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  1. And you’re for or against this sort of authoritarian rule?
  2. Gotta be Prawit. He’s head of everything else.
  3. What are they learning? How happy, free and fresh everyone is?
  4. I hope the police and army were armed to the teeth and had helicopters and tanks. God only knows what kind of laws could have been broken without their presence.
  5. They don't even pretend to understand how democracies work. Their job isn't to tell us how something is good or bad; it's to explain why. If you can't explain why, you're simply abusing your power.
  6. You’ve missed the point. The point is that we’re being told to social distance when outside with strangers (especially inside aircon buildings). Just keep a few steps from each other that’s all. It may well be over the top and seem overly cautious, but at the end of the day, it’s really not that hard to do and it could make a big difference. Call me crazy but I want this all to be over, and the quickest way for that to happen is to just practise some simple hygiene ideas that really aren’t hard at all. “If I see someone hanging around waiting for me to finish I’ll take longer to browse and then walk past them closer than the social distance” Words fail me.
  7. It was an observation. People only see observations as complaints when they feel they’re being called out. It’s called ‘projecting’.
  8. Thanks. I’ll be sure to be more aggressive and physical with members of the public in the supermarket during these social distancing times. Especially at the sandwich section.
  9. It’s not about being nice it’s about being considerate. Even in normal circumstances, I can wait a few seconds ‘til someone’s finished. Even more so when we’re being encouraged to keep a few steps from each other.
  10. Thanks. Next time I comment on an article about people not social distancing, I’ll be sure to do it from an unknowing perspective.
  11. Just one of many examples, but I was in Villa last week and there was some guy looking at the sandwiches. I waited by the side for him to finish, and as I waited, a few people just went straight in and picked up what they wanted. NO distancing at all. Then we got to the checkout where people were distancing, but there was only one lane open. As we were waiting, the other cashier was setting up and you could see the creepers (that's what I call the idiots who think they're cunning and smart by pushing in) waiting by the side ready to pounce. As soon as she opened her till, a few people barged forward. Social distancing here really is just a buzzword.
  12. I'm not Thai and I didn't spend my formative years here, but when I'm driving, I'm always fully aware and considerate of pedestrians and treat them accordingly as the unpredictable creatures that they are. I apply the exact same logic to drivers when I'm the pedestrian. The roads here are a sad state of affairs.
  13. Sorry, this sounds like an awful euphemism for something else.
  14. Lucky students. Now they can watch such informative and educational online lessons like this; I just worry about what happens to anyone in this class, or the class next door, who is unhappy? How many raps on the knuckles do they get?
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