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  1. Before you all judge, let's give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Prayut and co wouldn't just invite any old Tom, Dick or Harry without doing their due diligence. I'm sure we'll find out this was all just a misunderstanding. I'm sure his record was clean before they met him. "The informal invitation had sparked outrage among Thai people last night as Sia Poh was previously and notoriously known for being arrested for several charges, including alleged possession of weapons, money laundering, and allegedly being a drug dealer. Sia Poh was trending heavily on Twitter all evening"
  2. Yea, I've never heard anyone with a British passport refer to it as an Irish passport. Do you know why? Because that's stupid.
  3. I don't think so. If this government plans going full CCP, they're going to need a more rabid dog.
  4. Well, if there's anyone who knows about falling flat, it's this man.
  5. Wow! Cops can get fired here? What did they do - murder someone?
  6. Amazing this was allowed on Twitter. If he thinks this about the French, I'd hate to think what he's saying about the Chinese and their genocide of Uyghur Muslims. He has strongly criticized them, right? Oh, this is what he said: "You don’t just try and do something which would fail anyway, so it is better to find some other less violent ways not to antagonise China too much because China is beneficial for us" More selective outrage, I see. Brave.
  7. Wonder where the kids got the impression they could behave like this? Always amazing to see kids running wild in public places while the parents do nothing. It's amazing how selfish and oblivious to their surroundings some people can be.
  8. “I wasn’t there, so I don’t” What an eloquent and mature reply. With this lot at the negotiation table, one wonders why we’re at this current impasse.
  9. Other people's rights? She is a member of the party who committed treason. This woman is truly abhorrent.
  10. That's a pretty big mistake. So big indeed that it just isn't believable.
  11. There are no flies on this lot. One minute you have that horrible wench from the PPRP telling the young protester that it's only about 100,000 people who want change and millions love Prayut, the next minute you have the PPRP talking about setting up committees to calm things down. If millions love Prayut and it's only about 100,000 who don't, why do anything?
  12. I think he came into power with grandiose ideas for himself. He really did see himself as some kind of saviour without realising that what he wants isn't what the majority want. As I heard someone say the other day, "I don't mind ignorant people. As long as they're willing to ask questions and learn. What I can't stand is ignorant people who are arrogant". Basically the Dunning Kruger Effect. He ultimately forgot he's just a puppet. An expendable asset. A useful idiot.
  13. I think it was more of a symbolic gesture. A reminder to people that being poor isn't an excuse for being an a******.
  14. I was once given a small piece of memorabilia after I donated some money to a charity collector on the street. I gave it to my then gf and she told me to put it in my pocket for now as females are not allowed to put stuff like that in their pockets (she was wearing jean shorts and had no bag). I told her that she can put money in her pockets, soooo? An explanation was not forthcoming. I don't know if this is true or not, but it really wouldn't surprise me. So glad I never bought into any of it.
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