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  1. Not sure what sort of sane person would do this for a holiday. Guy I know returned from the UK after being stuck there for nearly 7 months. He was desperate to come back and he did his 14 day quarantine on arrival. Said he was stuck in his hotel room the whole time (yes, that's what quarantine is) and said he nearly went mad. He said had he thought about it properly and knew what quarantine would really be like, he'd probably have waited longer until the quarantine was cut shorter or even got rid of. And he lives here.
  2. Well, you come across as disingenuous to me like you're secretly rooting for the junta. But hey, maybe that means I'm not a great optimist either.
  3. Yes, isn't that when China started locking up over 1 million Uyghur Muslims while raping them, forcing sterilizations upon them and putting them into labour camps? Poor old CCP. Having to commit genocide 'cos someone else forced their hand.
  4. rkidlad


    My missus knows. She doesn't like to admit it but she knows. She's from a middle-class family and has a good job. Her way of coping with Thailand's sordid past and the lies she bought into is to pretend she doesn't care. Just be apathetic and say stuff like, "I have a career and life that I must focus on". I know she doesn't like the government, but she does that annoying thing of saying, "But what can I do? I'm only one person". To which I reply, "you can simply care". I guess there are a lot Thais who are the same. I've always said that if you really wanna galvanize the public, take away their internet. Their ability to go on social media and watch Tiktok videos, etc. And ironically, it wouldn't surprise me if the government tried it. If they blocked the internet for an extended period of time, then you'd get my missus out on the street.
  5. Sorry, you don't know of a single country where basic human and political rights are respected? The right to vote, the right to freedom of expression, etc. Also, you equate having basic human rights respected to living in a utopia? As for your question, I don't hold the common Thai in such low regard. I believe that's what they call the 'soft bigotry of low expectation'. It means you subconsciously, or often consciously, deem people of other ethic or social groups, etc, as intellectually inferior.
  6. Well, the economy has been s**** the last 6 years. Democracy is supposed to counter corruption, but Thailand hasn't had democracy before. So how about you give it the benefit of the doubt and support the protesters and their goal of deciding for themselves what's best for their future. Military men and and people who yearn for a Game of Thrones kind of reality have no place making decisions on the economy, etc.
  7. The economy might not grow at all, and there will always be corruption in every form of governance to some level. Every journey starts with a single step, and all that. Checks and balances will limit that. I think for now the protesters have made their point clear and it can't be argued with. They simply want their basic human and political rights to be respected. They're asking for better - that's all. Don't misrepresent their ideas by erroneously conflating what they're asking for with some kind of unreachable utopia. That's doing their fight for freedom a huge disservice and it's a dishonest narrative.
  8. A democratic government is a million times better than whatever this is. This is what a new constitution with checks and balances will better ensure. Something Prayut never did, nor did he ever want. You can't have democracy in Thailand until 'everyone' comes under the law. Until checks and balances are put in place to stop that small group of people who simply decide they don't like it, you get bad people (whether they pretend to be democratic or not) ripping up the rules and changing the game. And this small group of people don't give a shiny s**** about the people. Thailand is a business to them. Don't say democracy doesn't work here. It's never been truly tried.
  9. That’s nice, but I don’t think these protesters care for your opinion. A lot of them are in their teens, twenties and thirties and too young to know much about the boogeyman. Nor do they care. But you keep peddling the Thaksin narrative, and doing a huge disservice to these brave protestors fighting for their basic political freedoms and asking for a voice too.
  10. Yes, you’re right, Baerboxer. It isn’t the poor leadership of other democratic nations that is failing them. It’s democracy itself. We should all take a leaf out of the CCP’s handbook. You might not have political freedoms, but we’ll achieve massive goals like pulling millions of people out of poverty (well, we’ll just lower what the poverty line is). And if anyone calls us out on it, we’ll lock them up or disappear them. Everybody is happy. Don’t believe us? Ask them for yourself.
  11. Right, but as you may have noticed, there are more than a few members who infer from your posts that you think it could be worse than it is now. That the only alternative is someone like Thaksin. It’s all I hear from yellow shirts - “they want Thaksin back?” No, they want democracy. Let Thailand decide who rules them and let them live with the consequences of it. Try to have higher expectations for the average Thais and their ability and desire to progress.
  12. It truly amazing what people like this man think foreigners can or can’t understand. It always seems to be based off what suits the powers that be.
  13. Doesn’t matter. As soon as it’s shut down, a new one is opened up again. It takes a lot of time and effort from the junta to have these pages closed. New ones are easily opened again in minutes.
  14. Don’t worry. Thaivisa just uploaded a story ‘2 hours ago’ about how the BTS will be closed from 3pm yesterday. No need to look anywhere else for your latest Thai news.
  15. Obviously you’re not keeping up with the news. Go on Twitter. The kind of people who you’d never expect to speak out are royally p***** and speaking out. The end is nigh.
  16. It's democracy in name only. The reason for the " severe" state of emergency? Someone was publicly rebuked.
  17. It's clear as mud. It's exactly the same as any other rule or law here - it's made up as they go along. Why are these foreigners so obtuse!
  18. I don’t think it will have any effect on the economy. I mean; it had zero effect on the protestors.
  19. Funny how people equate wanting democracy in Thailand to wanting Thaksin back. Same kind of erroneous conflation when people assume you like Trump because you despise the CCP or how you must hate dogs ‘cos you prefer cats.
  20. So adding ‘severe’ to the state of emergency didn’t work. Who’d have thunk it? Maybe time to rename it again. The ‘super-duper severe’ state of emergency. That’ll learn those pesky freedom fighters.
  21. But this isn’t like previous events. Taboos have been broken never to be the same again. The glue that held it altogether has melted into a mess. More and more people are understanding that good ideas are more important than people or outdated traditions.
  22. That's the dinosaurs and CP. They think people sit around the tele like it's the only form of media. Meanwhile people actually look on their phones and see the hashtags, etc.
  23. There hasn't been protesting like this in the last 5 years. Now people have had enough. The seal is broken in terms of criticising that which can't be criticised. The only way they get their grip back is through a violent crackdown; and that is basically a lose lose situation. Their days are numbered and Prayut will be first to be thrown under the bus to make for any form of appeasement. But the protesters know he's not the one in charge hence they have more demands.
  24. Nice sized crowds gathering already. That's a lot of people who will have to be arrested. After all, it is called a 'severe state of emergency'. You know the protesters must be scared when the powers that be have to rename states of emergency.
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