In the UK we've had hosepipe bans in the past when the summer has been long and dry. This is the UK, for Christ's sake. A very wet place. I say bring back the traditional Song Kran where people didn't waste water in the name of 'fun'.
  7. Runninng up the this election, fake news seems to be whatever news criticizes the junta (true or false), and every other piece of news is just ‘news’.
  8. CSI LA has been exposing a lot of the corruption and fraud involved in this election so far. I can only imagine the longer they delay announcing their victory the longer there’ll be to expose even more corruption and fraud. I can’t see this going well.
  9. I heard thunder for about 10 mins, but it was gloriously sunny outside. Not a dark cloud in sight. Never experienced that here before.
  10. Amazing! How much time and money has been wasted on making narcissistic info-boards, standing around for photos and patting each other on the back?
  11. That’s because there is no explanation. Prayut is either one or the other. He can’t be both and none at the same time. This is criminal.
  12. Empirical evidence? What are you talking about? Where is it? Who’s published it? Links, please.
  13. Four people were convicted for arranging, financing and leading this illegal hunt?
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