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  1. So it’s a civil case. How a civil case ends up with someone in jail is ridiculous. You sue successfully if you can prove they’re lying and have lost you money.
  2. Thanks. So many bad reviews. These reviews could easily have been deleted if it was obvious it was just a disgruntled guest. Yes, Thai law. You must respect these laws even if they are harsh. Thai law is very serious. Especially when dealing with people who don’t have the means to pay their way out. But If you’re rich, it suddenly becomes that they’re not so serious. Just buy your way out. What wonderful justice.
  3. Get banged up for writing a bad review online or kill a cop whist drunk and coked up and spend not one second in jail. Yea, this seems fair in the broader context.
  4. So there’s no reason to be 100% open and honest. Be transparent. That way we can save lives. Do you think a regime that will lock you up or have you disappeared for criticizing them have your best interests at heart?
  5. Thanks. And when foreign countries use draconian laws to ‘imprison’ their hotel guests for bad reviews online, let it be known that’s the law in that country. You lock up tourists for leaving bad reviews? Let us help you spread the word. Let us help you own it.
  6. Especially in a country where you can kill someone and not spend a single day in jail.
  7. People aren’t supposed to be arrested for leaving bad reviews. If they wanna sue, this is a civil case. Locking people up for leaving a bad review is moronic. The fact that you can kill people here and not spend a single day in jail makes even more moronic.
  8. Well, if they thought business was bad before, they’re in for a nasty surprise with this regressive behaviour. People don’t like this sort of thing and quite rightfully so.
  9. Little bit advice to any business in any sector: don’t have your customers imprisoned. It isn’t a good look. People leave bad reviews. This is life. Explain why the review is wrong or at least try to settle it with the guest. This has now just made it much worse for the hotel. And before people say it’s the law or the police did it, etc, once you go to the police to file charges for someone writing bad reviews, you can safely assume they’ll be arrested if the case is accepted. That’s how filing complaints with the police works.
  10. It would seem deals are being made behind closed doors. This will surely only make matters much worse.
  11. Again, my argument isn’t about what Trump did or didn’t do. People seem to conflate being angry with the CCP for covering up the virus with supporting Trump. It’s unfortunate nowadays that many people think that condemning one thing means condoning another. It’s a simple and childish logic. You do know it’s possible for people to have two separate thoughts in their head at the same time, right?
  12. The one I sent you is quotes from the CCP and the WHO. Like I said, you’re free to question any quotes by the CCP or WHO you don’t like. How about the one where they said there were no clear signs of human-to-human transmission when they knew weeks before that there absolutely were?
  13. Move along and ignore that China tired to cover this whole thing up? No thanks, Eric. We’re not all CCP apologists.
  14. I'm just imagining Prawit telling Supattanapong to go out and make this statement. Supattanapong angrily telling him that he'll do it this one time but he's gotta get a new finance minster. No wonder no one wants the job.
  15. Yes, but why exactly? Ah, cos of b******* like this. They're not delaying - they're just scared. Good to that the people making the most important decisions for the country aren't just slimy, deceitful snakes, but they're also cowardly weasels.
  16. I don't care about Trump. My point is exclusive to the origin of the virus and the cover up that followed. That's why you quoted me. China knew a lot and didn't share. They were too busy allowing residents of Wuhan to travel outside of Wuhan to the rest of the world but not outside Hubei to the rest of China. The CCP maintain their authority by having the economy look strong, having people in jobs, and making sure people are too scared to revolt. Admitting their weaknesses isn't negotiable to them. You may have noticed how they don't admit fault or say sorry. Their actions and decisions always have to appear to be right. Question that authority and go to jail or get disappeared.
  17. Not sure why you're referring to Trump within our conversation. My point is purely that the virus came from Wuhan and the CCP tried to cover it up. Here's a tweet from WHO: Now this was at least two weeks after Chinese officials knew 100% it could be spread human to human.
  18. Yes, they didn't clearly state weather it could or could not be passed on human to human. They didn't clearly state something they already knew to be true. That's the epitome of a 'cover up'.
  19. "All the published genetic sequences of SARS-CoV-2 isolated from human cases are very similar, suggesting that the start of the outbreak resulted from a single point introduction in the human population around the time that the virus was first reported in humans in Wuhan, China. The analyses of the published genetic sequences further suggest that the spillover from an animal sourceto humans happened during the last quarter of 2019" The only people arguing it's origin are the CCP and 'journalists' working for the Global Times or Xinhua, etc. It's well established where it came from. If it came from somewhere else, we'd have known. That's why it started in Wuhan. Because that's where it comes from.
  20. Yes, paperwork can be seen. A clear sign that a lot of work has, or hasn't been done. Can't just turn up with a laptop. Not enough evidence for visceral eyes; I mean, how are you supposed to measure the amount of work completed? I've had a few Thai friends send me pictures on line of their workload when they've told me they're busy. The common theme is a picture with a computer screen with a spreadsheet on it and lots of paperwork strewn across their desk. You can't argue with that.
  21. https://victimsofcommunism.org/publication/chinese-communist-party-world-health-organization-culpability-in-coronavirus-pandemic/ it's very well documented how it was covered up. Please feel free to refute any of the official statements made by the CCP or WHO. I knew about the a virus back in December. What I didn't know is how serious it would all be as it was played down by the CCP and WHO.
  22. No, they're not "effectively" staying here illegally. You can either stay in Thailand legally or not. People who do border hops to get 90 days are taking full advantage of the visa. If immigration don't like this, then the rules have to change and they have to clearly state how many days you're actually allowed to stay in the country within a certain timeframe. That way the rules can be stated quite clearly and there's no ambiguity on either side. It's fair to everyone involved. If immigration don't want to make it easier for people to stay here, that's fine. They can make it as hard as they like. All I would ask for is have set of clear rules for people to follow. That way either party can state the rules clearly and there can be no misunderstanding.
  23. I can’t believe it. It was all just a ruse to keep on delaying. I guess it is true what they say; you can’t trust lying, degenerate c%#*#!
  24. I don't think so. He promised the court he wouldn't abscond.
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