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  1. Quick update @Changwattana Bangkok Picked up the stamp today after the one month consideration period, had to provide a photocopy of the latest balance plus the actual bank book. No questions, took a little longer cause of two African-Thai couples holding up the queue due to some missing paperwork. Arrived at 10am got ticket L36..... out by 11.30am!! Good for another year, once again no visit from immigration this was my 3rd Non O Extension based on wife, in my 13 years living in Thailand.
  2. Good morning , A long time resder/member but hardly post, My Non-O extension ends on the 9th October, so I will be going next week Am I missing anything from the previous years? I have checked in myself online for the new tm30 requirement. Required: TM 7 Application 1 Photo (4 x 6 cm). Copy of passport, main page, visa, TM 6 arrival / departure card. Copy of marriage certificate. Copy of Kor Ror 2 (long tabien) from Amphur office. Copy of house registration (blue book / tabien baan). Copy of wifes ID card. Letter from bank to prove 400,000 Baht in bank for at least 2 months. Map location of house, hand drawn. Photo's of marriage / at house / in front of house and so on. Fee1900 Baht to pay for it!! Thanks forum Walailak
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