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  1. if the illegal government doesn't want violence, then they shouldn't be violent. The students are exercising their rights under a draconian constitution. They're playing by the rigged rules and still the dinosaurs can't win.
  2. I believe more than 6 million people voted FFP. Stop talking nonsense. Just like the youth - no one is buying it.
  3. And foreign tourists are ready to return. They've heard about the "severe" state of emergency and seen pics of the army back on the streets. They're very excited. What a complete a**hat.
  4. They can shutdown the internet (they did a trial run before) but they can't stop people from taking pictures and videos. All of this can be uploaded later.
  5. It wasn’t too busy in the L section. But even so, the lady rifled through my paperwork quickly. That took less than 10 mins. I was there last month as well to transfer my extension stamp from my old passport to my new one. Had to queue up in the L section the same as if I was doing a yearly extension. That whole affair took more than 4 hours (including lunch break).
  6. Looking at the pictures and videos on Twitter - incredible scenes. The seal is well and truly broken.
  7. “Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed,” - Albert Einstein. “Whenever I see a woman who’s happy, she’s married. Whenever I see a man who’s happy, he’s single.” - Larry David
  8. It is when the 'good guys' do it. This applies to any law here in Thailand.
  9. I just did my marriage extension today in CW. Every year I say it gets easier for me but this time was by far the easiest. I got my ticket just before 9 and was done by 10:15. As per usual, the IO was only really concerned with my bank book and letter. She went through my documents very quickly not looking in any great detail. Before I'd even paid, she'd already stamped my 'under consideration stamp'. She told me to wait again and they called my name literally 5 mins later. Different lady handed back my passport and just told me to bring my bank book back in 4 weeks and update it. Absolute piece of p***.
  10. As mentioned before, "farangs" can be very territorial. Especially in areas where there aren't many and they feel like King Farang. The best way to deal with idiots like this is exactly how you should deal with any other kind of person - just ignore them. Life's a lot easier when you just don't care what people think of you. Most foreigners I meet are fine. Some might be nuts, but they're typically nice enough. Some can be rude and short tempered, but they're either new to Thailand or they live in their own little world. It's always nice when you see another foreigner in a less farang populated area and they say hello or give you the nod like, "hey, another foreigner!". Kind of like how if you drive a Prius you wave at other Prius drivers. The kind of foreigners that can be the worst are the expat ones with very cushy jobs. Dear lord, do they compete with each other and talk about work all the time. Bragging about which country they had a meeting in or how they met khun Poo Yai who said they could do this for them or get them this. I've had to remind my friends a few times that I don't care about their work or money related stuff. It's bad enough I have to pretend to be interested while listening to their unemployed wives talk about all the overpriced s*** they bought (with their husband's money) like they're the cream of society. Also, foreigners who get rinsed by their other half and their family. They ask for advice and then continue the same pattern of behaviour. Had a mate whose missus kept nagging him to buy her a car. He gave her 5,000 baht as a deposit to reserve the car and she spent it on clothes. His mother-in-law also sold his TV and fridge, etc, from his second house to feed her gambling addiction. As he said, "What can you do?". The answer is stop being around people like him. They're as toxic as the people they enable.
  11. Negligent driver nearly kills a person and then poses for smiling pictures without a care in the world. Time to go online and spin this one. Fight bashing with bashing. Tribalism good. Two things wrong at same time bad narrative.
  12. Exactly. Who wants one of these ‘special visas’ when the biggest perk is for the government and their right to cancel it for any reason or at any time. Thai bureaucracy: if it ain’t broke, break it.
  13. Wasn't expecting to see this news on thaivisa 'til next week. Someone should be very careful in how they deal with the protesters. Otherwise they may not be allowed back home.
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