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  1. "it means nothing that Zelenskyy claimed publicly that there was no quid pro quo on the part of Trump. It only means that it would be unwise for the Ukrainian president to criticize the U.S. president." Ukrainians are humble people. They know that they are receiving foreign assistance and that they had better be grateful for it. I did not hear any Ukrainian in Kyiv criticizing their president for being subservient to Trump. Why should he do anything else if he wants U.S. support, they would argue?
  2. To compare the USA to Albania is already highly questionable, to begin with. France is engaged in external military operations in Sahel but also since 2015 terror attacks to the protection of its citizens in its very soil. For some countries, the main threat comes from Russia ( and are begging for US military bases), for others the threat comes from Africa.etc, etc, NATO was unable to move to protect the Kurds, Erdogan and Trump made it clear. Erdogan is buying russian, therefore NATO is useless. Macron is right.
  3. Truly classy Trump family, " For weeks, President Donald Trump and his defenders have threatened to publicly name the whistleblower whose complaint catapulted the House into a full-blow impeachment inquiry. Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, did just that on Wednesday by speculating their name in a tweet to his 4 million followers." https://www.newsweek.com/law-firm-representing-whistleblower-calls-trump-jrs-speculation-clients-identity-disgusting-1470163
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