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  1. “I wasn’t there, so I don’t” What an eloquent and mature reply. With this lot at the negotiation table, one wonders why we’re at this current impasse.
  2. Other people's rights? She is a member of the party who committed treason. This woman is truly abhorrent.
  3. That's a pretty big mistake. So big indeed that it just isn't believable.
  4. There are no flies on this lot. One minute you have that horrible wench from the PPRP telling the young protester that it's only about 100,000 people who want change and millions love Prayut, the next minute you have the PPRP talking about setting up committees to calm things down. If millions love Prayut and it's only about 100,000 who don't, why do anything?
  5. I think he came into power with grandiose ideas for himself. He really did see himself as some kind of saviour without realising that what he wants isn't what the majority want. As I heard someone say the other day, "I don't mind ignorant people. As long as they're willing to ask questions and learn. What I can't stand is ignorant people who are arrogant". Basically the Dunning Kruger Effect. He ultimately forgot he's just a puppet. An expendable asset. A useful idiot.
  6. I think it was more of a symbolic gesture. A reminder to people that being poor isn't an excuse for being an a******.
  7. I was once given a small piece of memorabilia after I donated some money to a charity collector on the street. I gave it to my then gf and she told me to put it in my pocket for now as females are not allowed to put stuff like that in their pockets (she was wearing jean shorts and had no bag). I told her that she can put money in her pockets, soooo? An explanation was not forthcoming. I don't know if this is true or not, but it really wouldn't surprise me. So glad I never bought into any of it.
  8. Just saw that the police requested an arrest warrant from the court for the big three in the FFP. The court rejected their request. Interesting.
  9. It would be a coup in name only. An excuse to install a power hungry sycophant who will do whatever it takes to show his loyalty and be part of a special club. Never underestimate a person who's never heard no.
  10. They should be more worried about another coup. Now that would be suicide for the economy right now. Only a very tiny group of people who couldn't care less about anyone else would be okay with that. Time for many groups, including the private sector, to realise which side is best for business.
  11. Half of them are military appointed; therefore, will vote for a military PM. The other half consists of the opposition and ‘coalition’. Coalition meaning they have the numbers. Parliament is a lost cause. Hence protesters on the street.
  12. Just trying to buy himself more time. He will lie through his teeth and do whatever he has to to keep his position. Protesters, don’t believe a word and keep pushing for his removal (they know this already). Reading more about dissatisfaction in important areas. The very people they have to rely on to execute their plans are beginning to realize that the direction the elite want this country to move towards doesn’t benefit them. Quite the opposite actually. Power to the people.
  13. But that isn’t how the press has coined it. And that’s all that matters when you’re trying to protect and promote your business. Grasp the reality.
  14. Obviously it’s not up to me. Nor her. You seem to think that people need to actively show respect because of your (and this Thai Karen’s) beliefs. Are you saying had she shown respect she’d avoided a slap? Is that along the same lines as a woman who doesn’t wear a bikini can avoid rape or a teacher who doesn’t draw the prophet can avoid having his head cut off? You’re excusing violent behavior.
  15. I see 32 coalition MPs have been cleared of owning media shares. The thing that Thanatorn was banned from being an MP for. Seems like the real boss is flexing his muscles now and wants it to be known that he’s in charge and no one else. Not only are they not pretending anymore, they’re also owning it. How sad that a few people think they have the right to to make so many people miserable just to maintain their wealth and power.
  16. Webster’s Dictionary: What to Know Jail and prison are often used interchangeably as places of confinement. If you want to be specific jail can be used to describe a place for those awaiting trial or held for minor crimes, whereas prison describes a place for convicted criminals of serious crimes. And in the context of my posts, jail was where he was sent for 2 days and prison is where he could have gone had a court felt it necessary. Do you really wanna keep pulling at this thread?
  17. At football games back when I was younger, it was always the more hooligan type characters who were adamant that people should sing the national anthem. Angry people who felt they had the right to tell others what to do and tried to induce fear. You wanna sing the national anthem then go nuts. You don't wanna sing it? Then don't. Up to you.
  18. And why on earth should she have to wai a national anthem? What does that even mean? How about some people learn to respect a person's right to sit in peace while not bothering anyone.
  19. Well done. But she is Thai. And if she doesn't wanna stand, that's up to her. The fact that an 'adult' felt they had the right to use violence towards a child for not standing is a big red flag into why thinking people should conform to your ideas is so regressive and dangerous for society.
  20. I don't think he could cut a deal and stay. He'd have to leave. The only deal to cut him is one like they did for Thaksin and Yingluck to leave the country. Having him remain here after everything he's done is just a slap in the face for all the protesters and the hard work they have been doing. People would need to see him have his day in court where justice could be served. It would also send a strong message to any future usurpers.
  21. Could be 'cos of what they were posting, or it could very easily just be another poorly maintained Thai website.
  22. They had one. They were kicked out and are now facing prison. This is why Prayut needs to be gone from politics now. The army and elite too. Then Thailand can start implementing fairer checks and balances for the future. Again, the protesters aren't asking for perfect. Perfect doesn't exist anywhere. They're asking for better.
  23. They can create any party they want. At the end of the day, won't mean anything if people like Prayut are still in power. He's a puppet put in place to serve the elite. Not the people. Look at his official page. Look at the PPRP's official page. They're not even pretending anymore. They actually seem like they're now proud of it and want to stir up trouble.
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